Dignified Option

When the twilight of our lives, it is likely that end up in a residence. Us affliction while we can live at home. Either alone or thanks to the care of the family. Only as last resort will be able to go to the homes for the elderly. Although this may not be the best option, or deal with life, nor our old age nor of which surround us. The nursing homes should not be seen as a last resort, where to go when we have no other place. On the contrary, are places where we live and do it very well.

For starters there are different regimes. It is not the same to go to a residence of day, to spend a few hours, spend 24 hours, 7 days a week, 12 months of the year. Persons with whom we relacionemos is not the same thing. There will be people with severe mental illness, others with severe motor difficulties, others perhaps with some ailment without much importance. Will be able, to relate it to our elderly, maintain friendships, talk about things that concern us with them is a mistake thinking that residence must be the end life and a kind of cloister in which all is darkness. What is sure is that fundamental choice, and is something that should be done while you can. To do this you can go to various sites on the internet, especially in directories specialized in residences. In Spain there are many residences, day care centers, and although we believe that there should be more and better equipped, there is what there is. Within that, what we can choose which deem best. As we said before, all situations are not the same, not all people are equal, so each case will need to be seen individually. In any case, it is to live, to live a life worthy of being lived, regardless of where we are.

Sao Francisco

Safeguarding the environment is a guiding principle of all our work in support of sustainable development; It is an essential component in the eradication of poverty and one of the foundations of peace. Kofi Annan the interests of groups of powers, can cause serious consequences in this case to the Amazon, a very basic zone as pulmonary warranty of a planet that increasingly more is still exploiting him. For those who are fully identified with the protection of the environment, environmental pollution, everything that concerns for ecological movement that helps us to preservare to Earth, planet where we dwell, we can not overlook this fact, which will lead to very serious problems in the future since it affects the indigenous brothers once morethey have suffered so much in recent years, against the ambition of those who don’t mind their modus vivendi, which do not provide the help they require to ensure a quality of honorable life to which are entitled. Is public knowledge that the Belo Monte dam is a central hydroelectric plant is being constructed in the Xingu River in the State of Para, Brazil. Installed capacity planned for the dam will be 11,000 MW, so it will be the second Brazilian hydroelectric highest (after the giant Itaipu’s 14,000 MW), and the third in the world behind three gorges (China), representing 11% of the installed power of Brazil.

The dam has an estimated cost of $ 3 billion, and the line of transmission, 2.5 billion. The project is being developed by the State electric company the truth, than the North energy Consortium, led by the State company hydroelectric Sao Francisco, and integrated by other seven firms, presented the best offer per megawatt/hour, 77,97 reals ($40,33), lower the minimum top of 83 real – about 45 dollars, defined by the Ministry of mines and energy. The Consortium, hows knows won the tender for the construction of the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte, action for which the Government had overcome several legal obstacles presented by environmentalists.


Platelets, along with red blood cells and plasma, constitute a significant proportion in animal and human blood. Microscopically, thorns or barbed look like small ovals, and they can only be viewed by this means, since its average size is some four hundred thousandths of an inch (1-3.5 um). Platelets are fragments of bone marrow stem cells, also known as the megakaryocytes. Stimulated by the hormone thrombopoietin, platelets detach the megakaryocytes and enter the bloodstream, where they circulate for about 10 days before the end of his short life in the spleen. The thrombopoietin in healthy body, will help maintain the platelet count to a normal level, that is of approximately of 4.2 to 6.1 million of these cells tiny in two hundred thousand (1 ul) teaspoon of blood.

Platelets provide the hormones necessary for clotting and proteins. Collagen is released when the lining of a blood vessel is damaged. The platelets generate collagen and begin working on the blood clotting by forming a sort of Cap sealing any possible hemorrhage. A greater number outside of normal platelets, known as thrombocytosis, can cause serious health risks. Excess blood clotting can lead to the formation of blood clots that can cause a stroke. Conversely, a lower number than usual may lead to extensive bleeding. However, in some cases, lead to lower platelet number can be possible, for example, if a person has high sensitivity to movements or had heart surgery.

The number of platelets can be lowered by a daily intake of aspirin or other drugs that help reduce. While some disease or a genetic disorder can cause a reduced number of platelets, other times, they are exhausted because of a specific treatment or surgery. Burn victims, patients of organ transplant, marrow transplant patients, those receiving chemotherapy, and those who have undergone cardiac surgery often does not require blood transfusions, but do need transfusions of platelets.

You Can Be Happy Even In This Crisis

We are going through difficult times in terms of economy. Many fear losing their jobs and many have already lost it. Even with this situation, it is possible to be happy. Here are four recommendations: takes a positive attitude having a positive attitude may sound difficult but the other option, worry, is worse. If we care we can get sick, have missing work, and increase the chances that us fired. In addition, we are going to feel very bad. If you do not have employment, it is balancing your life. Every day you try something to find work, exercise, connect with a friend, and do something for your family.

You’ll see that at the end of the day you will feel satisfied. Looking for entertainment you need fun to forget the concerns. Looking for cheap ways to have fun. Share with your children some of their video games. Remove the Chinese checkers and challenge your friends.

Takes one of the books that you have saved and have never had time to read. Find a comfortable chair, takes a cold drink from the refrigerator, and Ponte to read. Get the exercise is an excellent way to dispel the concerns. If regular exercise you’re going to feel better and more energetic. You will find that you are still having the same problems but you are worried less. With exercise comes a more positive attitude that may help you solve problems. If you’re unemployed, take advantage of the time you have to get in shape physically and lose those extra pounds. Ta you will feel very good. Kitchen if there is no money to go out to a restaurant, try to make a delicious dessert or a delicious soup. You will have fun, your family will enjoy and will soon forget that they have not gone to eat at a restaurant in several weeks. The decision to suffer or not seriously in this crisis is largely in our hands. It seeks to be happy.