Learning Language Playfully

We all want to learn English is a cherished dream – to learn the language without stress, without much effort and so fast and well! Of course, the way that really did not put any effort – this is from the region fiction, but still interesting and fun way to easily learn a foreign language – after all there! This method is one of the most effective – it is immersed in the language of human impact. At present, there are various student and youth programs, the so-called "language exchange" when young people come to American families and for a time lived there, but again, we note that this method of language learning is not all available because of some problems, often of a financial nature. Do not despair, there is a way in which you can not only earn but also to learn a foreign language, and if you choose to make it to perfection. There is such a work, where with happy to take students and young boys, cheerful, very active and positive, it is called – the animator. Of course, in this case, you must have at least some malomalski the makings of an actor or simply be a good organizer, with a sociable and fervent character. After all, you will need to stir up the holiday in a hotel or tourist resort where you will be hired. Naturally, to communicate in any event be adopted language of international Communication – English, and you have simple and not fancy phrases to encourage travelers, not always even the English-speaking, to the action and fun.

Democratic Management

In the present time, many Brazilian schools, accent of positive form that the presence of the Pertaining to school Advice in very has contributed to improve the democratic management as space of decision and deliberation of the pedagogical, administrative, financial questions and politics of the school. Of this form, the Pertaining to school Advice if becomes an ally in the fight for the reinforcement of the pertaining to school unit and in the democratization of the education relations. He competes to clear the Pertaining to school Advice debating and becoming its attributions, objectives and values that must collectively be assumed, defining priorities and helping the daily pertaining to school; its meetings must be of continuous studies and reflections, that include, mainly, the evaluation of the pertaining to school work. The democratization of the management by means of the reinforcement of the mechanisms of participation in the school, in special of the Pertaining to school Advice, can be presented as a creative alternative to involve the different segments of the local and pertaining to school communities in the questions and problems lived deeply for the two schools. Pinterest has plenty of information regarding this issue. This process, certainly, will make possible a collective learning, whose resulted it could be the reinforcement of the Democratic Management in the school and the consolidation of this process by means of the Pertaining to school Advice. The Pertaining to school Advice, when assuming the function to stimulate and to unchain a continuous accomplishment and the evaluation of the Politician-Pedagogical Project of the units of education, following and intervening with the action strategies, contribute decisively for creation of new a daily pertaining to school where the community if identifies in the confrontation, not only in the immediate challenges, but, of the serious lived social problems in the Brazilian reality. Inside of the Project Pedagogical Politician it is necessary that the Pertaining to school Advice is a component that if cousin in three sectors: citizenship, participation and democracy. . If you are not convinced, visit TEFAF New York.

Elitist Society

The modern school appears and if it fortifies with distinct intentions ideologically to form the maneuver mass that will be used in the industry and the commerce and to guarantee the ideological domination the dominant elite produces the signs and the codes that are propagated by the medias of mass, therefore the consumista, bourgeois and individualistic culture is propagated in the ways and reproduced in the school and the social relations of convivncia human being. The culture is reproduced by the infused necessity of training without scales, of specialization each time more specific of each point is of the production or the compartimentalizado knowledge, and when losing the totality understanding the man easily will be dominated, been deceptive, mentally ill of the means of production and the proper social survival. In such a way, to construct a popular education that makes the confrontation of the elitist, exculpatory, estratificada and limited culture it is necessary to construct the proper identity of each local community or society, thus the construction of the identity creates the cultural empoderamento of the local communities, without identidadeprpria nothing is possible. Culturally speaking, all the life is pedagogizada, that is the pedagogizao of the life if of the one for the organization of the social spaces of convivncia human being, either in the fairs, the families, the spaces of work in the daily life, according to some authors until and sexual life and the sexuality is pedagogizada with the sprouting of modernity. In the society total pedagogizada who it has more training, studies more is valued. The citizen in constantly pedagogical training in the society is also reproductive of culture, becomes subject of production or culture reproduction, let us see following history to exemplificar: In a social practical society any before the advent of and the pedagogical ones in the carnival as example the artists are always in contact with the local people, all participate democratically of the form that more to agree to it and of harmonic form, total natural fact because some become artists others normally leaves the artistic life, until the sprouting in the modernity of the pedagogizao of the public spaces and of the society, thus a symmetrical distance is created that appear with the training without end, with the rotinizao, the hierarquizao taking care of the determined standards partners and politicians, therefore the artists if an icon, one distanciam of the people becoming astro, to be admired and to be followed by all.


Graph 1: To plan the process teach-learning Source: Questionnaire Another necessity pontuada for the professors was to the elaboration of diversified instruments of evaluation. Retaking the words of Zabalza (2006), the evaluation must not only be party to suit of learning and an instrument of revision. As it is possible to notice, graph 2 approaches that 40% of the professors present little necessity when elaborating evaluation instruments, to the measure that, 60% vary between no necessity and total necessity. Graph 2: To elaborate diversified instruments of evaluation SOURCE: QuestionrioSegundo Zabalza (2006), the technological resources are of unquestionable value, are possible to have them as study object, as didactic resource and as half of expression and communication. Check with Ben Silbermann to learn more. Graph 3 demonstrates that the professors have necessities in using the technological resources for education learning, with little necessity concentrate 40% of the professors, for the item some necessity, occurs a similar result to the previous item of 40% in the time where 20% of the participants declare to possess much necessity.

Graph 3: To use technological resources to facilitate to the process teach-learning Source: Graphical QuestionrioEste brings in them given revealing on the necessity of the professors in developing research with the pupils. In relation to the research Echeverra (2005) and Zabalza (2006), they affirm that the research must be seen as something essential and significant for the academic and professional formation. We notice that he is possible to visualize graph 4 that: 40% reveal with little necessity, however 60% vary between no necessity and total necessity. Continue to learn more with: Deputy Finance Minister. Graph 4: To develop research with the pupils Source: QuestionrioSegundo Bradford, cited for ZABALZA (2006, P. 115), education if constructs through the interpersonal relation, and of the meeting with the process teach-learning that is a transaction human being who binds the professor to the pupil. As we can see below in the graph, more than the half of the professors (60%) when had been boarded on the interpersonal relations had declared that they do not possess no necessity, to the step that 40% had been divided enter little necessity and much necessity. .

The Theft Of Autos Y Las Measures Of Security In La Carretera

In the streets nowadays, it has become very dangerous to be around as if nothing. The times in which we could forget about our security on the street, even in broad daylight the day already passed. Everyday life, do not use flashy vehicles, or uniformed chauffeur. A leading source for info: Bill Phelan. Use national models, that will always go unnoticed. If the family has more than one car, use them interchangeably. Park them in a different place, to not be identified. If night parked it on the street, do not do it in front of his home; make it a safe distance away or in another nearby Street. The installation of a burglar’s horn or siren, connected to the doors and the hood is recommended.

Also a siren to engage personally in case of danger or attack. Fuel tank must be always equipped with lock. Official cars and belonging to companies or entities, used by personal high, should be kept in permanently guarded garages. In town, if driving his driver, go not distracted, reading or sleeping. Is well aware of what is happening to her around. In case I wanted to carry something of value and that topic by the integrity of their assets is not a bad idea think of a guard or a custody service.

Services of custody in Mexico are a business that is not taken lightly and by high rates of in-seguridad are supervised until the last detail. You have a custody represents a security which otherwise becomes constant alert and a feeling of lack of security and impotence. Security in Mexico is very low and when we want to move us with something that a custody can be precious for the thieves never sale sobrando. Finally it should be noted that the way in which more security we can have circulating in the city of Mexico is with an escort, which we can be watching all the time. Most importantly, never forget that safety is first.

Intensified Advertising

Pseudo-scientific statements about Nibiru and Yom Kippur in 2012, and distrust Government intensified advertising a new film production Kelambiya Pictures (Columbia Pictures), entitled ‘2012 ‘, scheduled for release in rent in November 2009. Movie trailers that appeared in cinemas and on their website shows a tidal wave swept over the Himalayas, and the accompanying picture of the words: ‘As the government on the planet will make six billion people by the end of the world? Long pause They will not. Long pause What the truth. Google Search 2012 ‘. Advertising the film includes the creation of pseudo-website ‘Institute of succession rights “entirely fictitious. In accordance with the information contained on the site, the Institute of continuity Human (IHC) is intended for research and preparedness of humanity to natural disasters.

The mission of the Institute – the survival of humanity. The website explains that the institute was founded in 1978 by international leaders of government organizations, business and academia. We claim that in 2004 scientists at the Institute (IHC) confirmed with 94% certainty that in 2012 the world will be destroyed. This Web site offers people to register to participate in a lottery to qualify, who will be saved, a colleague wrote the name of his cat, and he was accepted to participate. I found on Wikipedia (Wikipedia), that the creation of such fake sites – a new method of advertising which called ‘viral marketing’, by analogy with computer viruses. 20.

Is it possible that the influx of questions presented by you, is part of some campaign to create a book or film, with the expectation that the number of denials will be treated as superfluous ‘proof’ of existence of the conspiracy? The same questions I ask myself every day, as the volume of emails that I receive about Nibiru (along with various alignments and displacements poles) is constantly growing – now more than 20 letters a week. Clearly, this is money that is earned on the fears of the approaching Judgement Day. Some of this hype, of course, is an advertising campaign science-fiction film-catastrophe ‘2012 ‘(see question 19). Many websites are selling the books and records on a tape about Nibiru or even ‘survival kits’. It’s very sad that at a time when there are so many real outstanding issues (such as global warming and the financial collapse), people believe the false statements. In the final chapter of his new book on astronomy (‘The Hunt for Planet X’) Govert Schilling (Govert Shilling) writes: ‘Much more whistleblowers to be done – archaeologists and astronomers, who are skeptical on the nonsense with a tidal wave of Nibiru and explain with scientific precision what is wrong in this false tale of space. They will have good work over the next few years. A December 22, 2012 will be a new story implausible, ‘leaving on business as usual’, and the whole circus will start from the beginning. Because no matter how many new celestial bodies was not discovered in our solar system, there will always be a need for the mysterious Planet X.

English Training Programs

It is absolutely proven fact because in 2007 a few of our students receive a 50% discount on training program in English. This means that the student pays for one semester and the second study free of charge. It is also possible to obtain a scholarship of $ 3,000 a year from the fund Lazarskogo Richard, the founder of this institution. In the LSC is still What nationality student, the main thing – it is the student's knowledge, and its ranking in the list of achievement of the institute. I want to mention the fact that Ukrainian students are on top of ratings performance in the LCS. – What kind of benefits package student receives? – First of all – it's discounts on transportation and insurance. Monthly travel on all modes of transport in Warsaw will cost 60 hryvnia.

That by Ukrainian standards is relatively cheap. Insurance will cost the student $ 120. Provides a wide range of recognized in Warsaw insurance agencies. – Students coming not only learn, but to live in Poland. Could you tell us about student leisure below the educational process? In his spare time student LSC gyms. There is also an Information Bureau, where you can learn about all the possibilities of leisure activities for students.

But in addition to entertainment, which provides institution, there is such a big city like Warsaw, which is itself replete with lots of clubs, bars and restaurants. An interesting point in the fact that Poland can meet famous people in the most ordinary places, even if a politician or star in show business. They can be seen in cafes or conventional supermarket on sale. In addition, LSC 3 times a year arranges a meeting with senior people. It is ministers, foreign representatives and heads of successful companies. Lazarski School of Commerce and Law, initially focused on upbringing of a successful person.

Government Company

Note that he has neglected, that management is a significant, decisive actor in the conduct of the company in the integration and management of working groups that guarantee productivity, they are, precisely, managers who should dictate guidelines, start-up plans, strategies and actions that will allow companies to operate efficiently. A good manager has to have the ability to create, manage and develop business and non-business organizations is what professional administration demanding the Venezuelan scenario? Must have solid knowledge in all matters relating to the administrative and managerial topics modern, in addition to the current trends of the modern world and link them with the labour market. Negotiating capacity, dominating business instruments, with capacity for synthesis and follow-up to the decisions taken. Attitudes of teamwork, leadership that fosters participation, creativity, knowledge, motivation by ensuring a good performance, which is reflected in productivity, favourable results in favour of the objectives, established goals. Strategist, visionary, who knows how to seize the opportunities, meet the challenges and generate changes, transformations that guarantee operability and success to the company. Dynamic participation study, definition, implementation and control of the various policies of Administration regarding the following basic functions: personnel marketing. Production.

Provisioning. Finance. Planning and Control. Participate in the development and evaluation of investment projects. Be skilful as a consultant and Adviser in the organizational processes of companies manage the company according to the globalisation of markets. Develop new business strategies adapted to the change.

Professionalize the Venezuelan company and prepare to compete in the international and national context. Must feel and convince that regardless of the nature of the Organization to which he belongs or area that is put in charge, any work or decision that runs must apply values and attitudes that will ensure success within the organization. Profile htm, adds us on features, a good administrator must have the following values and attitudes: high self-esteem and responsibility. Available for use and handling of equipment and technology motivation for the pursuit and achievement of goals. Integrity and honesty standards of conduct, principles and ethics in the practical professional independence, with an attitude critical constructive Humanistic social sensitivity work recognizing the importance of loyalty to the company teamwork ensure training for the development of leadership responsibility for achieving the common welfare. Conclusions the Venezuelan companies require a visionary administrator, with strong administrative skills, capable of interpreting the reality of the current scenarios, especially the national, be very risky, turbulent, full of uncertainties, but also presents opportunities. A proactive administrator, who has identified the scope, impact of risks, programs, actions, plans that the current national Government has put in place in order to establish socialism in the age where capitalism is dominant. You must give way to a new profile of the Venezuelan Administration degree, that this formed, trained with knowledge, and make use of the tools that bring about changes, achievements, especially in scenarios dynamic, subject constantly to changes, innovations, to turbulence, where alliances, agreements, treaties are decisive figures in the opening by conquering and reach new markets. -Source: Koontz, Harold (1994. Managing a global perspective. (10th ed.) Mexico: McGraw Hill Interamericana de Mexico, S.A. Robbins, Stephen p. (1994. Management theory and practice. (4th ed.) Mexico: Prentice Hall Hispanoamericana, S.A. Werther, William B.. (1995 Personnel administration and human resources. (4th ed.) Mexico: McGraw Hill Interamericana de Mexico, S.

Lynn Alves

Remembering that the intention is to socialize readings and experiences, making possible the opening of new ways of pedagogical interaction with the environment. In addition, the Moodle is presented as a project of support to the social construtivismo in the education where pupil participates in the resolution of problems, using the thought criticizes on the activities of learning meaning the construction of its proper knowledge, already for the educator the paper is on account of facilitador, person who orientates, apprentice or tutor. I believe that tools as this, can revolutionize the education, therefore the young of the present time, is following the growth of the technologies and consequently they will find easinesses with the practical one of this platform. After to make the minute reading of this text called me the attention for says and-moderator concept of Salmon (2000, p.39) that it says that: ' ' the main paper of and-moderator consists of promoting the envolvement of the form participants that the knowledge for new them constructed either usable in and different situations, that is, colaborativas experiences of aprendizagens' '. It is of utmost importance to tell the quarrel of another one I capitulate of the Moodle book: pedagogical strategies and study of case, organized for Lynn Alves, Daniela Barros and Alexandra Okada, that it approached on: The interface glossary of the Moodle and interactive construction of contents opened in course online. After the minute reading of this I capitulate, I could perceive that, the professor can control the available information in the environment, selecting and disponibilizando material for the pupils, and that the quarrels allow that the professor knows that type of information the pupils are searching outside of the courses, for intellectual growth of the same ones. In accordance with the authors of this I capitulate, is important to have a tool glossary of verbetes, with real and subjective directions of the words, and in the context of the Education in the distance.