Honerkamps Ballroom

‘One of the most enduring singer songwriters UK’ (thk) three years after the Grammy-nominated CD charts into the Blues and Joan Armatrading presents a successful Europe tour new songs live in Germany. This charming life”(hypertension music, release date: 5.3.2010) is the 17th Studio Opus of the guitarist/pianist with the dark, warm, expressive voice, whose characteristic Mixtur of Blues, folk, jazz, pop, reggae, and rock has influenced not only her colleague Tracy Chapman. “” “In addition to tracks of the current album are also their hits of love and affection” Armatrading & band, show some emotion “, to the limit” and drop the pilot “in the program. Tickets to the concerts of outstanding British singer-songwriter cost 30 to 40 euros (plus fees). They are available at the ticket offices. Joan Armatrading this charming life “tour 2010 03: 03 Cologne, Gloria Theatre 04: 03 Kaiserslautern, worsted 05.03 Darmstadt, Central station 06.03 CH-Zurich, merchants 07.03” Karlsruhe, Bedlam 12.03 Krefeld, KuFa 13.03. Iserlohn, Park Theater were Augsburg, spectrum 15: 03 A Linz, Posthof 17.03. Saarlouis, theater am ring 03 Hanover, Capitol 19: 03 Hamburg, factory 20.03 Melle, Honerkamps Ballroom 23.03 Wolfhagen, cultural Hall in 25.03 Oldenburg, State Theater March 26 Winterbach, fief Brook Hall 27.03 Roth, 19 Rais Blues days 28.05 A Vienna, gasometer 29.05 A-Worgl, comma Kulturzentrum 31.05 Paderborn, Stadttheater inlet: 19: 00 start: 20: 00 presented by: n-tv, EMMA, culture news, fifty, event, GoodTimes, amm, jazzdimensions.de & melodiva.de cards between 30 and 40 (plus fees) on all tour operators outlets:, Tel. 040.47 69 93, 040.480 37 92 links:, press:, Tel: 0821.58 97 93 88/9

Graceland Version

DJ Spankox remixed the classic of the Kings the King is dead long live the King! Just released the first official Elvis Presley remix album by the Warner Music Group Central Europe! “” “” “31 years after the death of the King of rock ‘n’ roll album presents Elvis vs Spankox: Re: version” elf Elvis Presley hits in groundbreaking remixes, including don’t be cruel “, jailhouse Rock”, that’s all right “and released also as a single Blue Moon of Kentucky”. All tracks have been carefully reworked by DJ, producer and remixer Spankox and rearranged to create a modern sound on the one hand and on the other hand maintain the original feel of the recordings. The remixes were carried out on the latest technical standard and present Elvis, as it has never heard of him”. The entire project was approved by the Elvis Presley Estate and promoted and received the Official Elvis Presley signature product “- and Graceland”-markings. “Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises” which confirmed the quality Implementation: Whenever the Elvis master recordings be modified, we have a particular interest in, that the new sound is the correct sound. “Elvis was a pioneer who crossed boundaries with his music: with its fresh approach, this remix album accomplishes just that.” “” Also, Mike Stoller, legendary producer and author of the jailhouse Rock “, supported Re: version”: A fantastic album.

I wonder how Spankox has managed to make a so incredible job. Thank you, Spankox, for the great version of jailhouse rock, which I wrote in 1955 with Jerry Leiber. I love this version.” Spankox (d.i.: Agostino Carollo from Verona) developed international fame with remixes for Roxette, snap! and Vasco Rossi. Many of his songs reached the international charts under various pseudonyms (X-Treme, eyes cream, ago) or as cover versions. As a DJ performs it regularly on Elvis Presley conventions, 2008 in Milan. At the invitation of the Elvis estate, he presented the album last summer During Elvis Week before thousands of fans in Memphis. With this album a dream come true is gone for me”, so Spankox.

I felt like I was with him together in the Studio. I also wanted that the fans love it, because the songs are sacred ground.” ELVIS PRESLEY vs. SPANKOX “RE: version” TRACKLISTING: 1 blue moon of Kentucky (Spankox Re: version – Highpass album cut) 2 don’t be cruel (Spankox Re: version – Highpass radio edit) 3 (let me be your) Teddy bear (Spankox Re: version – Highpass album cut) 4. jailhouse rock (Spankox Re: version – Highpass radio edit) 5. all shook up (Spankox Re: version – Highpass album cut) 6 baby Let’s play house (Spankox re: Version – Highpass radio edit) 7 Heartbreak Hotel (Spankox Re: version – ago radio edit) 8 too much (Spankox Re: version – Highpass album cut) 9 Just Because (Spankox Re: version – eyes cream 3 short mix) 10 you’re A heartbreaker (Spankox Re: version – Highpass radio edit) 11 that’s all right – (Spankox Re: version – X-Treme edit) BONUS video clip (PC/MAC/iPod) 12 baby let’s Play house (Spankox Re: version) contact: Alexandra Vollert. Consultant, digital media & entertainment + 49 (0) 30 47988143

Mike Montes Now Officially Charts Year Winner 2009

With the top-hit ‘and it is also for me the hell’, the singer of Mike Montes launched Weser.TV ‘Who wins’ radio in November 2009 on topped the official top 5 of the charts. Listeners can identify fully with the text message of the song and find so maybe their own experiences. Using his head voice Mike succeeded in sensitively to present the Declaration of love. As hell, longing, sadness, despair and pain of love is sung in the song. To be close to the sky, is for him the incredible luck of love; Feeling full of hope as well as intimate and deep ties, that he vocally expressing in his love song. There is already a first video for the song. For this purpose, a TV recording has been revised. Learn more on the subject from Phoenix Ancient Art.

Music is the young and likeable performers since his childhood in the blood, at the age of 8, he had his beginnings in the church choir. Montes, still a newcomer in the pop industry, already first successes achieved with the 1st and 2nd place of the month winner 2008/09 in the Pop portal. 2009 awards such as the gold and Bronze Award from Musikworld were added. There was a 1.Platz for the music young offensive 2009, supported by the Musikhaus Thomann. This was followed by appearances at Volksmusik.TV and Bremerhaven.TV. Torero released just in time for November 11, 2009 at cock his best seller of the Carnival and party hit Ole, ole”, which had its TV and radio premiere in the Carnival programme of radio Weser.TV. In public appearances, the party hit provides much atmosphere for the audience. As co-host in radio, Mike is successfully operating since early 2009.

The year 2009 to be a very important and successful year for Mike Montes was seen as a whole. The hit parade radio Weser.TV charts of the music genres of pop and pop music. The respective positions are determined by post card system. Since the 02.11.95, running the charts “Who will win?” in the program and is one of the long-laeufigsten of the broadcaster’s programmes.