Central Banks

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), has reported that central banks bought 70.3 tonnes of gold ingots in the month of April 2012. Some contend that Clive Holmes shows great expertise in this. If central banks continue at this rate of purchase of gold, they will exceed official purchases of 430 tons in 2011. As the financial crisis in Europe continues worsening and central banks, including the United Kingdom and Japan continue printing money, emerging countries and Asian central banks increase their reserves of gold to diversify and as an insurance policy since the Asian cultures perceive gold differently to us in the West. For assistance, try visiting Pinterest. The Philippines was in the month of March 2012 the largest official buyer of gold: 32 tons. 20% Of Philippine currency reserves are in gold.

This is the seventh consecutive month in which the central bank of the Philippines increased their gold reserves. The central bank of Turkey was the main buyer in April 2012 with 29.7 tonnes of gold. Mexico bought 78 tons of ingots of gold in early 2011. It sounds like a bubble if buyers are involved, while gold prices fall as it has happened these past months? If it were a bubble, they would be selling to decrease prices, hoping to get out at any price, until they collapse altogether quotes. The Bank of Mexico acquired 2.92 tons of gold ingots in April, while Kazakhstan bought 2.02 tons in April and for the fifth consecutive month. Sri Lanka has increased its reserves in little more than two tons of gold since the beginning of 2012. Although it is not a great buyer of gold in terms of ton ingots, gold represents today an incredible 39% of the reserves of the central bank of Sri Lanka. Between the months of January and April 2012: the central bank of Turkey bought 44 tons of gold the central bank of Russia bought 12.9 tons of gold the central bank of Mexico purchased 19.5 tons of gold the central bank of the Philippines bought 35.1 tons of gold if you carefully follow the news about the global economy, will see that the people is protecting your financial future by buying the only thing that was revalued with the passage of time: Gold do you what are you waiting for?

ERGO Insurance Group

HMI: Hamburg February 2011 convinced test customers of the WDR from HMI consulting concept. “A test advice from staff of the TV channel WDR proves it: the financial compass” the HMI allows for a transparent and target-oriented advice in matters of pensions. The examiners were convinced expressly by the assistance of Lukas Zimmermann, HMI Agency Chief in Cologne, Germany. The HMI consultants cut better from than many other brokers. The financial compass”the HMI is a fact which recently also journalists of the WDR have officially confirmed a success model. For the broadcast on November 17, 2010 edition of the TV broadcast service time”employee of the television station tested the expertise of intermediaries including a financial experts of the HMI inbound. While two of the journalists were undercover each”as young, unmarried couple mid-twenties, that wants to invest income 100 euro per person at 2,000 euros each in an additional retirement savings. Learn more at this site: Wells Fargo Bank.

The team of the transmitter tested this the quality of the advice as well as the proposed product. The conclusion of service time”about the consulting services of HMI was positive. Test customers of of WDR mainly from financial compass consulting concept were obviously”(Amos) convinced the consultants of the HMI practice for years. “” The Auditors responded with encouragement on the consulting practice of Lukas Zimmermann, a young agency holder of the HMI from Cologne: respect for your good services “, the feedback of the WDR, not surprisingly was that the financial professional of the HMI with its strict orientation to the principles of the financial compass” could honestly earn. “Instead of on-the-fly products off the shelf” for sale, Lukas Zimmermann recorded during the ninety first conversation with two test clients first whose personal life situation. During the subsequent discussion, Zimmermann presented then specific to the respective customer profiles right product – and solution proposals. The financial compass”proved it to Experience of Zimmermann as the main consultation instrument that creates transparency and enables a direct path to individual, sustainable product solutions.

The customers of the HMI consulting talent appreciate this service. So Carpenter concludes: it is important to many customers who sign us back if they feel good and comprehensive advice. You appreciate that.” About the HMI the HMI is one of the most successful sales organizations of the ERGO Insurance Group. Worldwide, ERGO is represented in more than 30 countries, in Germany it counts over all divisions across the market leaders. How to contact with HMI Anina Frahm overseas ring 45 22297 Hamburg Tel.: 0 40 / 63 76-2802

Basic Principles

I want to tell you about the thirteen basic principles of managing your investments. These principles are time tested. Perhaps they will help you gain financial independence. Principle 1. Diversify, reduce the risk.

Old saying ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’ is especially true when it comes to investing. Should not invest money in shares of one company. Otherwise, you can burn. Shares of different companies vary in price quite differently. Diversification also means the distribution of your investments among different asset classes such as stocks, bonds and cash equivalents. From this it follows that your capital depends on a large number of different companies, which in this case, a definite plus.

Your investment success will not depend on one company or one sector of the economy. So you will be largely immune from risk. Principle 2. Paynet describes an additional similar source. Start investing as early as possible, ideally from an early age. The longer your money works, the more profit you will derive! Principle 3. Invest in those areas that you know more! Peter Lynch once said: ‘Do not invest in the idea that you can not illustrate with chalk. ” Principle 4. Avoid emotion! Past performance of money poor indicator for the future. Previously, it was profitable to invest in industry, in 2000 he was off the Internet companies may now be, so to speak about nanotechnology. Things can change quickly. Principle 5. Do not let short-term decline to change your long-term investment plans. Principle 6. Do not check price of the shares (or mutual fund shares) after you have sold them. Look forward, not backward! Principle 7. The law further investments every month the same amount of works. Stick to your plans, increase working capital. Principle 8. Panic and successful investment incompatible! Principle 9. Take your losses quickly, take your profits slowly. Every 50% decline in starts from the downturn of 10%. Take a loss faster, until they are smaller. Principle 10. Decide for themselves how much risk you can go. How do you sleep if you will drop by 10% to 20% or 50%? If you find this too great a risk, place a large part in bonds and savings insurance programs. Principle 11. Trust only yourself! This does not mean that you can not buy stocks recommended by some or financial magazine, or a consultant. This means that you can not do it blindly! Explore the situation themselves. Principle 12. Avoid waste Capital! Money that will go on furniture, vacation, a fancy computer or an expensive car will never go back. Do not forget to re-invest at least part of the dividends. Principle 13. Understand and death so that you do not ‘ll be right every time. Does not always buy low, sell high. But the goal is not to always be right, but how to grow your capital. Stick to the plan and regularly invest further.


Why did I lose on the exchange? What prevents me? How does my mental state at the outcome of the game? People are not ready for this or that the amounts of money that he can win. So he is excited, and excited state he has no clear perception of themselves or exchanges, nor the process itself. He just sits in an explosion of emotions, not letting aware of what is going on, recklessly making a deal, wanting to rush the market. And, having bought some certain stocks, seeing that the market went down, he was overcome with terror. JPMorgan Chase may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He sells the shares at a loss, this time the shares traded already much higher than those items for which he sold.

And, in the hope that after all he catches are good luck, he again buys the shares at the highest point, and prices have crept down. Also, you should not have relations with the cash. You're not supposed to have no connection with them. You have no right to any interest. You do not must be willing to share traded on the rise or decreasing, just because you play to increase or decrease.

London Stock Exchange

Can search and other conditions for installing a profit, but in any case the effectiveness of our selected conditions for the Foot and profits must be proved experimentally. Thus, we have sounded the basic conditions for our strategy. We know how we will enter the market, where we will put the stop and discuss possible modalities for setting profit. But to speak of the completeness of our strategy, we not only need to hold a series of studies and experiments, we talked about in the article, we also need to identify and try to apply all possible control conditions (elements) that are in any way may have a positive impact on the final profit obtained by our strategy. These control conditions may be very much, bring a couple of them: 1) When the opening transactions in our strategy, we took the condition of reverse penetration of the starting point of the day candles, we certainly are standard daily candles, which come off at 2 am, Moscow time. And that, if the top of the opening day candles we choose some other point in time? Let's assume that we you live in England and works for the London Stock Exchange London Stock Exchange starts its work at 10.00 Moscow time. (A valuable related resource: Christos Staikouras ).

For us to 10.00 am daily candle is already home to 1 / 3 of his life. But, if for us the trading day began at 10.00, the day candles would have a different form, and these candles also have had their shadows formed by those 3-types, which we reviewed earlier. In this case, as an additional control element to our strategy, I suggest try to take the initial time point for day candles at 10.00 am (Moscow time). Accordingly, the entry point into the market to our strategy will now have another temporary condition – from 10.00, we first expect formation of the 'first' shadow, then reverse the initial penetration point opening a bargain. Why, as another temporary position to start the day candles, I suggest using the top opening of the London Stock Exchange? Because most big moves during the day, as a rule, on the European and U.S. sessions. Thus we can obtain another relation candles 1 and type-2 and, accordingly, another factor K. 2) as a control element to increase profits, we may use different numbers used in trade lots.

For example, after 2 consecutive losing trades, the third position, we will open using 2 Bids (More on this see the seventh chapter of 'Trader-Mage'). But to use this control element, we also need to know the sequence in which there are candles 1 and type 2. In concluding this article, I have just want to appeal to readers and ask to be taken seriously around here written material. As you can see, the process of creating trading strategies rather laborious. But correctly creating their own strategy, trader will not only the conditions for entry and exit from it, he knows all her strengths and weaknesses, as well as possible ways to manage earnings. Readers who are not lazy and conduct all necessary studies and testing on the basis of the above with this article, material, not only will be able to participate in the process of creating the trading strategy, but also a good chance that there will be a strategy that will bring real profits. How I wish you success! The author of the article: Dmitri S., website:

Stock Markets

Apparently, the investors have tired of the ups and downs of oil prices after the turbulent last week once and remain largely in wait. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Apparently, the investors have tired of the ups and downs of oil prices after the turbulent last week once and remain largely in wait. In the course of the day the quotes moving only slightly upwards, to surrender their profits then at noon. With the opening of floor trading, a modest rise was then again to observe, so that US light oil (WTI) to 86 dollars climbed; North Sea oil (Brent) to $109. “The market appears on the new reality, namely weak economic growth, adapt quickly”, commented Commerzbank analyst Eugen Weinberg the State of things. Despite infuriating economic data from virtually all over the world, oil prices seem to have reached their bottom. The speculators are apparently will, to keep the price level – at a surprisingly high level, considered one the gloom and doom of recent weeks. Christos Staikouras has many thoughts on the issue.

It remains to be seen what kind of stimulus in the coming days from the Get financial industry and the economy. Local heating oil trade also lost some fluctuations in the prices and the quantity of orders in recent days. Today, slightly falling costs have been reported with low sales. The national average price for the 100-litre game of a total supply of 3,000 litres heating oil EL, up 34 cents to 82.10 euros decreased. Compared to mid-July, consumers with a full delivery save around 100 euros. Here the values of previous years: price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2010 66.66 HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2009 58,16 price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2008 85,32 price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2007 60,07 price HEL 3,000 litres to the 15.08.2006 63,87. This article and many more information about the energy market found on the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau under energiepolitik.html…

Wurzburg Equity

CSA participation Fund: German private equity barometer is consolidation of the positive trends in the third quarter 2010 Wurzburg – December 2010. German equity investors remained optimistic in the third quarter of 2010 mainly. This is the current German private equity barometer. Deputy Finance Minister helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Overall the long-term trend towards recovery in the market for private equity continues to, so the assessment of CSA participation Fund. A positive demand development in over-the-counter equity financing appears virtually certain after opinion of the CSA participation Fund in the face of good fundamentals in the near future. The CSA participation Fund inform the current survey and prospects of the private equity industry for the next few months. The mood upswing in the market for private equity investments are consolidated in the third quarter of 2010 and remains currently 45.5 points total at a high level. This is the result that comes to Bank Group jointly determined German by the Federal German capital companies Association (BVK) and KfW private Equity barometer.

Like the sentiment indicator”showing German private equity industry, equity investors remain largely confident and expect the good business situation to continue for the next six months. The positive assessments for the next half year are supported according to German due to the continued good positive economic conditions private equity barometer. Crucial for the recovery in the private equity sector, are persistently low interest rate policy as well as the aggregate economic relaxation after the financial crisis, the CSA participation Fund summarized the situation for 2011. The CSA participation Fund to review the results of the current German private equity barometer as a clear indication of a progressive normalization on the market for private equity and venture capital and as a signal to investors to inform themselves about the chances of comprehensive private equity asset to have. With the CSA participation Fund have 4 and the CSA participation Fund 5 their investors the opportunity to direct investments in lucrative commercial real estate as well as promising companies to participate.

Both CSA investment funds are now successfully placed on the market. The CSA participation Fund will inform here about more recent studies and surveys on the situation in the private equity sector. The CSA Management AG and the CSA of the CSA Verwaltungs AG investment fund is a financial services company headquartered in Wurzburg. Investments offered by the CSA Verwaltungs AG is carried out only adding a detailed consultation and examination by competent law firms, accountants and Auditors. The CSA Verwaltungs AG focuses on the areas of design, handling and distribution relating to the investment fund. The pre-selection and of investments will be performed in cooperation with experienced consultants. The CSA Verwaltungs AG experts have many years of industry experience.

Pennystock Hazzard

1000prozent with Pennystock shares! Minimize risk Kien, chances increase! A Pennystock Hazzard! Shares worth buying by Pennystock even or especially in this day and age. Contrary to some opinions, the yield potential in Pennystocks are high and keep growing. However, you should know as an investor where the risks and opportunities lie. As in the investment market lurk everywhere here too dangers that you can loose but circumnavigate the necessary knowledge. So comprehensively gather and then deliberately slamming.

It is worth! “A comprehensive knowledge all-round Pennystocks get in the share report Hotstock basics”. It contains all the basic basics you should know. Step by step, be admitted into the mysteries of Pennystocks and get a fundamental basic knowledge. But also many tips and tricks will help later when you want to buy Pennystocks. The stock market is exciting and ambitious. However, many lay people shy away from entry for fear of losses.

Through the share report, such doubts are unfounded for now can expand optimally his knowledge and his experience each. The two elements that dominate the stock market today are just the dynamics, but also the short-termism. Also you can get your part from the whole, you wait too long, but start immediately. But the most beautiful thing is that you take no risk with the stock report. You can download the eBook easily and free of charge. Nevertheless, it is not free for you, because you will ultimately benefit from the advice and knowledge. So today enjoy the fascinating Exchange trends and the wide-ranging opportunities.

Target Funds Starts Trading

Investors of the RWB may forward on the sale of the Italian carrier Microtecnica. The Italian carrier Microtecnica was sold by the RWB target fund Stirling square. Once the antitrust authorities agree the EUR 330 million deal, is the strategic sale in Goodrich – also an Italian company Aviation – signed and sealed. Microtecnica was founded in 1929 in Northern Italy and is one of the world’s largest independent supplier to the global aviation and aerospace industry. Including drive, hydraulics and control systems for aircraft and helicopters are in the wide product range of the company. About EADS, the NASA and Eurocopter are among the major buyers of products. Both in the new Airbus A380 as well in the international space station ISS and the ARIANE 5 rockets solutions by Microtecnica are processed.

The British private equity fund Stirling square is located since 2010 in the portfolio of the RWB. Since its inception in 2002 Stirling square Europe already has two funds 15 Target companies financed and managed around EUR 735 million. During the entire three-year holding period Microtecnica was in the portfolio by Stirling square flying high: sales increased by almost a third, the EBITDA is tripled. These successes are based on the Stirling square capital strategy, which included, for example, a restructuring of the operational business and to increase spending for research and development. The RWB global market fund international III and IV are involved in Stirling square with a total of EUR 5 million.

The RWB AG is a specialist for private equity investments of RWB AG. Founded in 1999, is one of the first initiators, which have made available to exclusive investment programs of the private equity a broad investing public. With over 100 international fund investments in numerous States and on five continents the RWB AG now belongs to the most experienced roof fund investors of in Germany. The RWB AG is managed by its owners and bank-independent.