The intensity of the current series of loss on the international stock markets reminiscent of the period after the outbreak of the global financial crisis in the fall of 2008, stock market tremors and closed investment funds market observers already speak of a feast”. Like the time the underlying macro-economic problems were already known, but only the accumulation of negative news, concerns about a global slowdown, the still unresolved debt problems in the United States and the euro zone, as well as the psychological moment of someday overheated sales induced the current situation. While the market forces themselves reinforcing: investors panic, herd behavior, automated sell orders that will take effect if specific stop-loss rate lower limit to protect profits or limit losses, as well as speculators, who bet on falling prices a further crash, accelerating the downward trend. Whether the market development of August 2011 in the rear viewing as crash, decline, entering a bear market or enter as a purifying thunderstorm of a hot market ignore the macroeconomic situation of the struggle in the history books is, is pure speculation at this stage. It seems, however, certain that the stock market development in the future will remain volatile and the intervals of greater deflections due to the increasingly globalized and interdependent world economy and technical advances are likely to further shorten.

By investing in long-term monetary assets, investors can reduce the volatility risk of classical markets itself to offer especially closed-end funds as an investment vehicle. By their generally low dependence on stock market development, long-term predictability, regular distributions, attractive yield opportunities and partial inflation protection, they offer the best conditions. However, is, as in any business decision, the selection of a closed-end funds wisely. Investors should be aware that be Capital generally in the long term an early exit on the secondary market is not always possible due to the comparatively low fungibility is bound there. Also it is advisable to apply only part of his fortune in closed-end funds, because only the diversification of the investment portfolio in different asset classes leads to an optimal chance/risk structure. These basic criteria are met, the investor from a variety of attractive segments such as closed-end real estate funds, ship investments, private equity can select Fund, solar Fund, wind power funds, aircraft funds and further. “As a general rule: the Fund should have a solid financing concept and first-class partners”, admits the Chief Representative of the AAD Fund discount, Dr.

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