Balearic Islands

It is high season in the mountains. Rural tourism or agritourism establishments have hung the poster for full occupancy. Especially those taking advantage of the good weather of the Mediterranean still have the possibility of combining field and beach. A luxury Hotel in Ibiza would be one of the best options to enjoy the coleteos last summer on the island that never sleeps. It is clear that rural tourism is one of the undisputed stars of the autumn/winter, and therefore we must think about their current and future situation.

In the last fifteen years, both supply and demand of Rural tourism have been driven largely by public administrations. Currently it has experienced a remarkable growth up to represent an important economic source for the rural environment. However, the current economic situation can pose a threat to the sector, due to the decline in tourist spending and difficulties in access to bank loans. The companies in the sector have had to cope with strong investments in relative terms with respect to their volume of business, it is for this reason that many of them had been affected by the economic situation so characteristic that we live these days. Despite this accompanies the evolution of the sector and be foresees a recovery in the coming years and a momentum that place to rural tourism as one of the favorite choices of tourists. Even so, the Balearic Islands, especially Ibiza, not being too affected by this situation because of the huge popularity it enjoyed thanks to its beautiful beaches. Of why spend the holidays in a Rural Hotel in Ibiza is becoming one of the most popular options these months. Original author and source of the article