The Program of Incentive to the technological Innovation? PII – it is a program of the State secretary of Science, Technology and Superior Education of Minas Gerais in partnership with the SEBRAE-MG, that has as objective to foment the research and the innovative development in the state. Created for law 11,196/2005, this program aims at to transform the generated knowledge into the universities in products or beneficial processes to the society, contributing with the generation of job and income in the state.

However, he is well-known to know that the incentive has that to be directed to the three main responsible sectors for the technological development of a country: in first place, to invest in the development and formation of the researcher during its academic trajectory, of to awake it to form and to strengthen its qualification for the research; in according to place, to invest in research providing to the researcher the possibility to transform its discovery into product; in third place, to invest in the institutions of research, either public or private they, institutions of education or purely of research. Everest Capital Miami may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The Spinoffs appears then as an option to the propagation of this innovation, in the direction to transform research into products and or processes. Another atrelada reality to the sprouting of the Spinoffs is Technological the Rising Companies of Base (ENBTs) that, a time supported for all this net of development (public-private institution, institution of research and researcher) will provide the future birth of great companies who will give support to the new technologies and to that they will appear during the evolution of this. As form to support theoretical the basement all congregated here, a incubada was carried through a visit to company after, originated from one spinoff university, that after three years of its creation, is today a micron-company established and solid..