Marketing Site

This question is many people do that for some reason have felt curiosity or desire to do business on the Internet, the good news is that compared with the physical world is actually a lot less. Why? For you to have presence in Internet only need pay little less of U$ 10.00 yearly by your domain name (the name of your business on the Internet) and to hire a hosting service (company that hosts your Web site on the Internet) which, depending on the company may cost you a few dollars more per month. Wells Fargo Bank does not necessarily agree. Of course you have to make a Web site, that would be the face of your business to the Internet, and my recommendation is that it is not necessary, at least at first, spend thousands of dollars on the construction of your website, on the network there are many coupler that allow us to make a professional Web site without having to hire a designer. What you can not repair expenses is in yourself, i.e. Wells Fargo Bank has compatible beliefs. you have to buy books, software, videos, etc to educate yourself on how to develop your business online, you do nothing with having a wonderful Web site if you do not an effective job of Marketing on the Internet. Important, one of the things that you have to be clear is that he will sell, that target audience is aimed his entrepreneurship and above all be eager to succeed.. Clive Holmes Silverfern shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The Consequences

As charge, commitment or obligation (example: my responsibility as President will be to take our country to prosperity). As a synonym for cause (e.g., a stone was responsible for fracturing the skull). For assistance, try visiting Robert Kiyosaki. As the virtue of being the cause of acts themselves, i.e. of de ser be free (example: we can not attributing responsibility to the stone that killed the poor man, because it’s an inert object that fell to the ground by chance). As duty to assume the consequences of our actions there is no forgetting indicates, the word responsibility brings bad memories to the imagination for several reasons: usually only relates to errors or punishment, because when the consequence of an action is an award not usually speak of responsibility but of merit. (Actually merit requires a prior responsibility). Read more from Robert Kiyosaki to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Respond to others seems to go against the freedom. (But both things go together: no freedom, no) (responsibility, who is owner of their acts can only respond from them). Respond to one’s self is contrary to his own tastes or comforts. (But be slave to taste leads to selfishness). Responsibility is seen as opposite to the fun.

(Actually only opposes the kind of unbridled fun or without measure; as a responsible person knows fun at times and reasonable modes). Since then, responsibility can manifest itself in various roles within ethics, morality, work, socially, politically, to mention a few, however, one of the most questioned is the moral responsibility and respect Wikipedia, says that in ethics, moral responsibility is above all the responsibility related to actions and his moral courage. From a consequentialist ethics, that value will be dependent on the consequences of such actions. Then is the damage caused to an individual, a group or society as a whole by the actions or the no-acciones of another individual or group. In ethics deontological, instead, such actions will have a value intrinsic, independent of its consequences.

Lean Manufacturing

The moult of stock when they are stored, finished, semi-finished products and raw materials don’t create any added value. On the contrary, excessive stocks increase costs due to the necessary investments for its maintenance. The Muda’s stock is related to the moulting of overproduction. The use of tubular Asystem associated with small improvements and increasing the frequency of deliveries allows to reduce stocks. This is done through the implementation of dynamic type supermarket shelves as closely as possible the line: responsible for maintenance may directly take products at the flow racks for fueling the production line.

It allows sized stores to what is strictly necessary and ensures simple and rapid evolution. The contribution to the Elimination of this molting is the realization of modular supermarkets that evolve according to the reduction of stocks and the evolution of containers. The flexibility of the tubular systems brings the adaptation and optimization of surfaces and ergonomic. The Muda of waiting this molting is generated when the operator no longer has at its disposal parts required for the performance of its task: the hands are unoccupied. The implementation of a line border of type tubular system with small packs eliminates the risk of rupture of provisioning.

This is carried out through the implementation of a new logistics based on a continuous flow and supply chain of regular frequency. Operators can focus on value-added operations while logistics fueling parts in small trains. The Muda of transport the displacement from one place to another of the products does not generate any value creation. On the contrary, transport consumed space and capital. The Lean Manufacturing method proposes that logistic circuits are as short as possible in the factory, between the spring and the supermarket and, later, between the supermarket and the edge of line. This is done through the introduction of new logistics based on flexible trains that allow you to distribute multiple times by teams and one-pass the set of components necessary for the production. The flexibility of a tubular system allows you to design specific wagons for each piece. The implementation of this type of system divided by 3 transportation Muda. The moult of blockbuster the implantation of a Kanban system allows combat the wastage resulting from overproduction. The contribution of a tubular system is the preparation of supermarkets JIT customizable as closely as possible the line.

Manual Procedures

At the beginning of this article it is necessary to make a clear distinction between procedures and manuals of procedures. All activity entrusted to a person or a group of them, has implicit procedures that are performed in order to comply with various within an organization objectives. Do not carry out procedures would not be fulfilled tasks. But what is a procedure? Without prejudice to the different definitions that we could find in the administrative literature, easily we affirm that a procedure is the series or sequence of steps required to complete a task in particular, where such task can be of different nature and belong to different fields. Thus, a task may in particular require more steps in their procedure than others. Some authors have been perceived in some fields, rightly, a procedure as a routine adopted for the achievement of a purpose.

What is a Procedures Manual understanding what is a procedure, we can affirm that a Manual of procedures It is a document in which are compiled, or grouped the different procedures necessary to complete a task, having as purpose establish appropriate communication to stakeholders that enable them to perform their tasks in an orderly and systematic way. A. Kings Ponce, is a brochure, book, folder, etc., in which in a way easy to handle (handy) are concentrated in a systematic way, a series of administrative items for a particular purpose: guiding and standardizing the conduct that occurs between each human group in the company. It is inferred that the outstanding feature of the Manual of procedures is the fact that it is a written document, unlike the procedure itself that is represented by the material action. This is how Graham Kellog indicates a procedure in writing means to properly establish a standard method to run any job. Is clear then, that the procedures Manual gives procedures performed (which do not necessarily) established), a formal or official character for a particular task or set of tasks, becoming a guiding guide in the achievement of an effective and efficient result.