Artistic Parquet

In the construction of the interior floors have long received considerable attention. In public buildings of ancient Russia there were wooden floors, from smooth glazed ceramic tiles and mosaics, but the largest spread in Russia got a wooden floor made of planks, oak brick and hollow-art parquet. Starting from the XVI century, the floors in the Russian steel plank of oak staves, stacked pattern, which was called the "herringbone", and the floor or bridge called "kosyaschatym. Staves are usually lying on the rough sawn basis of soft rock, mostly pine. In the XVII vekenaibolee common technique parquet was the way called "oak brick": parketiny in the form of bricks were placed on the limestone base, and the joints between the bricks and oak were filled with lime, mixed with the resin. Along the walls are sometimes stretched oak border. This flooring has existed before: he was Dmitrov Cathedral in Vladimir, in some public buildings, the mansions of the boyars, the church of St. Basil and in the Donskoy Monastery.

Highly carving flourished in the XVII century in Moscow in the workshops of the Armory. In 1711, by Peter I closed the workshops, and all carvers moved to St. Petersburg on the shipyards. These frames are the masters and the Admiralty were used for the manufacture of parquet to the construction of Petersburg's palaces. For palace tilings in 1749 was sent from Astrakhan Province 26 stocks and 64 cross oak forest, which were kept in a reserve Smolny yard with shoals of the pear tree, kizilevogo, elm, plane tree, boxwood, beech and ash ridges. All of this stock in 1750 was sent to the Tsar's village, and served as material for the first mosaic parquet. In what range of trees, is used for parquet floors, has increased significantly, and by the end of the XVIII century became apply for more than 50 different types of wood. Parquet beginning of the XVIII century is linked with the Russian thread, which from time immemorial been the favorite type of folk art. Artefacts of our people, as well as folklore, epics, tales vividly show the love to the carved decorations, which through many centuries carried the masters and artists in jewelry houses, utensils and furniture. These different varieties of trees for wood coloring and drawing layers given the opportunity to gain the most whimsical and ornate patterns of parquet.

Interior Decorating

Art in Odessa, as poetry, and architecture – has always been a term appearance of our city and at one time played a significant role in shaping it. However, time inexorably and former decoration of the city fades. Of course for someone, this situation is quite natural, but fortunately, Odessa has always remained at the enthusiast. Therefore it is not so long ago, a group of young artists specializing in interior painting, decided to make its a contribution to the restoration of her former beauty and uniqueness of our city. Following an initiative to restore the wall paintings of some architectural structures, they have introduced a social program mural of residential apartments, as in dilapidated buildings of the old stock and in new buildings, which enabled the ordinary inhabitants of Odessa for stronger means for them, decorate their apartments interior painting and make your life a particle of beauty. Samples of the direction in staffed by young artists, originally present only on their site – business cards but now, thanks to their work, many apartments are turned into art galleries. Of course, painting is not the only jewel in the crown of Odessa, in addition to paintings there is a huge number of sculptural compositions as in need of repair. Many people probably still remember the sad consequences of vandalism for a long time to change the appearance view of the famous songs 'Laocoon'.

How long will the public then appealed for help in the restoration of works of art to the city authorities. Of course, it would not be bad if in addition to artists, there were specialists – The artists who just would not care about the future of our city. Then, from house to house, eventually managed to restore its original form in Odessa. I want to believe that such a moment will come sooner or later.