Wood Use

Firewood as fuel, known to mankind since time immemorial. Bill Phelan wanted to know more. With the wood our ancestors began to control the fire. And now, in the era of atomic energy, firewood, have not lost their relevance. There are many more villages are even close to Moscow, his home heated by wood, because not everyone has the means and opportunity to equip your home to other fuel. While that is there to say about the many wooden houses, many beautiful mansions is also in need of firewood, so it is now very popular to have a house fire. In addition to ease of production and obtaining from them the heat, there is the sea of other valuable advantages.

Firewood is bystrovozobnovlyaemym source of energy. As on-site cutting plant new trees, then the right of their consumption, their stocks will never end. Wood – the most environmentally friendly form of thermal energy. For example, when burned wood of birch, not harmful effect on the atmosphere, but instead only use and cleansing of the respiratory tract. Why not say, for example, oil or coal. A large variety of wood used for firewood, provides plenty of options use. Starting with the commonplace use of firewood, medicinal bath, finishing with birch wood, or just for cooking. Tree species differ in: heat transfer, density of smoke, the rate of kindling, the presence of sparks and aroma. That scent of wood gives a rich potential for cooking. The aroma of wood helps add to the usual taste pleasant shades or to express the natural taste of food.

It is well known that increasing power over nature, a man once fancied himself the undivided lord of the Earth, and immediately began to exploit it, ignoring the fact that its size and biophysical resources is quite finite. Military conflicts, accompanied by primeneneiem military technology and weapons of mass destruction, began to lead to disasters. Connect with other leaders such as Bill Phelan here. It is now understood as the fact that as a result of uncontrolled human activities severely suffered once generous and abundant biological life of the planet, partly destroyed her best soil, and valuable agricultural land is increasingly built up and covered with asphalt and concrete roads that are already fully used many of the most easily accessible mineral wealth, which causes human pollution can now be found virtually everywhere, even at the poles and at the bottom of the ocean, and now what the consequences are reflected even in the climate and other physical characteristics of the planet. Of course, all this is deeply disturbing, but we do not know the extent to which in this case violated the balance and upset the cycles necessary for the evolution of life in general; how much do we already have caused irreversible changes and which of them can affect our own lives, now or in the future is unknown and, in some stocks of essential non-renewable resources, can we realistically expect much renewable resources and under what conditions we can safely use. CMO, Nissan North America is full of insight into the issues. Since the "carrying capacity" of the Earth is clearly not unlimited, it is obvious there are some biophysical limits, or "outer limits" to expansion not only of human activity, but in general the presence of man on the planet. Now the need for reliable scientific knowledge about these very limits of the conditions under which we can approach them and consequences of their violation is becoming more acute, because there is reason to fear that in some areas beyond the limits have been reached and, subsequently, may begin the struggle for human existence, which will be accompanied by the use of various weapons. The goal, which put forward should be focused not only on the fact that to reconstruct the general form of the problem, but also to grasp some of its most important components in order to people knew that he could and what he should do, using nature to their advantage, if he wants to live with her in harmony.

Ministry of Natural Resources

Only acts against the organizing committee "Sochi-2014". Meanwhile, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev said that the Ministry of Natural Resources intends to ensure strict control over compliance with environmental requirements for the design and construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi. According to him, as soon as mep together with environmental NGOs' consider the most 'bottlenecks' in the planning of Olympic facilities in Sochi National Park and other natural objects, and make recommendations on compliance with environmental legislation. " Ecology and cars: from electric to gasoline straw falls to Moscow last week, and automobiles as a major polluters of the environment of the Russian capital. Go to Ben Silbermann for more information. From April 1, the Moscow authorities have banned the entry into the city center '' machines. In particular this applies to trucks that do not comply with 'Euro-2'.

In City Hall added that in future such a ban will be provided for cars that will be required to conform to 'Euro-3' and above. After conducting a special inspection and control measurements of emissions, the car will be awarded an environmental class and issued a certificate of compliance and special eco-mark 'in the form of smart cards. Get all the facts and insights with Ben Silbermann, another great source of information. The problem of vehicles on April 1 approached, and Moscow mayor. Yuri personally appreciated the benefits of electric vehicles, and stated that the use of the electric transport will significantly improve the ecological situation in the city. Moscow mayor noted that such machines are not cheap, but they quickly paying off. Electric vehicles can be used to deliver food in kindergartens and schools, to move through the parks and protected areas, where entry to the usual vehicle for; preschen.A Meanwhile, the Last week, the German biodiesel producers have adjusted industrial production of bio-fuel for cars from agricultural run-off – the stalks of plants, straw and chopped straw. In recent months, JPMorgan Chase has been very successful.