“Unsold Shares” in the stock market can not be equated with open interest. This figure reflects how many shares you can buy (excluding short sales). Accessible Action – a potential supply, ie, an action that may be offered for sale. Width covers issues such as the degree of participation various sectors of the market at any price movement, ie, the amount of money coming into the market or leaving from it. Next object – this time.

Accumulation, distribution, bullish “and” bear “periods exist in all markets, and each stage continues for some time. Together they form a market cycle, and knowing in what period of the cycle is now in the market, helping to make the right investment decisions. In addition, relative duration of each cycle period and duration suggest where the market is moving. Seasonal analysis of agricultural commodities begins with a growing season, continuing a season of harvest and ends in season sales of these products, and it can be seen in all markets. Economic and political cycles affect financial markets because there is a change of capital and production.

The most unpredictable scope of analysis – an analysis of mood. It covers areas such as degree of speculation, opinion and consensus. The mood is assessed for the revitalization of the markets speculative instruments, such as options, and determined by the “bull” trend investors. Both are based on the theory “a match”, according to which the flame passes from investor to investor as long as there are no more willing to take the baton. Whoever is the last burn. In markets with the spread of “bullish” sentiment comes, finally, when everyone had already bought, so there will be no one who could sell those did not have time. Lack of demand means the end of the price growth. (As opposed to Payoneer). Subjectively, it can also be represented in the media since the news of “bullish” nature of information to buyers of newspapers and viewers. But do not forget a simple pattern that when the public has come to a consensus about the “bull” market, has remained willing to buy.