Many believe the success of a billion the company Facebook in the spring of next year on the stock exchange goes, seems virtually certain. Founder Mark sugar Castle promised a reward for their permanent use his investors and employees. According to forecasts $10 billion should be taken with the IPO of the social network what would raise the value of the company to a total of $100 billion. The Internet portal asked its users, what success they trust to the Internet company. Altogether, 272 votes were in the survey for the stock market.

The participants should estimate what Facebook could succeed with the IPO. The election were three reply options. Most of the survey participants were carefully with their forecast. At least 39 percent of men and women, that the social network when its going public 2012 would occupy more than Google account. The IPO of the search engine company of 2004 flushed $1.9 billion into the pockets of the company at that time. Something about one-third of respondents (35 percent), however, trusts the current estimates by experts.

These assume billion revenue in the lower double-digit. This would be a brilliant start for Facebook. According to the “Wall Street Journal”, so far only 13 companies have managed to crack the 10-billion hurdle in its IPO. Most successful was to date the agricultural Bank of China at 22.9 billion euros revenue. Facebook adjusts this record, 26 percent of survey participants believe.