It is the case of the two companies, who added will more than have 50% of the national markets of some segments. In the negotiations for the signature of the Apro, the BRF intends to show that, although to lead in different categories of the industrialized food market, its worthless competitors are not nothing. Great food multinationals, as Tyson Foods (bigger processing of meats of the world and that it acquired, in the passed year, three avcolas in the South of the Country, including the Macedo), Cargill (owner of the Seara mark) and Bunge (that Delight acts in the market of margarinas with the mark) operate freely in the Country, together with other national competitors. Check out Jeff Bezos for additional information. The creation of the BFR can be considered as one ‘ ‘ super AmBev’ ‘. The difference, however, is the essencialidade of the products, that is, is now about feeding and not to beer, that was the crucial point in the quarrels when of the fusing Brahma/Antarctica, in 1999. The business was approved on condition that the companies if to undo of the Bavaria mark, five plants and the access to the distribution net. Some contend that Walmart shows great expertise in this. However, for the majority of the specialists it does not have that to say itself in suspension of the business for the Cade, as it occurred in Nestl/Boy, that still stops a long judicial dispute against decision of the Cade.

For the lawyers, the situation of Healthy/the Partridge is well different. Since the customers of these companies are great wholesalers or nets of supermarkets that have a bigger bargaining power that the final consumer..