Exotic Wood

Jatoba, otherwise known as Brazilian cherry flooring manufacturers are interested in a durable, elastic material, which over the years, almost no wear. Buyers also in addition to excellent performance characteristics attracting colors of wood – from orange-brown to brown with an almost purple hue. When grinding solid Jatoba is sometimes open pores, whose color varies from white to pale-lemon, giving the finished floor a certain charm and originality. Due to the content in the wood merbau oily substances, artistic parquet it resistant to external influences and is optimal for premises, where frequent changes in climatic conditions. Hardness, moisture resistance and ability not to crack or fissure have an array of merbau is one of the most common in the manufacture of floor coverings. Noble color from light to dark brown with occasional yellow streaks allows you to create a home or office with parquet merbau special "exotic" atmosphere.

Wood une comes to woodworking Companies from Africa and South America. It is hard, strong and very elastic material, are widely used for decorating decks decks and pontoons. Resistance to environmental influences, in particular, moisture played a role, making an array une one of the most suitable materials for the production of floor coverings. Wood une hardly in need of care, and thanks to its high density, on the parquet floors you can walk on his heels without fear of leaving scratches and dents. Bill Phelan oftentimes addresses this issue. Dark-brown wood with a distinctive unique structure in the daylight has olive-gray tide. In the operation of parquet une finds silver shade, called a "silver patina.

This noble gray hair makes a floor of this southern wood an attractive, memorable and unique. Parquet Kumar is also characterized by firmness and high resistance to fungus and insects. Heavy, oily wood is strong and durable, which ensures its products a long life. Uniform golden-brown color with reddish veins and natural matt flooring add a certain charm, refinement and originality. Dense uniform structure and hardness of wood Kempas can create out of it strong, resistance to abrasion and stress parquet. Bright colors from golden red to dark orange help to create vibrant, memorable interiors that differ from the traditional Russian "classics". Products from exotic wood used for decorating a plain floor, and when you create art parquet with contrasting inserts. Due to the fact that wood has natural color, floor covering does not need touch-up and update the sex of the array can be special structures or – if it is tarnished from time to time – the usual sanding. Once upon a parquet Kumar, Merbau, Kempas une or a dream, realize that it was "difficult, but possible. Now these wood species are listed only exotic in origin. Products are available in almost any company that sells decorative materials, and at reasonable prices. The difference between the value of the classic oak, for example, exotic Jatoba is about $ 20 Stereotypes about the fabulous price of "exotic" high time to destroy: to equip not only beautiful, but durable, reliable, The original floors are quite capable of growing number of consumers who prefer the finishing materials of solid wood.

Boar ADA

Snowfall against a diesel generator. In Moscow, winter came and with it, and preparing for the new year. This joyous holiday, we decided to celebrate with friends on the nature, good conditions for this were. A friend of mine got on the occasion of house near Moscow with the possibility of a winter residence. Here's to him we were going to roll the whole company until the end of the holidays. The time until the new year flew by and here we are laden with multiple supplies tumble to visit him. The house impresses with its monumental, two-story log cabin is laid out first floor of a brick in the courtyard restaurant, but all electrical heaters. I asked him if he was afraid suddenly become cold and dark house in the midst of the celebration.

What my friend smiled enigmatically and led me into the back room and then my eyes appeared a diesel generator with a liquid-cooled engine with Boar ADA wells and a tank of 80 liters. With that, I do not What disasters are not afraid, he answered me with no hidden pride. I hope that does not have to check the strength of his confidence about myself, I thought. Unfortunately I have not deceived foreboding. At night, began the famous freezing rain, the crackle of broken trees, awakened the consciousness of involuntary fear of the raging elements.

Stocks of drink melting in his eyes. Everyone was not until the festivities. Trumpeted first phone . Then lost network mobile phones, the lights went out and there was eerie silence preryvaema a roar of rain and rattle of falling trees. And suddenly, as if by magic turned on the lights working again returned to the music of the heaters tape, we do not let us down technique was relieved. Boar justified its name no force of nature could not stop him. Well just had to marvel at the foresight of our friend who was able to obezapasit your home from any surprises. This new year we will remember for a long time, particularly the clearing of land otpovalennyh trees.

The Engine

On top of the chassis frame is inserted planer table and side table attached to the router and dolbezhnika. Surface gauge – an important part of the machine required in the manufacture of windows, doors and other woodwork where important pieces of the same size. Surface gauge function in the machine performs the planing shaft, which is located under the adjustable table. Harvesting of the table pressed against the two rubber rollers, taken from the squeezing device washing machine. Moves workpiece on the table manually, the mechanism for this, I did not, but if the tree does not put much effort tarry not. The main body of the machine table is set on four vertical rods, of the corner table, which come in four tight tubes, welded to the base. The hoisting mechanism – fixed table along with slides and screw four levers in the form of a letter V, the upper ends attached to the sled, and lower to the bottom of the machine. Milling planer table – also cooked in round and rectangular tubes.

It is installed shaft, front and rear table, as well as on two racks above the saw table is inserted. Shaft on three knives, length 25 cm, installed on the right saw (can be installed blade or cutter) on the left cutter head, conical or round sandpaper, drill, or bolt cutter. Planing table adjustable – rear with four bolts welded to the plate table, front – eccentrics. Unions, for lack of tokarki are made as follows: take two pieces of pipe with a fork bike. They inserted a smaller diameter trees to offset one side and tightly welded. On the tube sleeve dress with two rear wheel of a bicycle (ideal diameter), which are welded to the plate table. Shafts are inserted into sleeves, attached to the planer table and a bed between is connected to the levers and the traction. In order to ensure the parallelism of the front and rear traction table length is adjustable.

Also on the planer bed table has two clamping shaft surface gauge. Cutting table is welded from the corner and down on it on a sheet fastened rivets PCB 10 mm thick. On the machine it is installed by means of two vertical posts that are firmly fixed to the tubes and bolts for adjusting the height of lift (Released saws). In the raised position the table serves as a reflector chip for planing on a surface gauge. On the table provides the installation of a ruler and straightedge. The engine was originally from the old machine, but then it burned down and was replaced by a three-phase, 4 kW. 3000 rev / min. Connected via capacitors star.

Chimney Materials

Combination of elements lining with a supporting wall and a floor by means of molding plaster and hemp. Protection is provided by a wooden mantelpiece reinforced belt hardness of heat-resistant concrete based on cement, which should not come into contact with the iron furnace. 21.Vystupayuschie details veneer (wooden shelf, the belt stiffness) should be securely fastened to the wall. Cast iron fireplace installed on a concrete slab chimney lining. The minimum distance between the furnace and a fire protection wall, 10 cm Connection furnace with a chimney made using stainless steel pipes of diameter 230 or 200 mm. Places joint pipe to the chimney pipe furnace and hermetically sealed fire-resistant materials and refractory cement. 22.Zapreschaetsya use a cast-iron burner as a stand-alone heater (outside of the chimney cladding and jacket).

23.Kozhuh fireplace should be made of fireproof materials. Most often it is made of gypsum board attached to the rigid frame of metal profiles. The entire inside of the enclosure should be protected by special insulation. As a foil insulation can be used with one hand, a slab of basalt fiber, basalt fiber that is set aside gypsum board and aluminum foil – in the direction of the connecting pipe. 24.Vo inside of the casing at a distance of not less than 30 cm from the top of the shield is installed in non-combustible materials. In applying foil plates of basalt fiber nefolgirovannaya her side should be directed to the ceiling. The distance from the protective screen to the ceiling should be increased to 70 cm, if the ceiling is made of combustible or nonflammable materials and thus protected from fire.

Marble And Granite – Reliable Luxury

Today, products made of natural stones, such as modern marble and granite are a real luxury, affordable luxury, and finish of these raw materials is a symbol of good taste and a guarantee of quality and durability. Although Stone is one of the strongest and most durable materials, it requires high-quality and thorough care. Granite and marble – the raw material from which it was create one set of architectural masterpieces that hit us on the has for many centuries, such as: Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, which is recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world. Surely you've noticed, for example, when you come to the museum, as is sometimes breathtaking from the king around atmosphere, as all around clearly thought out what luxury antique trophies stand around. For example in the galleries you can witness the magnificent granite and marble masterpieces a century ago, countertops, fireplaces, they are so gorgeous survived until our times, and the most remarkable is that nothing prevents us to order exactly the same products made of marble and granite, or similar, or enhanced copies, as granite and marble, our full disposal, and to this day.

Granite and marble surfaces should be regularly wiped thoroughly with water and a small amount of detergent that does not contain any acid, it is desirable to use special hardeners, polish, wax. Proper use of marble and granite, and this stuff will last you a century. There are many different kinds of natural granite, but these days also developed methods for artificial granite, which is not inferior to their natural qualities, and in some cases – superior to him. Natural marble – a kind of izvestnyaka.On can be as soft and can absorb moisture and solid and almost never leak. In color marbles are divided into gray, white and colored.

Metamorfozno light plays on the surface of this unique stone, reflecting his playful mood. Each plate 'decorated with' its own unique pattern, looked more in which everyone sees its own special pattern. The correct choice of marble, competent installation, accurate selection of range of raw materials, as well as proper care of this wonderful stone, and the timely elimination of small defects, and your shiny marble adequately serve you age. Granite – a noble stone which is popular used in finishing the inside of the premises and outside, that is a facade. Granite is also very "decorative" Firstly there are many ways of processing the surface: the surface of granite can be polished, burnished, polished, sawn, buchardirovannoy and subjected to fire treatment – usually depending on their color and grits, choice of surface depends on the purpose of the stone. Granite has low water absorption and high resistance to frost and contamination. Granite is a stone can withstand heavy loads, so it is often used to make massive tables and columns. Trimmed with granite and marble building – this is a real fortress, which looks decent and inside and outside, which would be indicative of good taste its owner. Granite and marble products, marble and granite – the raw material for fine solid foundation, create your own, unique strength, whether it's home, with unique accessories that are sure to become your family relic, or the same office, which will always look clean and luxurious.

Choose Bed Linens

Selection of bed linen – the finishing touch to create a bedroom interior. On a beautiful bed linen and pleasant sleep, to the same colors can refresh interesting general atmosphere bedrooms. Materials. An important factor the selection of bed linen is the material of which it is sewn: currently growing demand sets of satin – a dense fabric that has at the same silkiness and softness. Satin does not sit down and do not fade during washing, and practically does not crumple, designed for prolonged use. Traditionally popular is silk bedding, cooling and warming in the heat in the cold, and when combined with bright or classic colors, it can be matched to any interior.

If you're a busy person, and you do not have enough time to do household chores, you can choose a set of headers, artificial silk or satin sheets as of these tissues is almost no need to iron after washing. They retain their shape well and permanently preserve the color. If you have enough time to household chores, you can choose from high quality bed linen sheeting, lawn, or damask. Such kits are practical and not less noble. Sizes. Manufacturers of bed linen are now offering products of any size: one and half, double (or euros) and family. It is also worth take into account that sometimes bed kit from different manufacturers can vary by a few centimeters in length and width. The reason is that in Turkey, Italy, Poland, China and Russia (the major supplier countries bedroom products) there are different standards.

For example, we have a double bed (duvet cover 170-215sm) and Euro-size (220cm quilt cover 200), while European brands for only a double (he is the euro). Therefore, before determine the set of bed linen – measure the size of blankets and pillows, as well as the mattress, not to be mistaken in size. Because disproportionate duvet and pillowcases will not allow you to fully enjoy their stay, violating the comfort of your sleep. The ideal option is to purchase products of one firm. However, most purchases are made in practice is chaotic in time and therefore require more care in choosing the size. On standard with bunk bed 160×200 cm when using one blanket is recommended to choose a double (or Euro-size) – a set with a sufficiently large sheet (about 240-260 cm) and duvet 200h220 or family size – as big sheets, duvet covers but for two small blankets 160h220. Please also note against the pillow cases and pillows used!