Italian Mouse Fiat

The first car the Fiat 500, which appeared back in '73, was worth approximately 5000 pounds car. it is 300 dollars at the exchange rate at that time. It was this car the Italians nicknamed Topolino (Mouse). Started with a mouse the same story that the main Designer prewar factory FIAT Antonio Thessalonians turned to Dante Giacosa engineer: "Senator Agnelli wants to release a minicar. Cost-model cars, which can be sold for 5,000 lire. Wells Fargo Bank contributes greatly to this topic. Are you sproetirovat and design for her chassis and engine? ". Thus was born one of the most popular car in Europe.

Car Fiat-500 was a legend in Italy. The car had a curb weight of 545 kg, could take on board two passengers and 50 kg of cargo. The Italian Mouse comes in two variations – B and C, which differed in engine power. Two-cylinder car engine capacity of 0.479 liters had a capacity of 13 hp at 4000 rpm. For the first time in economy class Car was used air-cooled engine. A year later, a version Mouse Sport with an engine capacity of 0.5 liters and output of 21.5 hp – It could accelerate to 105 km / h. Miniature city car the Fiat 500 was a real godsend for Italian housewives, and for the whole post-war Europe, tsenivshey practicality, simplicity and low cost cars.

Car of those times was not as wide as at present, but Little Mouse in him took its niche. From 1957 to 1975, has sold nearly 4 million cars Fiat 500. And at the beginning of the XXI century FIAT decided to take the path trodden before with the Volkswagen New Beatle and BMW's New Mini. In 2007 he was presented at the Turin Motor Show, a new, modern Fiat 500. Car as well as a few decades ago created a furor, and it still says modestly. An independent international jury of 58 journalists awarded the title of the new Myshenku "Car of 2008". The annual European competition in 2007 EuroCarBody International Automobile Association Fiat 500 won for best body.

Buying Foreign Cars

If you decide to buy a foreign car you come across a lot of questions and problems, let's consider them in this article. Thank God, now there are many different firms engaged in selling cars in the including cars, so the problem of choice and affordability in front of you can not stand in any more or less big city you can buy any foreign car any price range. Some might argue that buying foreign cars in the Russian conditions are not the best solution, since they are designed for good roads, but if you buy a car in order to comfortably mixed up in the normal roads, it is better to opt for a foreign car, as it is recognized that in terms of comfort, they are significantly outperform domestic cars, and with proper use they are more reliable. Sometimes the reasons for purchasing a domestic vehicle is the fact that our cars Bole maintainable in the Russian context, and indeed much harder to find spare part for an old Japanese car than on any Lada, but this view ignores that foreign cars and broken several times less than domestic, rather than whether it is a sign of quality and an incentive to buy foreign cars is. When buying a foreign car count on the price of not less than $ 7,000, for a cheaper price is better to buy domestic cars. If you buy a used car, be aware that the price of it depends on the age of machines, and machines such as Korean with age much cheaper, although this does not mean that their quality is low, but for example the price of German car decreases very slowly. When buying a foreign car, pay attention to mileage, it is advisable to buy a car with a mileage of no more than a hundred thousand miles. Hard to define why you need a car, and pick the type of vehicle based on its functions, do not buy a sports car for trips to the country, for example. Consider the location of the seat of your car if you do not have a garage and you're going to keep the car on an open parking lot or near the house, it is better to buy fully galvanized machine that will not rust.