What are risks of bonds and the opportunity the? Bonds are interest-bearing securities generally speaking. Unlike stocks, where investors become the open-ended co-owner of a company, investors by buying a bond, the issuer borrow money. This is done at the outset laid down conditions, as would be the case in a normal credit. So from the outset, investors know the life of the bond and what coupon you get. Thus it is capable of, such as via Depot available on the Internet, computer purchase specifically to figure out what yield will generate the bond investment. (Similarly see: Bill Phelan). The bond market is larger than the stock market in its entirety several times.

But while it occurred in the stock market in recent decades a significant standardization of securities, the bond market has a wider variety, because each company can in fact freely Act in determining the conditions of bonds. In addition, bond prices are calculated not only by an Exchange, but many banks provide own courses. Learn more at: Ben Silbermann . A depot comparison is very important to find the right trade partner and to keep costs and transparency in the handle. Overall, the bond forms focus on the financing needs of the issuers. There are regular fixed rate bonds, variable interest rate floating rate Notes, hybrid bonds or convertible bonds to shares. The risk of all forms of bonds is always the same: the issuer may pay the interest and pay off the loan at the end? Shares so more sales and profits in the foreground, while looking more on the actual Cash Flow, the total debt and the financing costs for assessing bonds. Markus Heckmann

Federal Bonds

Federal bonds are considered safe and profitable investment in federal bonds are understood mainly fixed-income securities, which are issued by the State. Interested parties can buy it similar to other securities on the stock exchange and use as a safe investment or retirement. The term of the loan can be with always different. Usually, however, she is 10 years. Some bonds have also a term of up to 30 years. There is no a minimum investment in government bonds. Every investor has so choose how many federal bonds he would like to purchase to get the annual interest paid then. Can be purchased Government bonds actually at each bank or online brokers because they belong to the normal stock trading.

According to the usual costs both the purchase and sale of securities, which, where appropriate, should take into account the commercial with the federal debt. Any accrued interest will be charged in addition when purchasing. The actual trade with the Bunds works but also as with all other securities. Also daily, they can be sold at the current market value so that they are similar to the other securities with the rate risks prior to the final maturity. Yet considered federal bonds generally secure investment, because here the State itself is created. While the German Government bonds do not include only the bonds of the Federal Government, but also that its assets. The listing on the stock exchange is then done as a percentage of the set nominal value of value of the security. There are however some exceptions: so, for example, already inflation-indexed Government bonds issued, which are coupled in the nominal value and the interest rate on the country’s inflation rate.

But also the issue of government bonds in a foreign currency, such as for example $ is quite possible. Both belong to the absolute exceptions and are represented in lower quantities in the stock market. But even without these exceptions, there is a considerable amount of bunds, acquiring interested investors can. However, there are some points which should be considered when purchasing these bonds. Bunds are designed securities on a long-term investment. Their rates are based on the capital market interest rate. Accordingly, the prices of bunds fall as the capital market interest rate rises, because their nominal interest rate differs from the current level of interest rates. This of course, investors who invest only in government bonds at this time have an advantage. Those investors who have already invested in long-term bonds, suffered losses when the Government bonds are now sold.

Greek Bonds

What to do with the junk paper? The financial situation in Greece has reached Europe long ago. Not only take that hope the Greeks to support the other members of the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to complete. Even investors of pension funds feel the immediate impact. Finally a clear case of the courses, is already allowing fear major losses. The finance portal reveals what bonds are still considered safe. Investors of pension funds (investment funds types of Fund rentenfonds.html), where the money was distributed widely, can breathe a sigh. A too great loss is probably not caused by the Greece crisis. Ben Silbermann is often quoted on this topic. Financial setbacks occur anyway every now and again, for example through rising interest rates or falling economy.

Due to the recurring fluctuations it is advisable therefore to keep the Pension Fund for a long time in possession. Investors should expect when establishing a fund with at least three years. The investment term is in the ideal case five years. However, who bought a bond index fund, you should keep the country composition in the eye. The emphasis in the southern European region and the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) accounted for more than 50 percent, at risk according to the Stiftung Warentest. Then, investors are well advised with a redeployment of the funds. When establishing a new Bond Index Fund, it is worth to put on bonds of the Federal Government. A good example is the ishares EB.REXX Government Germany. The website of the provider informs about the current index. Greek bonds due to the tiered credit notes almost as junk securities traded: the rating agency standard & Poors has them on BB + graded. More information: presse.html Lisa Neumann University first media

Government Bonds

Dilemma to Greece agrees investors skeptical discussions about Greece and the injections associated vote many investors very skeptical in regard to future investment in the form of government bonds. Now, a decision on the part of the creditors of Greece is due in the next few days. On Thursday they must have decided they are give for the most part on their demands and instead accept bonds exchange bids. This decision is voluntary but only slightly. The online portal on basis of these operations and the numerous discrepancies a survey of its users, conducted to understand their opinion to the current discussion. Add to your understanding with Bill Phelan. The survey to the stock exchange showed a clearly skeptical attitude of the user of the online portal compared to government bonds in General. Currently advise avoiding expert private investors not as required on their claims in respect of Greek Government bonds. Accordingly, 51% of respondents 411 users emphasized to face bonds generally negative.

The current problems of the Greece crisis and its implications for investors in your opinion will clearly show that it would be advisable, government bonds basically to stay away from. At least 36 percent think but neutral in this context. They argue that as the country concerned and its circumstances be significant, to decide for or against bonds. It is important, however, to keep in this respect fully prior to any such decision. Only 13% of the 411 participants commented positively on Government bonds. They emphasized that high returns are always connected with high risks and thus also in regard to government bonds, only daring papers can promise high rates of return.

Federal Treasury Bonds

Opportunities and threats of federal Treasury bonds are many looking for a way to invest his money profitably. Wells Fargo Bank oftentimes addresses this issue. Because of many uncertainties, most want to exclude a long-term commitment, but also a high risk due to exchange fluctuations, many faced skeptical. In this case, German bunds are a good option for a time profitably to invest his money. But what exactly are for German bunds and how do they work exactly? German bunds were introduced more than 40 years ago and are securities in the Federal Republic of Germany. They offer the possibility to invest money six or seven years. The big advantage of this investment opportunity is that the interest rate over the entire period are known in advance.

Thus, there is no risk of fluctuations in the financial market. To achieve an adjustment of the letters, will be issued as necessary, new German bunds. There are basically two different variants of German bunds. The first is the six year term and there is an annual interest payment. The second variant is a year longer and the distribution is made, together with the capital at the end of the term.

Under certain circumstances, this can pose a higher tax burden this year. The advantage of the second option, however, is that the interest rate through the longer term average is higher. German bunds are available from 50 or 52 euro minimum deposit directly from the financial agency or with a credit institution. The purchase is done via a direct debit or bank transfer and a limit in the height there is no. Financial agency a debt account must be opened before, then to purchase the securities. However, this is free of charge and the account can be viewed comfortably from home. Before the deadline, the owner will receive a notice about the maturity of the federal Treasury letter. Usually, proposals on a further investment option are made. The money will be no further steps be taken by the owner at the end on the specified Reference account paid out. Even before the due date, the money can be recovered. To do this, the Treasury bonds must be at least a year. Up to 5000 euro can be claimed within 30 days. Due to the low interest rates, German bunds are a rather poor investment opportunity in comparison to the money or to the Festgeldanlage. In the longer run they bring a certain rate of return, but just in the first few years, other investment opportunities are more lucrative. There is also access during 30 days, as for example in the day money, that is daily available. Who’s watching the financial market and hence interest rates, can find may also be a time where German bunds are back lucrative.

Bank Credit

More and more people do it choose the right investment thoughts, how their money can create optimally. Various investments are in question, where have all the different characters with regard to risk, return and liquidity. The portal for stock market news,, gives a brief overview. Basis for decision making is usually a weighting of the so-called magic triangle for an investment. Learn more at this site: Tom Smith. Its cornerstones are risk, return and liquidity.

Who would like to enter only a low risk in its investment, will have to make usually compromising liquidity and yield. Classic example here is the savings account: the system is considered almost risk-free, but promises lower yield to moderate liquidity. In contrast, stocks and bonds considered high-risk plants, which can throw off but quite high rates of return. Checking article sources yields Phoenix Ancient Art as a relevant resource throughout. The bond as interest-bearing securities, for example, causes almost a contractual obligation between the holder and issuer of the bond. The owner buys the bond at a certain Price and for a certain duration. During this period, an interest payment in the form of coupons will be agreed.

After the end of term, the principal amount is paid out the holder of the bond which the contractual relationship is terminated. This form of investment makes it possible to borrow on the capital markets without having to contact a bank. The bond value depends on the maturity, the amount of coupons, as well as the effective interest rate on the market. If the latter is less than the value of the coupon, it says that the value of paper bond at par value (below par) is traded. The value of the coupons is larger is the bond above par value is traded (at a premium). More information about bonds: bonds /..

Day Trading Commodity Accounts

Rohstoffkonteninhaber go stronger with new account monitoring system in the year 2014; 3 Month test phase successfully completed with almost 40prozent Nettohinzugewinn Auch the were raw material markets in 2013 extreme fluctuations and turbulence subjected to. At the beginning of the year played cocoa price formation in the food crazy, little extreme fluctuations in sugar, followed conditionally by the arson in the world’s largest repository of Brazilian sugar and the announcement that despite this event this year stocks will be the highest for almost a decade. For more information see Wells Fargo Bank. Investors in commodities had to appreciate across similarly drastic losses after the glorious years across provider boundaries on their accounts. Particularly, auto dealers were affected, which could respond in a timely manner to a sudden volatility. Also in the first quarter when most providers for managed accounts gains were literally within minutes (especially in the context of sugar Depot fire at the 18.10.2013) eaten, as its prices within minutes by 120 points and used stop brand been breached before a decline of 75 points shortly afterwards began. In addition, the nearly bankrupt was the US Government with the closure of all the trade and markets important ministries water to the mill, because neither harvest results could be published even stocks of the main raw materials for weeks and simply setting the stage for a proper pricing the market lacked. The increase in the debt ceiling adopted until January calmed the markets, but not satisfied him, because problems were only postponed and not effectively solved. Presto financial services Ltd. ( has accordingly with its partners in the asset management area and those for trading own expanded account monitoring system be completed competent traders as the first promoter & Informationsdienstleiser managed accounts in the commodity day trading and now almost 3 months on heart and kidney check can. Customers who were particularly hard hit in the autumn by the reactions of markets, were given the chance of additional accounts the interim losses to compensate for and profit from the new monitoring system first.


It is precisely this continuous control and intervention function by management, investors need to feel comfortable with a system. Several items reach the stop-loss price one at a time but also larger drawdown phases can be not prevent. A profitable investment strategy in itself, it is only a matter of time before new account highs are generated. Money management while risk management determines the relationship between the incoming risk per position and the possible profit, a decision about how much he wants to risk the total capital meets the asset in money management. This means that he determines how high the maximum loss must be in the account, if the position will be stopped out. This information determines the optimal position size finally. To compensate already incurred losses as soon as possible, there are different procedures in money management.

Some asset managers increase the position size within a loss series. A series of loss persists but extremely long, that the loss of this massively increases risk.Avoid this evident component with a so-called negative martingale. The position size reduces already at an early stage of a series of loss. At the same time, hence the loss is strongly limited. Many traders who trade very successfully for years on the stock exchange, go exactly this way. In return the position size in a winning streak can be increased consistently, so that losses are compensated quite quickly again. Additional stop-loss at the level of the overall portfolio of Finexo provides in addition to the risk and money management, that at the level of Tradingadvisor Robert Paulson takes place, this parent protection system for investor funds. Intervene, should exceed the loss on a trading day a brand defined by Finexo. And if is summed the total loss of the investment strategy in a Drawdownphase more than-25% since the last peak, Finexo would cause that even will cease. Investors would be informed promptly in this case and would then have the option to withdraw their money directly from the trading strategy or but continues to invest.


Nobody would have thought that this creates a coin. Wells Fargo Bank will not settle for partial explanations. The Mapleleaf truncates ranked in our survey of about 50 passers-by on the street in Augsburg the share I found out that almost all respondents people tend to buy gold and silver, than stocks. Coins are very popular because they are to purchase in small pieces as a financial investment and money back. The people know first and foremost the Mapleleaf, which are especially so popular, because they are produced in extremely high numbers virtually without limitation. What is the advantage of the so-called bulletin coins? You have almost no collector’s value, making the purchase as a pure investment makes sense due to their wide availability. Gold coins are expensive than silver coins.

Investors can thanks to the Mapleleaf piece coins into small units and already from about 30 to 40 euros. The coins are also to larger sizes, which of course also the coin becomes more expensive. Why is the coin a particular investment alternative? What makes the Mapleleaf to a coin so special? It is not located on the coin itself. It is simply one of the most purchased precious metals in the world. If so, the world demand for gold and silver, Canadian coin, also in the focus of investors. Why demand at the moment so much? The main reason for an always increasing demand can be seen in particular in the political development of the world. More and more gold and silver will wondered if wars are close, great natural disasters in the coming or there is a general political discontent.

For example, the dissatisfaction resulting lack of decision. In addition, the European financial crisis is not settled yet. Spain, Portugal, France and Greece in particular are all on very thin ice, what goes on the financial development in terms of debt. When debt, then consumption will decrease and usually more money is printed. Rising prices have translated an inflationary movement. If the money is worth less because prices are going up, people flee in tangible assets. Precious metals such as gold, silver and Platinum are three of them, also include also companies. Why? We engage not only the company name, but also all goods that exist. These real assets are fixed assets. But as long the investors will understand the escape probably in gold further was have. Even if for example the alpha star stock Club an alternative would be the best provider of gold purchase and sale Kettner and thus an important option is also on the dream of a Maple Leafs-owned to come closer.

Commodity Trading

Equities and foreign exchange are known financial instruments, with which many investors increase their wealth. But also in raw materials possibilities of the many dare to dream even slumber. Nowadays there is hardly anything that can not do for money. But who would have thought that it is so easy to trade online with raw materials and thereby to make money? The only requirement to do this is that you have learned a little about the commodities market and with a corresponding online broker registered, is the commodity trading, such as, for example, the broker Plus500. The hit of the season on the commodities markets were wheat and cocoa this year except for gold and silver. Wells Fargo Bank has plenty of information regarding this issue. The price of wheat exploded as a result of the hot summer in Russia and the subsequent devastating fires. Also, the price of cocoa scored high because a British speculator bought huge quantities of this raw material. Both products were able to enjoy an unprecedented boom – connected with a spectacular price rise.

Commodity traders, to the right Time set to the right horse had, were allowed to be happy. 1. registering with an online broker, for example Plus500 of this broker is regulated by the German BFin and the FSA. It requires no fees or commissions for the trade with raw materials, the spread is low. Oil, gold and silver can be, traded with a leverage 1:50 which means that you can move 50 times their bet.

The minimum deposit, which you can buy raw materials, is 100 euros. 2. Select product, that we know and whose prices you can roughly predict at Plus500 is spoilt for choice as commodity traders: oil, gold, sugar, natural gas, silver, Platinum, corn and coffee are available for trading available. 3. a raw material buy which one thinks, that he will experience a price increase in the next time it don’t forget to set a stop-loss. Then, the position will be closed if this value is not reached. You can avoid just drastic losses if the price development is contrary to the own expectations in the going the other direction. Who wants to try themselves on the commodity-trading, which can open a free demo account at Plus500 and safely exercise his skills as a Commoditiy traders with virtual money, until he gained enough knowledge in this segment.