The summer nights at the Palace of la Buhaira, an initiative as a result of public-private partnerships, they return during the months of July, August and September, with new content for the summer nights in Seville.Shows for the summer a programme of theatre, music and flamenco nights. The Palacio de La Buhaira, one of the most emblematic areas of the city to which you can get comfortably by public transport from our hotels in Seville, welcomes the initiative of several professional companies and enjoys the institutional support of the ICAS. The cycle will offer more than 60 representations until September 11. Highlight it to Javier Ruibal, which will offer an acoustic on 3 July, while 5, 12 and 26 of that month will be rendered operetta the bunch of roses, while the 19th there will be a recital of opera and zarzuela. In August, 2 and 30 days, the lyrical company will offer two recitals, and the 9th another concert of opera and zarzuela.

Also in August is It will offer its version of Carmen, premiered last fall at the Lope de Vega by the classical theater company. All shows start at 10 p.m. and the price of tickets depends on the show, but ranging from 8 to 20 euros. In this corporate BLOG we will be realizing this cycle programming.