Maria Tirone Economist

I’m sure you do sense this in your life at some point, just when you dare to take that step that will lead to achieving a dream or goal that was important for you in the past, like the first day in a new institution, when you attended your first day at work, when you dared to study that language had long coveted, and you did that you thought it was too difficult, if purchased through your personal effort your first car or your first home, when you invested the first part of your savings in your small business , for married when we were facing the church and think: this is for a lifetime!, yet we step, we dared to dream, desire took control and served as a lever to propel us forward. It is important that we integrate these feelings, emotions, recognize them as indicators that we are moving in the right direction, those nerves, anxieties, fears, tell us that we will assume new responsibilities and that there is a price to pay to achieve that dream, then when these emotions arise, we dialogue with ourselves just so positive about what we are feeling, we claim we want to see made, let us encourage, and say I am ready to do this or that, because that will lead me to my new and worthwhile goal, no matter the discomfort, it is assumed that you will feel, as those in a place where I’ve never been, but we take the Fe as armor to continue to persevere to the end. The emotional strain on the other hand, has the same effects on the body and mind, you feel fear, worry, uncertainty and insecurity among others, but to redefine not positive, you just chickened out and loose the rope to take you across from the shore and you settle for less, lower your expectations because you can not pay the price to make your dreams come true! the freedom to live the life you crave at a price and that price is the tension generated by the gap between your current reality, that you are experiencing at this time and your vision when you confront the outside that distance, probably scared, lose heart , want to quit, it may seem impossible, but at the moment is that I do invite you to ignore all the “NO” in your life and begins to tell a determined and committed to “YES” to life, bears the risk, and, likewise, the tension that can lead you towards this new goal a power generator, which together with Fe, offering an incentive to overcome all the obstacles that may arise, since worth living and realize your dreams and hope you’re willing to pay the price: manage stress, redefine and identify creative and propulsive energy to go freely to your destination filled with full success and happiness! Do not stop, I encourage you to hold in your mind and your heart in your vision vividly. .