When you are business owner looking at any price that your company get the results that you expect. However, in many cases, business owners are immersed in meet their goals and objectives that forget to convey accurately and conscious to its staff. Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson Executive to the minute, through an allegory, book authors share us three simple management techniques. Which will detail below availing ourselves of our experience. Takes into account the following and become an Executive at minute – objectives forecast: If you want all work harmoniously within your company invests in your personal time. Set objectives measurable and objectionable, it leads to your personnel towards the fulfillment of these. Verifies goals, check yields and sets tasks.

-Praise: Generates trust among your employees, establishes a clear relationship and objective. It is important that they are aware of the impact that their positive actions produce inside of the Organization. It recognizes their skills and successes. -The reprimands: indicates errors when they occur and show to your staff that an error has negative consequences. It reaffirms the concept that you have them, but don’t forget that an error should be noted and corrected. As a business owner it is important that your team is informed about projections that you have of your business. How could you bring them toward your goal if they don’t have enough information? The proposal of Blanchard and Johnson, is simple but profoundly effective. To become a successful executive you need to pay attention to the details, the needs of your staff, maintaining communication with them; the key is to keep together the workforce that produces within your company.