It was like this. We sat one evening in a car near the house and drank. Of course drink – is an understatement. It was dark, strong drinks came to an end, and the soul and demanded the continuation of the banquet. Naturally it was decided unanimous decision on the replenishment of stocks of alcohol. And once 'wheel' backyard, then go on foot – a sin, though the question was decided by two minutes. In general, we have got our coach. I sat behind the wheel and the car next to the hostess.

And once I started, behind our backs road patrol car. And it happened immediately because If I had to back. then no more than 2 centimeters, and it is not a fact. Since we were in a residential area of Vladivostok, where such visits dps extremely rare, it was immediately clear that someone has 'snitched'. Something as we crawled out of the car. The staff report was drawn up over my refusal to breathe into a tube and left.

Car not taken, the machine owner is not fined for the transfer of control of the vehicle the person suffering from alcohol intoxication. In general, we laughed and immediately forgotten. A month later, the other comes to me with a letter to the court 'invitation' to visit this most courts. However, since the agenda was handed to me not properly, but simply thrown into the mailbox, I decided not to go to trial. After a while getting another letter in which we have said that my nevizit regarded as contempt of court and all decided without me. And of course decided not to my advantage. Wells Fargo Bank takes a slightly different approach. Deprived me of rights as much as half of the year.

Miscellaneous Bus Equipment

From the fact that the equipment will operate in your service to repair machines, performance depends on the company. Motorists want to repair their cars in garages, where not only low prices and excellent specialists, but also the service center equipment on which work is done with their vehicles. Car service equipment gives it all: the quality of professional activities performed prior to volume customers, and this – your profits. Ben Silbermann takes a slightly different approach. Tire equipment. There are two types of tire changers: automatic and semiautomatic. Auto only has only one drawback – it costs 20 percent more than the semiautomatic.

Recently time drivers have to use wheels with tubeless tires. On the old tire changers stands with them difficult to operate. To repair these wheels have a quality tire fitting equipment with an automated pumping tubeless tires. For example, the equipment companies 'FASEP' (Italy). Is such machines are equipped with such a security system, it strengthens the bus stand. At a time when the chamber under high pressure air is supplied, the active security system does not allow the wheel fly off the device. Almost any kind workshop for tire can not work without a machine for balancing. The reliability of the machine is the shaft speed – the faster, the more measurements per minute, making the stand.

From the shaft speed balancing stands are classified as high-speed – more than 400 revolutions per minute, semi-automatic (with manual) with the rotational speed – 40-50 revolutions per minute, automatic (motorized) – 180-200 rpm. All test equipment engines are classified into 3 classes: simple devices that provide information about the work of some of the engine. Scanners, fault code reader, which identifies the computer machine. They have a great negative – they only work with certain management systems. Typically, these devices operate in a highly specialized service centers. The third type of instruments themselves determine the state of the motor vehicle. To a computer system connected network of different sensors, which can increase indefinitely. By the instrument of this kind is multi-center diagnostic companies 'TECNOTEST VISA'. For the proper functioning of today's service center to the presence of a complex device, it is always on, among other things, high-quality stocks, in other words, stand for changes bodies. Stand Dressing bodies – stocks, intended for different types of body repair (from the small body damage to the vehicle frame shape correction), providing for all that significant time savings.

Safety – It’s Visibility On The Road

Visibility on the road is our safety and the safety of other road users. Good visibility on the road at night and in poor visibility conditions (rain, fog) significantly reduces driver fatigue and significantly reduces the probability of not observe any object on the road or the person. Improve the lighting system in your car in twice can be without resorting to installing additional lights, protivotumanok, or alteration of the most lights. Installation of xenon, this way out, not in vain all the high price of cars already in the factory equipped with xenon lamps because safety on the road is the main thing. Automotive xenon consists of xenon lamp and the ignition block.

Ignition unit generates high voltage for ignition lamps filled with xenon gas, and when the bulb broke, the unit supports it on the correct voltage. Installation of xenon performed instead of regular halogen bulbs and after its installation does not require adjustment of the headlights. The secret of xenon light is that its color temperature of light, very close to the sunlight and the eye man accustomed to this temperature. On some vehicles, you must install biksenon is when the short-and long-range light is located in one reflector and includes a light bulb with two filaments. Great number of manufacturers producing xenon lamp under any cars. You can install the xenon with their hands, and if you have a new car and that there were no problems with a warranty on a car dealer, you can set Xenon in a certified installation center. Xenon for many years his production dropped significantly in price, such as price of the set with the installation of 4000r, this price is not comparable to your safety on the road.


Still need a small compressor for equalizing the pressure, a set of regular keys and special keys. Keys 17, 19, 22, 24 and 27 buy stronger. On the one hand they should be with collar, on the other carob. Cut them in half, insert tubes of 20-30 cm and weld. Get a key lever for greater efforts. Stands alignment optical and laser displays. They collapse to do for 40 minutes, while razvalytsik must have a great experience, because actually everything is done manually.

Highly not recommend to stop this option. More "advanced" design stands control setting angles – this cord model. In cord stands alignment between sensors strung measuring cords, and from the sensors stand up to the cables pass. At a higher level of cost infrared stands. In comparison with the cord they have a higher accuracy, and they are absent, connecting cables between the measuring heads. Radio channel (Bluetooth) stands similarity of the collapse – it is almost the same as the infrared, only the exchange between the sensors is on infrakanalu, and the central station data transmission – over the air. ZD-stands alignment – a separate conversation.

These stands are special cameras that remove the target, which are hung on the wheel. On the targets are the pictures that the camera and shoot. Principle measurement is based on the resizing of objects in their observation into perspective and foreshortening. Knowing the shape, the real and apparent size of the image to the target, we can calculate the distance to it and the angle at which it is rotated.

Hyundai Solaris-production And Prices

Hyundai Group continues to implement a plan to boost presence on Russian market. In late September, in St. Petersburg in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, hosted the opening ceremony of the new plant Concern Hyundai. In recent years, encouraged the construction of foreign plants cars and spare parts production in Russia. The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the concern Hyundai in connection with the fact that he continued to the project despite the recession. Hyundai Group said that the factory building at a cost of 654 million dollars, will create 5000 new jobs, of which 3,000 employees will be engaged in the production of parts. Sales of cars in Russia recently has declined steadily because of the global financial crisis and now seen the data recovery market.

After the presentation, the names of the car created by Koreans especially for Russia, as commodity name was chosen by Internet voting, which was attended by 27,000 people, Hyundai Solaris – the very popular sedan – was screened at the Moscow motor show as untitled Hyundai rb. Production subkompaktnogo family sedan Solaris is planned for the recently opened factory Hyundai near St. Petersburg. The plant operates in test mode, releasing the vehicles for demonstrations. Full-scale production of sedans will begin only in January. And in May, plans to collect a hatchback. Hyundai does not exclude the possibility that the Russian pipeline can get up and other models. Because of the 200 hectares allocated for business, yet mastered by only a third part.