Online Trading

Lewis Carroll 'Alice in Wonderland' – you tell me where do I go from here? – It depends on where you want to come, – said the Cat. – Yes, I almost do not care – the beginning of Alice. – Then still, where to go, – said the Cat. – Just to get somewhere else, – explained Alice. – Do not worry, where ever you will enter must, – said the Cat – of course, if you do not ostanovishsya polputi.S on how to start a newbie – or trading for beginners here as a Lewis Carol – if you do not want to come to Zaneta or you do not care, then do not care where to start (forex, stocks, futures or options), it is still, ultimately, it is you will not privedet.Opredelite your goals I would advise to start with determine their own goals. This is already decently you will advance to know whether you should engage in trading in general and how it was kind of online trading is addressed in the next couple of years in their chastnosti.Opredelite It is possible the second phase, which most beginners are also missing. So, you will need to spend a certain amount of time and at least a certain amount of money in order to become a professional and really start to earn treydingom.Vremya – You need to have at least 5 years of daily study and trading as the demo and real accounts.

This term I take from my personal experience, as well as from experience I know traders. Of course, the period can vary, but it is unlikely he will be less than 4-5 years. The fact is that during this time is not only shaped and not so much the knowledge base and experience of the trader, but also his identity as a person who is able to maintain calm in the most difficult situations and out of the winner. Yes, and this period is decent enough, in order to check whether the person likes this profession and how he betrayed her. Bolshisntvo 'accidental' people dropping out during the first three let.Dengi training and the first real account is large enough figure.

Self-learning never ends and requires constant investment as payment for participation in seminars, more experienced traders, and on completion of the first real trader's account. And be aware that these early accounts will certainly be 'merged'. In general, for 5 years, I think nabezhit from 10 to 15 thousand dollars if you're serious This zanimaetes.Ne my fault – he came If you are not scared that prospect, you're quite adequate people and are aware that in order to succeed in online trading and earn subsequently thousands of dollars a day, without leaving your own home, you will have to work hard. Well, the road by walking. Good luck! School trading Gennady Babak

Futures Trading OnLine

Futures trading online – the history, part 1. Lewis Borsellino – a legend in the world of futures – more than 18 years experience trading futures SP 500 in his book “Day-trader – the blood, sweat and tears of success’, describes the benefits of trade SP 500 futures compared with the shares of: ‘Firstly, the volatility makes it possible to make a profit on Few chersah quickly. I do not know of any speculator who buys 8 & P contract and derzhavschego him for five years. Second, performance bonds or the margin is for one 8 & P contract, $ 16,000 (Profit – now have the opportunity to trade e-mini sp500 futures – where the margin of 1000 per unit), while the contract itself controls shares worth $ 250,000. It’s not something that 50-percent margin required to trade individual stocks. Besides the offensive electronic trading reduces the commission.

In monetary terms, they are still much higher for stocks than for futures owls. Buying 100 shares at $ 10, rated which cost $ 1,000, the investor can cost from $ 7 to $ 20 a charge GOVERNMENTAL. And for a commission of about $ 10 for a complete revolution – and buying and selling – the investor can trade 8 & P contract value to $ 250,000. (Profit – strange, but despite the fact that Lewis wrote this 10 years ago, conditions remained almost the same – an average commission of $ 10 per lot) In addition, futures trading allows speculators there use leverage to engage in a much larger positions than possible positions on shares that can be opened using their existing cash. In futures trading with the introduction of the order party immediately becomes part of the market. When someone wants to make a deal with shares, he (or she) must first call the broker.

After that, a brokerage house to decide whether he will occupy opposite direction with opposite this transaction. (Not to be confused with JPMorgan Chase!). The growth of the online stock trading has changed the situation. There is a clear demand for system, providing individuals with direct access to the market. Orders can be entered and executed without the participation of a broker. Why else would the online broker E-Tgade Ggour Inc. (Profit – yeah, that’s where feet grow – because this is now the most powerful agent of America! The most optimal conditions for just them 3 months without any commission, committee, and then 2.99 dollars per lot) and investment bank Goldman Sachs Group LP agreement to buy 50 percent of Archipelago LLC in a situation where it was rumored about this $ 50 million deal? Archipelago operates the system, which allows Day-traders to enter their orders on shares of NASDAQ) in electronic form through its network of electronic communications (Electronic Communication Network, ECN). With ECN, deytreyd get EASURES Professional access to NASDAQ, bypassing the broker. Futures markets can now learn a lesson from this on-line revolution in stock trading. Electronic access can easily attract more participants, especially individuals who have capital and a desire to sell … ‘Profit – well, it just happened.

Purchase Bonds

Share construction against the housing bonds. How to make the right choice? At present in Belarus to build housing there are three ways. The first way – it’s part in the joint construction, the second – Purchase housing bonds and the third – the construction of HBC. Construction of HBC, we’ll leave and talk about the joint construction and housing bonds. Anyone who has ever wondered a little real estate market, knows the nuances of many shared construction, but that’s about as long as housing bonds, little is known.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the stock market is very underdeveloped in our country and should take some time until people realize that buying housing bonds – it is really beneficial. Let’s compare the equity and housing construction bonds and determine the pros and cons. In the joint construction of real estate developers attracted by real estate investors to invest in properties on the varying degrees of readiness. Bill Phelan is full of insight into the issues. As a general rule, if a house under construction has not started yet, and in its place only a pit, then a square meter of the future housing can be purchased most profitable. The higher the wall being built home, become more expensive per square meter. Many are attracted by such a scheme, as there is the possibility of installment payment. But there is a mass of potential pitfalls. Probably everyone remembers the story of the real estate investors, which until still can not get your money back, so be very careful in selecting the developer.

Since giving quite a lot of money, everybody wants to enter into a new apartment in time, but renting a home can always be postponed, and or even construction can be frozen. Perhaps the right decision here will appeal to the real estate agency, which will check the builder and will provide all necessary information. Yes, it will have to pay, but maybe it will save on unnecessary risk. Purchase of housing bonds – this is a complicated process, but at the same time more profitable for the buyer. Wells Fargo contains valuable tech resources. Since buying a bond, we buy one square meter of housing in particular house and its price can not change. Further possible sale of the bonds on the secondary market, as well as its value is growing, it can be a very good bargain for the owner. Purchase housing bonds eliminates any risk to consumers, so as to be secured by any assets of the organization that issued it, or insured. Very often in such transactions, the guarantor of a bank. However, despite all the advantages of housing bonds, many real estate agents still tend to build equity. They explain this by saying that the participation in joint construction interest holders may use credit proposals from many banks, including those involved in concessional lending. A credit for the purchase of housing bonds yields so far only one bank, which reduces the number of people willing to buy them. In conclusion, we noted that probably every man for himself decides how it is easier and more profitable to expand their living space.

Albany Self-control

Successful traders are disciplined. They are calm and rational. They do not allow such emotions as fear or greed to influence their decisions. More info: Robert Kiyosaki. They develop clear plans for trade and is able to follow them. They carefully avoid acting on impulse. A systematic, disciplined trading – it's good, but we all know that traders are not always disciplined. Psychological research scientists from SUNY, Albany (Muraven, Slessareva and Shmueli, 2003) dynamics of self-control may suggest that it is necessary to develop discipline and self control.

To maintain self-control, require physical and mental energy. For example, studies have shown that many people there are restrictions on the number of self-control. When they were in the lab are asked to solve a series of tasks that require self-control, they eventually get tired and difficult to maintain composure when performing subsequent tasks. This phenomenon commonly observed among traders, repeatedly entering and leaving the market. They notice that doing a deal for a deal becomes more difficult, there is fatigue, and continue to trade hard. Self-control takes energy and the more discipline you have to show, the more energy required to continue.

Like any strenuous activity, you'll eventually run out of energy reserves. Thus, the most obvious way to keep self-control for a long time is to replenish mental energy. But how do you save it or save? Of course, you can limit the number of transactions you make in a day or a week and thus limit the amount of energy spend. You can also make sure that you have enough sleep, take regular exercise and eat nutritious food.


In humans, there is a persistent need to protect their assets and avoid the risk. This is especially true for beginners. It takes a lot of time to accumulate sufficient capital for a major trade, and understandable fear loss of part of it. Newcomers tend to look for absolute certainty before taking risk and getting that confidence could take time. But when it comes to short-term trading, there is no time for detailed consideration.

Market conditions are in continuous motion. Decisions must be made relatively quickly, and if you wait too long to make a deal, you might miss a good opportunity. Reasons for the oscillations much, and it is useful to know about them. Sophisticated analysis program schedules are available today can often be more likely to enhance fluctuations than reduce them. They provide an opportunity to see so many indicators and signals. Testing of them, however, may take a very long time. That is why experienced traders are advised to use only a few key indicators.

Fluctuations are usually related to a lack of confidence in the trading strategies or abilities to trading. May be several reasons for this lack of confidence. Some traders are questioning his trading plan, because they know that have not spent enough time in its preparation. Sometimes vibrations can be intuitive signal warning of the need not to be too presumptuous. In this case the fluctuations can act as an incentive. If you feel hesitant because they do not sufficiently prepared, take more time to prepare for transactions. Learn new setups with a higher probability, reduce the doubt and indecision and, in turn, variations by more adequate preparation. Fluctuations may also reflect latent desire to be right and the fear of making a mistake. We often are afraid to face their own inadequacies. Delaying a decision, we do not have to face their limitations, and we can pretend that we – the best traders than it actually is. Extremely perfectionist especially prone to this type of indecision. He is constantly questioning his own conclusions. He believes that the mistake is inexcusable. This applies trading as well as other life decisions. Extremely perfectionist can fatally believe that the very first losing trade will start a downward spiral and total collapse. Finally, the oscillations may relate to low self-esteem or other psychological problems hardened. Individuals with low self-esteem to feel uncertain in many different areas of life. Doubts about the ability to trade lead to hesitation in performing the transaction, which strengthens the deep-rooted insecurities. Such people may have a 'fear of success', when, on the one hand, they strive for success, but on the other, they secretly believe that they could not reach him, or do not deserve it. Identifying and eliminating the problem of fluctuating helpful. Chronic fluctuations can destroy confidence in trading. You can make deals, to continue to fluctuate, miss important market movements, and see how the assets are beginning to decline. Since confidence is broken, fluctuations can be amplified. So, if you are prone to fluctuations, it is vital that you have identified this problem earlier. Identify the reasons for this and perform the necessary changes as soon as possible. Fix this normal and disease, you will be able to trade profitably and consistently

New Trading

In principle, the embedding of small amounts of capital in the deal increases the chances that you will be able to survive the mistakes and live up to the new deal. Suppose you have a trading capital of $ 50 thousand, and you want to limit the risk of capital in the transaction 2% of capital available in the account ($ 1000). When you get a buy signal for stocks trading at 25, and the scenario dictates to you that you must withdraw from the deal at a loss if the stock moves below 21, in which case you can buy 250 shares because the triggering stop-loss at 4 points to the position of 250 shares means a loss of $ 1000. The essence of the movement of the market is not in zigzags on the chart and not the flashing numbers on the quote screen. The bottom line is people who make decisions – other individual traders and investors professional managers of capital, financial institutions and governments. Understanding (as possible) that directs these decisions – a very difficult part of trading. Consider the criterion of the transaction from question 1: "Buy when the price has risen to at least 2% above the lowest minimum for the last 10 days." This is a fairly common option price behavior, but it can bring different results depending on the specific circumstances. For example, you found 30 cases of the emergence of such a scenario over the past three years. Further analysis may reveal that only 15 of those cases followed a significant upward movement.

Trading Shares

The most common mistakes in trading on the stock market (Internet trading) Here they are: 1. Free trading system 2. Lack of protective orders 3. Reluctance to close loss-making position 4. In a question-answer forum JPMorgan Chase was the first to reply. Reluctance to close a profitable position 5. Lack of money management system 6. JPMorgan Chase is full of insight into the issues. Trading without a running diary 7.

Attach too much importance to what others have to say 8. Reluctance to attend lectures, conferences 9. Trading in the difficult periods of life 10. Self-confidence and inadequate trade 11. Emotions during trading free trading system Typical error haphazard trade – is opening a position without a plan for its closure. Before opening the position you must clearly understand Under no circumstances, you close it. When haphazard trade a certain period of time, you can earn, but eventually can lose more than earn if left unchecked.

Good trading system should have good statistics, based on actual trading. Lack of protective orders opening position without a definition of "exit points" or foot – is nothing but a mockery of his account. Stop limit your losses while preserving your capital. During sudden market movements that are not so often, this is the most reliable means of protection is unlikely, what else more can be compared with him in such situations. Reluctance to close trading position is psychologically difficult to close loss-making position, especially if the loss is growing before your eyes. Such losses not only reduce the capital, but also reduce your chances in the future to earn more profits. Thus, closing the position on foot you will not only safeguard against further depreciation of the capital, but also get the opportunity to earn money in other deals.

Futures Trading

Fchersnaya trade originated from stock trading real goods. Initially, the exchange was just the place where were Wholesale trade deal with the cash exchange goods, with delivery to the buyer immediately or soon as possible. Parallel to this process was the development of trade in goods or samples offered for exchange, with the delivery of a short-term (typically calculated in months). In the latter case, the product was either already produced, or it had yet to produce. Unlike trade in goods for immediate delivery, trade with the delivery of a short-term demands that the Contracting Parties shall decide, and specific questions about as a future product, the amount of shipments, etc. Transactions entered into with a delivery for the future, as opposed to contracts for immediate delivery of goods require more precise standards and ensure their performance. In other words, with the development of heavy industry and the consequent requirement was necessary socially acceptable standards of commodity transactions, on the one hand, and guarantee their performance – On the other. If standardization of transactions makes their conclusion, and thus leads to an increase in turnover, the guarantee requires that an organization that takes on these tasks.

This task is successfully performed Exchange, who spend a great job of standardizing the conditions of the transactions and are the guarantors of their execution. System of guaranteeing the execution of transactions has evolved in two directions. On the one hand, exchange an insurance, guarantee supplies of commodities, on the other – has received extensive development mechanism of the resale of previously concluded exchange contracts, allows the seller or the buyer, instead of withdrawal exchange contract (due to certain economic conditions) to sell its contractual obligations or to buy a new one.

Traders Tools

Traders in the market a lot and everyone (by reason of its own set of tools for analysis) formed purely your opinion, as to which direction the price should move. Okay, that any financial market these directions only 2 (otherwise, this would have been chaos ….). Hence, the problem Trader learn to identify in a given period of time is one of two directions: where will weigh the scales on which the weighted views / expectations of traders – the up or down? ‘. Creating its own system of analysis, I concluded that there must be a set of tools that provides the predominant influence on opinion / expectations concerning the market for the vast majority of Traders. Let me give a simple example: all the traders are familiar with the figures of technical analysis. Wells Fargo Bank insists that this is the case. But there are only a few who know and remember all the above ever figure. On the other hand, nearly every trader is familiar with such figures as: double top, double bottom, flag, triangle, etc.

So, if the chart appears one of these figures, it is possible with a sufficiently high degree of certainty suggest that this figure will have an impact on opinion-waiting and the decision of the overwhelming majority Traders. However, provided that at this time this figure would not be opposed to a stronger technical or Fundamental factor. That is to say that traders learn effectively predict the behavior of the market, it needs: – from the variety of analysis tools to identify those tools used by the vast most traders – and learn to determine what impact the perception / expectation of the trader is able to provide each of these tools individually in a given period of time, because they can: how to reinforce each another, and compete with each other, pointing in different directions. Here, like it – here is where lies the key to the market! Now you know which direction you need to move, but please do not forget that the ability to effectively predict the behavior of the market – this is not all that has to learn a professional trader. But I am more than confident that, with a sufficient effort and patience, you will be able to pass all this difficult and thorny path from novice to professional traders and you must succeed! How I wish you success!

Banking Activity

Scient. Proceedings. Vol 1: Problems and Prospects of contemporary Russian law (search for new ideas). Voronezh: Izd-vo Voronezh. Press, 1998.

P.56.). There is also the problem of the relation of bank secrecy with other kinds of secrets. AA Fatianov notes that on the one hand, banking secrecy – a special case of trade secrets, on the other – one of the faces ensure privacy, with a third – performs a protective function, providing the unavailability of financial position of businesses and individuals (Fatianov AA mystery as a social and legal phenomenon. Her views / / State of and pravo.1998. N6. P.12.). O. Oleinik said that, according to U.S.

experts, banking secrecy is related to 3 kinds pravotnosheny: between bank and client, between client and government, between government and the Bank (OA Oleinik Legal the problem of banking secrecy / Hawse-in and right. 1997. N6. P.134). Legal regulation of bank secrecy is being implemented regulations HA FZ "On Banks and Banking Activity in the RSFSR ', CC (Article 183), Art. 16 of the Customs Code, as well as a number of instructions of the Central Bank and tax authorities. It should be noted that between st.857 CC and Article 26 of the Federal Law 'On Banks …' There are a number of contradictions, which indicates AY Vikulin. (Vikulin AY bank secrecy as an object of legal regulation / / State of and right. 1998. N7. P.66.). In particular, the CC entity is obliged to keep secret, called the bank, whereas in the law – a credit institution in the GC, which relates to operations on the deposit, and the law – all of the operations.