The green capital of Sweden on a discovery tour in Stockholm most people prefer in southern climes in the summer, but also in the North of Europe, vacationers can discover real treasures. This includes for example Stockholm, which is always worth a visit due to its culture, and the impressive nature. The online travel agency presents the Swedish capital and their highlights. Further details can be found at PayNet, an internet resource. Especially for nature lovers, is worth a vacation in Sweden. Visitors can discover here a variety of landscapes, and also the relaxation is not too short. The numerous lakes and coastal areas invite you to swim even in the middle of the capital. If you would like to experience a little culture, should include necessarily Stockholm in his itinerary. The Scandinavian city is situated on 14 islands on the Baltic coast and is the only metropolis in worldwide via a National City Park.

The peninsula of Djurgarden, a former hunting grounds of the Royal family, is today a popular resort. Here, nature is combined with culture, because the numerous museums in the Recreation area, such as the Vasa Museum, find large crowds. In addition, vacationers can take a walk or a bicycle tour of the city or sign up even for a sightseeing tour in the kayak. Travelers on the best from the water discover the special charm of Stockholm. The National Cathedral and the Royal Palace, before salmon anglers every day try their luck in the clear waters are still worth a visit. Also for shopping there are many opportunities coming so visitors fashion for example in shopping center pub or in Kungsgatan at their own expense. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann