Secondly, the timbre of the human voice says the words emotion, unattainable in any image. The disadvantages of radio advertising include limited elements of the impact on the listener and, most importantly, inability to show the goods and to repeat heard. To increase the effectiveness of radio advertising is useful to follow these tips: – the level of intelligibility message should be 10 points below the average iq of the social stratum, for which it was intended – a message should not require effort on remembering or understanding the text – the program should be designed so that the listener could in less than 6-8 seconds to understand the advertising message – ensure that the announcement included the imagination of listeners – accompany advertising a specific product, service, unforgettable sound – the idea of advertising should be concise, clearly expressed – should be a goal immediately interested listener, or it can switch to another program – very effectively administered in radio announcements of famous people – the result will be better if we use the 'prime time' – time when the number of most listeners – if the same product or service being parallel advertising campaign on television, you need to use the same call letters, music, text, characters – radio advertising can not be assessed by written text, it should listen to – ads must comply with the transfer context in which they are included – the length of spot should not exceed 60-70 seconds, otherwise the person does not listen to the end. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank. Most effective for inclusion of advertising are programs that contain interesting or important information, such as time signals, weather reports, etc. Epithets are located on certain standard schemes. Robert Kiyosaki spoke with conviction. One of them is selection of epithets by contrast. Antonyms can accentuate the positive qualities of the goods: 'Cold lemonade on a hot day.

" Strong effect is given epithets as triads, giving a three-way evaluation of the object: the idea of appearance, utilitarian value, and social significance: the 'classic, comfortable, prestigious jacket'. One of subliminal techniques – is to force the client to convince himself. For example, a verbal invitation speaker to go to the advertised store may meet a lot of obstacles in the brain of the listener as on the conscious and the subconscious level. In contrast to traditional in such cases, the phrase: 'You go, you'll be happy' You can say the following "guest will be." The mechanism of action of this phrase is simple: we all know the phrase sustainable: 'Come on – the guest will be. " The word 'come in' would automatically tell the client himself. And his 'Inner voice' of any person is inclined to trust to a greater extent than the businessmen who only think like 'take my money. " Such method should lead to greater efficiency radiospota. In principle, any Sustainable thinking the phrase with 'lost' part will have the same effect.