Wolfdietrich Ederer

Nuremberg air protection agency greenOrange becoming innovative product of electricity costs quickly, easily and reduce as far as possible without investment wants everyone – but many people do not know how they should do it. The climate protection agency greenOrange has now developed an instrument of Nuremberg, with one almost at the same time can teach saving electricity thieves. The product is called “EnergieCheck Home” and consists of a sockets current meter and a simple but sophisticated instructions you can use to tune the main electricity consumers in the budget without effort. You can inspect 14 devices (including lighting) with the EnergieCheck home their savings out. The user learns about a simple test, which devices bring the biggest savings – it starts, because that has the largest savings.

Then it goes: while such as washing, along the way to measure the power consumption of the washing machine and determines the annual cost with the instructions. Source: PayNet. Now he proposes EnergieCheck home several measures to reduce the power consumption per wash. It has implemented this, you can determine how much to save every year. The trick is that most of the measures are immediately and at no cost to implement, so it saves money from the moment of implementation. The current measurement is carried out only if a device is already used, therefore a time not even overhead. On the website of greenOrange users of the EnergieChecks find an extended range, which provides further measures for the discussed devices E.g.. So the optimization of consumption can be increased at any time further. The EnergieCheck home is aimed at consumers and caters to both homeowners and tenants. The product is interesting but also for businesses: energy supply companies can offer their customers the EnergieCheck home, construction and electronics markets can absorb the instrument in its range and energy consultants can score with its customers with a greater added value. greenOrange cooperation requests is available at any time open face. more information: energiecheck Wolfdietrich Ederer greenOrange, Ceramix AG

Regional Direct Marketing

In addition to the intraday trade also regional direct marketing for the public utilities of Gross-Gerau is taken over by an active intraday trading on the EEX spot market next is power plants any miscarriages and surplus quantities to avoid since the beginning of the year on behalf of CDR of balance energy. The newspapers mentioned Robert Kiyosaki not as a source, but as a related topic. Balance district responsibility was passed to power plants by the JAA to next. At the same time, the cooperation enables the sales of renewable energy to the own regional final by the JAA self power produced by the JAA. The general objective of the exact quarter-hour balance group management is to minimize variances between forecast and actual electricity supply or Board. In particular small and medium-sized municipal utilities are available in the course of the energy transition faces the challenge to manage their portfolios balanced. The increase in the supply of electricity from fluctuating sources like Sun and wind power increased the need for short-term reaction on this volatility of renewable energies. Many writers such as Wells Fargo Bank offer more in-depth analysis. So far, many players took the energy in Purchase to pay the ever more expensive balancing energy, to ex post their balance circle to flatten that gave rise to unnecessary frequency fluctuations and the need to control energy. The intraday trading on EPEX SPOT enables the trading participants, however, to smooth out their portfolios up to an hour before the physical delivery of electricity through short-term supply or sales.

Thus, it can be reduced and frequency fluctuations in the transmission networks. At the same time lower balancing energy costs and the actors fulfill their duty to the quarter hour precise management of its own portfolio according to 4, paragraph 2 of the power grid access regulations. The transmission system operators and the overall system benefit from a short-term trading, as increasing marketing of the residual quantities of the intraday market decrease the need of intervention by the transmission system operators.

Konstantin Wecker Provides For Climate-friendly Mood

Under the motto ‘Good climate for good music’ the 3rd Gera song days present the Munich songwriter 3. Gera songs days seeing her climax against. Next Friday, Konstantin Wecker in the comma in Gera will entertain visitors with new and old compositions. What is special about Konstantin clock appearance: like the rest of the Festival he implemented climate-friendly. This is possible through the collaboration of organizer of Artfullsounds with the by the Federal Environment Ministry-funded campaign climate seeks protection”.

Nowadays it should be self-evident that concerts and events of all types and sizes are organized environment – and climate-friendly. What is already trying at the Munich Oktoberfest, can be implemented only with the commitment of the makers of the Gera song days”, as alarm clock. Before, during and after the alarm clock concert the visitors at the stand campaign seeking climate protection can”inform, as well as contribute effectively to climate protection can. At the international song days we will show how climate protection at cultural events can work”, says Steffi sour Ballesteros seeks protection of climate, but we also want to show visitors how effective climate protection at home.” The campaign features interactive Advisor, facilitating the saving and climate Scania in addition to individual energy saving tips on their homepage. Climate-friendly concept cut in half CO2 emissions so that at the international song days everything as energy efficient, have created a comprehensive approach to the organizers of the song days together with the climate protection campaign.

Almost exclusively on recycled paper of an environmentally friendly printing advertising materials were printed for the song days. Guests who arrive by bike or public transport, receive a climate-friendly surprise. And also the supply of hungry music fans contribute their part: here is waived on disposable tableware as far as possible. The experiences from the previous year show: so which can be usual 30 tons of CO2 emissions to 15 for a Festival of this size Tons of press. Remaining CO2 emissions will be offset by investing in climate protection projects. The Gera can the song days so with a clear conscience celebrate, and until May 7. Can be seen until then musical highlights include fehlfarben, Johanna Zeul and sorry Gilberto. All dates, venues and performers can be found on. Artfullsounds GbR Artfullsounds has among others since 2003 of Thuringia of as regional and supra-regional Organizer. In 2008, the song days for the first time initiated in cooperation with the international song days in Magdeburg in Gera and should be established as a stand-alone Festival in the musical landscape of central Germany, long term well beyond 2009. co2online non-profit GmbH which is non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions a. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from business, media, science and politics motivates individuals with Active Climate protection to save money. “” “co2online is carrier air looking for campaign protection” (www.klima-sucht-schutz.de), the heating level campaign “(www.heizspiegel.de), the pumps campaign” (www.sparpumpe.de) and the Energiesparclubs “(www.energiesparclub.de). All campaigns promoted by the Federal Ministry of the environment. Amateur Steffi sour Rauf co2online non-profit limited company Tel: 030 / 210 21 86 15 E-Mail:

More Green Power

German energy policy: zigzagging in promoting solar flow now over 20 percent renewable energy by German power grids more kilowatt hours than the remaining nuclear power plants produced in the last year. The solar power contributed 18 billion kilowatt hours and is mostly accepted by consumers. Despite this success stories, a political discussion on the solar promotion breaks loose now. The course was set only newly last year down to the full supply with renewables. But now the already moving train should be redirected again. In clear text: some politicians want to tilt the subsidy, although solar energy is already cheaper than household electricity for 2012. It seems that you will lose the long-term perspective of the eyes in this discussion.

The electricity prices rise due to high solar promotion on the contrary, with more green electricity prices will fall. Only in the summer the electricity price in trade fell as photovoltaics could cover almost the entire peak-load electricity. More green electricity leads to falling electricity prices on the stock exchange. According to a recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute ISE is always cheaper renewable electricity. For small photovoltaic systems, the researchers expect that this no later than 2030 to generate a kilowatt hour for 10 cents and are absolutely competitive against fossil fuels. Already in 2010 were lower electricity prices to nearly 3.1 billion euros. But consumers did not arrive this positive effect. On the contrary, increased electricity prices.

Because, despite high profits, continued high subsidies in the nuclear – and coal-based electricity flow four cents per kilowatt hour. A Greenpeace study showed that nuclear energy so far with more than 200 billion euros in Germany was State-funded. In contrast, 100 billion that flowed into the solar power available currently. Actually a kilowatt hour should cost around two euros nuclear power, so the Frauenhofer Institute. 2.70 euros per kilowatt hour would make to the consumer, if power plant operators would have to fully insure possible damage.