Management System Order

Flexible Packings is the 35 years in the market of commercialization of flexible plastic packings for the nourishing branch, with focus in masses and biscuits. It possesss great demand for its products, works with order under order and its production is programmed through an order wallet operating, normally, with one month of anticipation for the delivery of products. Pinterest gathered all the information. To the times it finishes excusing sales for not taking care of to all this demand. To follow and to analyze this wallet of order it is necessary to elaborate a system of control and management of the production that generates statistical information day to day of the company for future managemental and perspective analysis of market. In this direction the implantation of the System of Management was proposal the Sight where the information if would all become accessible the picture of employees demonstrating clearly the gotten results of the productive system through the verification of the productive capacity of the equipment, of the productivity and the performance of the current and new collaborators of the company.

To ratify the necessity of this project, an interview with the industrial manager of the company with intention was carried through to identify if the system of at sight management is the best form to identify and to analyze the statistical data of productivity of the company. The project initiates with the definition and the elaboration of the System of Management the Sight in order to find production pointers adequate to be made use in a picture for exposition of the information of the production. E, finally, an intervention proposal. Words key: Production; Productivity; Management the Sight. ABSTRACT Cepalgo Flexible Packaging Company is 35 years in the marketing of flexible plastic packaging will be the food industry, focusing on folder and biscuits. It has great demand will be to their products, works with custom orders and production is scheduled through backlog operating normally, with one month in advance will be the delivery of products.

The Use And The Wastefulness Of The Water

‘ Soft water in hard rock Certainly you already have read or listened to this saying and will be capable to complete it. However, he will be that water will only pierce the rock? Or will happen more something, inexplicable? It is what we will go to describe. Before starting to answer the investigations above, we go to remember that the water has its formulates chemistry H2O, two molecules of on hydrogen to an oxygen molecule. It is the constituent greater of the planet Land, about 70% of the total. However, only about 3% it is candy, that is, proper for the consumption. Analogicalally, this amount still can be compared the three heads of untied pins in the Maracan or, these untied heads exactly in the Sea. Until we think, that absurd comparison! But it is the reality.

Of these 3% of water candy, Brazil are privileged for having the biggest reserves, as for example, the Amaznia. From there, Brazilian we soon think: Oba! Agent can make ‘ ‘ carnaval’ ‘ with water! We go to spend, we have much! Deceit, a great deceit. First, we must remember that the water is a good of the humanity, and second, water is not a good that if it renews. Caution, much caution. You must you are if asking: cad the soft water in the hard rock? Or what this everything has to have with the saying? We go to continue saying more a little on this resource and you it will see that it has everything to have. Then, we know that the water is not only used for the human consumption.

She is used for energy generation, in agriculture, the industry, the leisure and tourism, at last, the water is a resource with immense utility. It is so important that we can compare this relation with that music ‘ ‘ Cheek without Claudinho’ ‘ or still, ‘ ‘ the moon without sol’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ the fish without gua’ ‘. Without more delays, we go what it interests. We go to complete the saying: soft water in hard rock Ah! We go to change the end? That such: soft water in hard rock, as much beats that it finishes the water. there? Perhaps either reason of laughs. However, we must reflect to make a relation of this saying to the scarcity of this so precious good. The water will pierce the rock exactly, will pierce as much that will disappear and lead obtains the beings livings creature. we are in this also. In the moving one, we go to join forces to fight against the bad use of this good. Using the amount that he needs and not poluindo. Therefore when we waste something or some thing, we are playing outside, and when he plays yourself outside, or early or later it will be necessary lack. This will happen with the water, will make a imensurvel lack. then, made use to change history of the beings livings creature in the Land? As already Plato said: ‘ ‘ the gold has much value and little utility, compared with the water, that is the thing most useful of the world and they do not give valor’ to them; ‘. Water is life. That value we are giving it? We go to prevent stops later not attenuating, therefore, we will not have time not even to attenuate. We go to act.

Illumination LED Tends

The increasing demand of electric energy in the last times, compels the countries to invest in infrastructure for energy generation. It is a high investment. Being thus, the energy efficiency is a subject that has gained each time more importance. Lately the LEDs has come to substitute incandescent, halgenas and even though fluorescent light bulbs in many applications, including traffic lights and public illumination. Although the compact fluorescent light bulbs still to be the option most efficient the optimum cost, the LEDs are in fast technological development and soon they tend to gain the residential market to the measure that has reduction of the production costs.

Had the advances of the technology and improvements in the productive processes, light bulbs LED soon will become accessible for the average consumer. The Department of Energy of U.S.A. esteem that illumination LED could reduce the consumption of the energy used for illumination in the country in 29% up to 2025. The economy of the families of the country he would be something around US$ 125 billion in this process. Ben Silbermann describes an additional similar source. The incandescent light bulb practically did not move since its invention in 1879 for Thomas Edison. The efficiency of an incandescent light bulb is something around 5 10%.

This means that only 5 10% of the consumed energy are transformed into illumination, whereas 90 95% of the remaining energy are lost in heat form. Instead of this, the LEDs generates little heat, transferring most of the consumed energy very directly to the emitted light. The most recent technologies allow that the LEDs can produce the same amount of light that a compact fluorescent light bulb. The applications in general illumination still possess cost restriction, but the LEDs already this being widely applied in illumination of prominence and architectural illumination, which had its characteristics of color and long useful life, that maintenance requires low. The white light emitted by the LED possesss a specter of pleasant color, coming close itself to the light of the day. It has also LEDs that emits a softer light, coming close itself to the temperature of color of the incandescent lmpadas ones (3000K). The temperature of softer color is ideal for environment illumination where if it desires a climate aconchegante, as rooms, while the white illumination is ideal for environments where it has execution of tasks, as for example, the illumination of offices. The other colors emitted for the LED also are purer in relation to the conventional light bulbs. The LEDs possesss saturated colors, while the other light bulbs have a color that it is distinguished more inside of a band of the specter. Some benefits of the illumination with LED: – Economy of energy Bigger control of the color emission Bigger energy efficiency Long useful life (up to 60.

DNA Composites

The first described complexes of this type had the same presented cytotoxic effect of the cisplatina in sensible cells and a significantly bigger effect in resistant cells (Axe, 2000). Some platinum complexes and palladium with organic ligantes as tiossemicarbazonas, have revealed active in tumorais cells resistant to the cisplatina (Sources et al., 1997). Inquiries regarding the action mechanism suggest that these composites if bind to the interfitas DNA through coordination, in contrast of the cisplatina, that if predominantly binds the two guaninas in the same ribbon, that is, through intrafita coordination. One gives credit that she is this the reason for which the complexes of trassemicarbazona if show asset in the resistant cells (Sources et al., 1997). However, metallic composites I contend several others ons present antitumoral activity, and its mechanisms of action can not involve direct bondings to the DNA. Composites of rdio, I contend ligantes carboxilatos, are very studied having presented excellent antitumoral activity. This metallic ion has great affinity for the group sulfidrila (SH) present in some proteins and enzymes that participate of the synthesis of the DNA, being able inibiz it (Beraldo, 2004). Complexes of rutnio I contend imidazol as, for example, trans Ru (Im) Cl4, if has shown staff against the cancer of clon, and its mechanism of action could be related to the species of rutnio (III) and rutnio (II), that they can provoke the DNA ribbon in addition (Beraldo, 2004).

Gold composites, as the duranofina, have been used have much time for the treatment of artrite reumatide, but they have been also investigated how much to its antitumorais properties (Almeida et al. 2005). Ben Silbermann is likely to agree. Some organoestnicos composites if have shown active more of what the cisplatina in vitro.

Quality Of Water In Brazil

INTRODUCTION the public water supplying in terms of amount and quality is an increasing concern of the humanity, in function of the scarcity of the resource water and the deterioration of the quality of the sources (BRAZIL, 2006). Although the gamma of described information and knowledge in proven literature and in practical on the importance of the sanitation for the public health, Brazil still presents an enormous inaquality in what it says respect to the quality of water distributed to the population, where if they verify irregularities how much to the public water supplying, sanitary sewers and solid residues, although to possess an enormous hidrogrfica basin. In Brazil, 36.1% of the domiciles are not supplied with water for general net, 17.2% of the volume of distributed water do not receive treatment and 47.8% of the cities do not count on service of sanitary exhaustion (IBGE, 2002). With the population growth, it has a bigger demand for the water consumption in planet, this increase in the consumption also is related with the improvement in the quality of life of the population, that at the same time increases the production of residues that many times are drained without treatment in the riverbeds having reached the supplying sources. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ben Silbermann . Everything this added to the precarious system of basic sanitation, requires a bigger investment in this sector. However this investment does not arrive in all the Brazilian cities, being less the most favored citizens the water of pssima quality. Due to great urban concentration of the Brazilian development, some conflicts have been generated in the cities of the Country: ambient degradation of the sources; increase of the risk of the areas of supplying with the organic and chemical pollution; contamination of the rivers for the sewers domestic, industrial and pluvial; urban floods generated by the inadequate occupation of the space and by the inadequate management of the urban draining; lack of collection and disposal of the urban garbage. . If you are not convinced, visit Robert Kiyosaki.

Mayan Kalina

We detach the importance of spaces destined to the leisure, as this that we study that they possess importance if to characterize as a place of meeting, conviviality, place of practical cultural, of creation, transformation and diverse experiences. However, this space destined to a public so diversified, cannot only privilege one of the contents of the leisure, in the square, to give to more emphasis the practical ones of the physical exercise; but, it could also accumulate of stocks other aspects in the playful accomplishment of the games and sports. Beyond, to possess other professionals who stimulate the others interests of the leisure: cultural, artistic, intellectual, manual and social. For us, after carrying through this research, we consider that the development of spaces is each more urgent time that privilege the access of the population to the experiences of the leisure, a time that to the square is a public space, and its gratuitous use. Therefore, squares ‘ ‘ vivas’ ‘ as the Mayan Kalina would have to be gifts in each quarter of the City of the Christmas.