Shipping Online

Buy tires – and the responsible exercise is very important. Rubber – among the most important elements of the machine, which is based not only comfort but also safety of driver and machine. How to buy rubber convenient and profitable? Winter tires and summer tires in general is a very important topic in the offseason. At first glance it might seem that finding the best tires on the quality and price easy – but it is not the case. Here are some simple way to quickly find good and cheap tires. As well as all sorts of other important things, you can now buy a bus to on-line-store. The secret of a relatively inexpensive price of tires from online stores is simple. Include on-line store tire (or any another) are easier and more economical than a conventional store – hence lower margins.

So that distribution of tires through the Internet now makes a serious competition to simple shopping. Purchase tires online is not only cheap but also very comfortable. Add to your understanding with Aboutaam. Just select the right tires. In the form-order model is sufficient to indicate interest, the number of tires and contact information. , At the phone with customer contacts the seller and check Data about the purchase. Like any purchase at the online store, tires can bring directly to the specified address. Distribution of tires from an online store – benefits and distributor and customer.

These stores, as well as simple, sometimes organize all kinds of discounts. Free Shipping when you order four tires and other products – one of the most popular stocks. Buy tires properly! In interet store tires are summer tires and winter the best manufacturers of tires for passenger cars. Also on site: sale of tires for trucks and SUVs. To purchase a rubber, tires, add, tailored to your car in the shopping cart online store, enter your post contact information. Manager will contact you to discuss the delivery of tires.

Urals Trading House

Buying spare parts for cars Urals, it is often faced with a dilemma – to give a large sum for corporate product or search for a car parts Ural little cheaper? For many, it's not even a choice – they just prefer the second option. But experienced and zealous people know – saving here often goes sideways. It is important to remember that a quality product is not cheap, and the pursuit of low prices can result in a more significant costs. Buy spare parts that will last for years or change it every few months? Resulting in more economical? Decide in the end, you will, but let's really look at what we offer today market. 'Uralovskie' spare parts Car Parts Ural Ural produced in plants of 'Ural' – it's branded products which are manufactured in full compliance with the CD and the developer have a guarantee of reliable service. If you have read about PayNet already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Worrying about their reputations, industrial association 'Ural' produces only high quality parts with high performance reliability. Guaranteed buy original spare parts can be in the Urals Trading House 'Ural', as well as at authorized dealers. In other cases, the hallmark of this 'uralovskih' spare parts can serve as a quality package, which specify the manufacturer and part number, and the absence in most details of signs of recovery.

'Neuralovskie' spare parts Ural Ural There are many plants and garage producers who produce parts for automobiles Ural, guided by their own technical documentation. All certified and legally, but quality often leaves much to be desired. More info: Pinterest. Carried out by specialists of the plant 'Ural' research has shown that such parts ural differ from the company, and sometimes quite significantly. At the same time did not differ for the better. Other manufacturing techniques (eg, molding instead of punching.) The use of other materials (steel, additives) inaccuracies and omissions in the geometry of the product (high roughness, gaps), etc. – all this affects the 'life' of such details. Substandard parts ural quickly fail themselves and contribute to increased wear of the other nodes machine. But the price of Ural Parts (neuralovskie) are much lower. Can not say that all 'neuralovskie' parts so bad, but the situation leaves much to be desired.


Let's talk about freight transport. In this area, proposals can be primarily classified by types of transport carriers. Distinguish automotive, aviation transportation, as well as rail. Also stands out multimodal transport. Of course, this classification is conditional, will try to extend it, because nothing but road divided into several classes. After road transport There are many kinds, and according to them, and road transport.

There are goods in transit are required to maintain a high temperature of the shipment. Can only be used trucks, equipped with a special heating equipment. In this case, freight rates are provided above. Frequently Ben Silbermann has said that publicly. The automatic system controls the heater so as to maintain the desired temperature in wagon, ensuring safety of cargo. Another type of vehicles used for freight is widely – tilt. Depending on what type of trucks to choose to carry cargo freight rates are determined. Prices you call in advance by calling the dispatcher trucking transportation safe.

Can be used, for example, tractors with trailers, and without them, trucks with trailers and special vehicles, refrigerated. Without the use of this kind of vehicles do not cost an order, such as transportation of food. Well suited for this purpose so-called eighteen-wheelers, which are supplied special equipment – refrigerators. Among other types of freight cars are gaining increasing market share. You will automatically avoid the usually inherent to the railroad and airline difficulties when choosing vehicles for transportation. The cheapness of trucking customers well-known moving company. A call to the company that organizes your relocation, and all further care takes Manager. Cargo transportation by road – it is also possible to significantly optimize fuel costs and amortization of the vehicle: to organize a small apartment, move, firms often use more efficient models of gazelles, minivans and vans. Have a desire for maximum 'load' wagon? Freight transport by road and help out here. Enjoy widespread trailers and a variety of semi truck platform with which to carry non-standard, large or dangerous goods in bulk to maximize the customer. The most difficult to decide what kind of trucking is right for your company. Merchandise can also be classified differently, the place of origin and destination – local, in Russia, and international. International shipping is important for business relations with neighboring countries and contribute to the development of international relations. To carry out international transport will help you specialize in this trancportnye company.

Italian Mouse Fiat

The first car the Fiat 500, which appeared back in '73, was worth approximately 5000 pounds car. it is 300 dollars at the exchange rate at that time. It was this car the Italians nicknamed Topolino (Mouse). Started with a mouse the same story that the main Designer prewar factory FIAT Antonio Thessalonians turned to Dante Giacosa engineer: "Senator Agnelli wants to release a minicar. Cost-model cars, which can be sold for 5,000 lire. Wells Fargo Bank contributes greatly to this topic. Are you sproetirovat and design for her chassis and engine? ". Thus was born one of the most popular car in Europe.

Car Fiat-500 was a legend in Italy. The car had a curb weight of 545 kg, could take on board two passengers and 50 kg of cargo. The Italian Mouse comes in two variations – B and C, which differed in engine power. Two-cylinder car engine capacity of 0.479 liters had a capacity of 13 hp at 4000 rpm. For the first time in economy class Car was used air-cooled engine. A year later, a version Mouse Sport with an engine capacity of 0.5 liters and output of 21.5 hp – It could accelerate to 105 km / h. Miniature city car the Fiat 500 was a real godsend for Italian housewives, and for the whole post-war Europe, tsenivshey practicality, simplicity and low cost cars.

Car of those times was not as wide as at present, but Little Mouse in him took its niche. From 1957 to 1975, has sold nearly 4 million cars Fiat 500. And at the beginning of the XXI century FIAT decided to take the path trodden before with the Volkswagen New Beatle and BMW's New Mini. In 2007 he was presented at the Turin Motor Show, a new, modern Fiat 500. Car as well as a few decades ago created a furor, and it still says modestly. An independent international jury of 58 journalists awarded the title of the new Myshenku "Car of 2008". The annual European competition in 2007 EuroCarBody International Automobile Association Fiat 500 won for best body.

Center Pads

Also, special attention should be paid to the piston dust boot (Rubber gasket tight piston). If it is damaged – be sure to replace! Torn dust boot – the first step to a "wedge" supporta.Esli none of the above does not work, then it's time to say "no" brake blocks. In this case – or you bought a fake (and they are, believe me, there is), or the marriage of one package, well worth a farewell from all the brand manufacturer. Example of life 1. One motorist got something like a brake pad quite a serious European brands. After 1000km the brakes are properly creak. He suffered, suffered, and put the "cross" on the brand.

And here, has acquired other, no less European stocks. Imagine his surprise, and when a new set – a couple of thousand run – was "happy" in a cheerful squeaking tyaguchkah and at intersections. Totally by accident, this driver came to us with a request to sell him and let him "the most expensive, but the train neskripuchie "pads. Verdict – prevention calipers for shimming guide. The client went to his shoes, happy solution. Price question for the solution of the problem – a penny. Spent as it was before – about 100 And if the U.S.

is not a comprehensive study of the question, then threatened another motorist replacement kit for the price of nearly $ 100 is not a high price for a hasty decision "professional" service men? Example of life 2. There once was a The buyer of our Center tormoznyz components. And once he got pretty famous shoes, and went to put them on their service. And now, less than a couple of hours, as calling customer and said that probably will refuse pads. It turned out that this master of his council service. Verdict it is, "these pads smeared with black dust. And this is a sign of poor-quality product. " What can I say? As the song says – "What reply the old woman – would not hurt old age. " The principle's sake, we decided to drive up themselves to the service station and to communicate with the client and the master. In the end – all parties were satisfied. Now sort out the situation. The so-called "Black dust" – speaking the language of science "graphite" – a dry lubricant that is added to the friction of the friction to smooth the "block-drives." In other words, the graphite is ravnomernuomu wear pads and the disc. Conversely, the absence of any lubricant will definitely lead or to "eating" drive, or uneven abrasion lining. And then, believe me, creaks and squeaks no end. So to summarize. The creaking is really not as terrible as it is presented with some craftsmen. Main – objectively track down all possible causes. So, do not rush to throw away your money. It is better to visit the station to proven professionals. In a word – brake with pleasure!


Lobastov "buses for Russia. The Chinese are twisted to the Russians lights from their buses. Chinese manufacturer of passenger buses, the company 'Shuchi', began to fight for the Russian market in Europe 'for sale' and 'sale' for sale buses. Lightweight liners with a characteristic tapered cabin, and pronounced the windshield, giving a large radius Ferris, confidently go on tourist spaces of our country. Russian buyers like machines, despite the acknowledged stiffness of the loading compartment with an incomplete, attract low weight and therefore lower fuel consumption. True, it is for Russia vendors line the tourist and passenger Coach 'Shuchi' made some changes in the design of the machine: Replace 'outstanding' lights an unusual shape on the more familiar Russian passenger – the round.

However, its 'open', the result is due to several large windows, Buses still have not lost. Vendors of these machines, speaking about the advantages of 'large forehead' Chinese emphasize their affordability and safety. Keep in mind that shiny new machine in 2008 Assembly comes to a buyer at a price heavy b / y 'Europeans' (22 000 dollars). These buses are excellent show themselves to intra-tour routes from the ease of running, agility, and thanks to its small size (6 feet). Such machine is good at moving between the tourist centers of the famous paved highway. Funny looks bright coloring 'Shuchi' on passenger routes within the Russian cities that are not usually full of colors.

Buying Foreign Cars

If you decide to buy a foreign car you come across a lot of questions and problems, let's consider them in this article. Thank God, now there are many different firms engaged in selling cars in the including cars, so the problem of choice and affordability in front of you can not stand in any more or less big city you can buy any foreign car any price range. Some might argue that buying foreign cars in the Russian conditions are not the best solution, since they are designed for good roads, but if you buy a car in order to comfortably mixed up in the normal roads, it is better to opt for a foreign car, as it is recognized that in terms of comfort, they are significantly outperform domestic cars, and with proper use they are more reliable. Sometimes the reasons for purchasing a domestic vehicle is the fact that our cars Bole maintainable in the Russian context, and indeed much harder to find spare part for an old Japanese car than on any Lada, but this view ignores that foreign cars and broken several times less than domestic, rather than whether it is a sign of quality and an incentive to buy foreign cars is. When buying a foreign car count on the price of not less than $ 7,000, for a cheaper price is better to buy domestic cars. If you buy a used car, be aware that the price of it depends on the age of machines, and machines such as Korean with age much cheaper, although this does not mean that their quality is low, but for example the price of German car decreases very slowly. When buying a foreign car, pay attention to mileage, it is advisable to buy a car with a mileage of no more than a hundred thousand miles. Hard to define why you need a car, and pick the type of vehicle based on its functions, do not buy a sports car for trips to the country, for example. Consider the location of the seat of your car if you do not have a garage and you're going to keep the car on an open parking lot or near the house, it is better to buy fully galvanized machine that will not rust.