State Teacher

In this state we perceive what’s new. What’s new? What you have never heard or seen? No, it is more of a discovery, an inner revelation that nothing has to do with memory. A zen story clearly shows us this aspect. Check with PayNet to learn more. Zen stories, or dialogues between teacher and disciple are one of the zen transmission systems. Most of zen literature consists of these anecdotes. Its purpose is always precipitate in the mind of the questioner some type of sudden awareness, or to test the depth of his penetration.

But if they are received in an inappropriate mental state, the mind react mechanically and its effect does not occur. If we listen to them and think: I already know, I’ve already heard it, I know that lose all their effectiveness. It is that seek to go beyond the mind, in this way, the same story manages to be new every time. It is therefore important to maintain a receptive, stop listening to us same State. We then understand the cup of tea is known the history of Nan-in, a Japanese teacher who lived in the Meiji era, and what happened with an intellectual of the time who was intrigued by the influx of young people who flocked to the garden of the master to visit him. Nan-in was admired by his wisdom, his prudence and the simplicity of her life, despite having been in his youth a character who had shone in the Court.

When the prestigious intellectual arrived, greeted the teacher and, without further ADO, asked by Zen. Nan-in offered him tea and served it with all the calm of the world. And although the visitors Cup was full, the teacher continued pouring it. The intellectual saw that tea is poured and already could not restrain himself. – But does not realize that is completely full? There is no longer one drop! Nan-in replied without losing composure nor abandon his friendly smile-, like this Cup you are full of their views. How could you show him what is the way of Zen if not first empty your cup? Angry, the professor stood up and with a mere head tilt were dismissed without a Word. While the teacher collected the pieces of porcelain and wiped the floor, a young man approached for help. -Teacher, how much sufficiency! How difficult must be for the lawyers understand the simplicity of Zen. -Not less than for many young people who come loaded with ambition and not worked to cultivate the disciplines of study. At least, scholars have already a part of the road and have something which become detached. -Then, master, which is the right attitude? -Do not judge, and remain alert. Ruben Gonzalez Ines Martin original Autor and source of the article.

Training Owners

Food for dogs and their training. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Pinterest on most websites. When we bring a puppy home have the temptation to treat him as a human being, and not we can never forget that they are animals and that we must educate them like animals, without wanting this to say no them we can love and give them large amounts of affection. If we don’t train them from puppies we can create, unintentionally, a tirana pet that will become the master of the House. The lunch and food are basic in the training process. On the one hand it is the routine and discipline that is imposed at lunchtime.

One of the first rules of coexistence which have been imposed upon the animal is has always eat after its owners, thus respecting the hierarchy of the home. They have to learn that human beings are the owners and they are subordinate. They have to follow a strict routine with respect to meals and no feed them when they ask for it. Only when the owners have eaten and picked up. So they’re healthy and strong you need to take quality pet food. On the other hand, the food as Award is one of the bases of training processes.

To reward dogs for good behavior there are a few special pet treats. Sweets should not give to humans, since they are harmful, even toxic to your health. It is can also reward them with small pieces of food that they like also. But never should be given food when the owners are eating, since they become accustomed, or pieces of bones, which are dangerous for them and can cause choking or damage the digestive system.

Potential Clients

We often receive this consultation of clients and potential clients who consult us about what are the most suitable marketing actions for each site. The reality is that product and sale plans defined in large part what is the most suitable marketing action. The reality is that you may not sell everything to everyone, for this reason, it is necessary to refer to the niche that we have chosen. It is from this notion that shall be defined the marketing actions that are most representative for each case. The possibilities are very extensive, but all have as common denominator that can be performed with a limited budget, its result is almost immediate, and Moreover it is possible to measure its effectiveness with great precision.

PPC campaigns pay per click. They are without doubt the most representative example when we think about online advertising. However, most of the times is not considered adequately its implementation. Launch a PPC campaign because we need to increase our sales, and only for this reason, and only often accompanied by this determination usually leave poor results. Ideally, the PPC campaign to accompany a series of actions, and that serves to promote very specific facts: a new service, an offer, or an online catalog that has been made for the occasion.

This leads us to the notion of landing page, i.e. the page where the user ends when you click our ads. If you think that it will have the same effect sent to the home of the company, which to a page designed for this specific campaign, think again. The chances that the user actually perform call to action (action proposed in advertising) will be greatly diminished if you cannot find a page prepared for this purpose. I.e., if you want that visitors buy, try a demo or download an e-book, the link that will take you to the desired result should be well visible, and not after several clicks. Make things simple for visitors is to have half the battle won. Email marketing. Like the PPC campaigns, they should accompany a series of concrete actions, in other words, simply with the premise visit our site which is very good, will lose valuable opportunities to close sales. Similarly, it is necessary to carry out landing pages receiving visitors who click on the links. The basic conceptual differences with PPC campaigns are that, firstly, who sent you the mail has already had some kind of contact with the company, why have your email. And, two, the email gives us many more possibilities to convince and attract as a sponsored link. As a result, take advantage of it. Affiliate campaigns. Some products and services adapted naturally to this type of promotion. Ideally, concerned with high profit margin enabling the payment of commissions to affiliates with comfort and popular products. Affiliate campaigns provide a high level of capillarity to marketing actions, allowing to reach new audiences, in the hands of affiliates. It is necessary to compare costs, results and ability to achieve the return of the investment to decide, although, ideally, it would be desirable to promote on several fronts. In this way we do not dependeriamos single-channel, also allowing messages to multiply and will boost each other.


We live in a culture where we have become addict to the approach of the conversational approval. That is to say, the exercise of ” to give approval to feel aprobado” d to place all along. Tenth something and immediately ” receptor” it also comments something. And this happens almost of immediate way and without pauses. There are customary ” to the noise of mundo”. All we are responsible to live in conscience, nevertheless, we are but time with the autopilot who in our center. I will give some examples you that prove this.

As much noise has fed us the inconciencia and we indicated in the communication of different ways through our personality and styles to it to communicate: The Sabelotodo: You are an expert finalizing the orations of other people. You interrupt to finish whatever the communication. A question, one doubt, a commentary, an opinion This way you impose your ” inconcientemente; car-control” giving the message that you know everything to it. Invalidating the opinion of others although it is not that your conscious intention. The Robot: Listening and your head it seems a piata. Accompanied by ” Umju” your head moves of above downwards in continuous ” si” like approving everything what they say to you. Giving reason so that they accept to you. This behavior makes readable and it give force you of approval to whatever the conversation, it does not matter if subject or no.

is draining and nor so at least it give account you. The Astronaut: The one that Speech watching at all the others! to the moon, the horizon, to Pluto, less to the eyes of the person with who it talks. It would seem that there are ten people around yours, so that knowing your that goes, it seemed that speaks to them to all the others. These are only three, of other so many ways of personified styles of communication. Declared of different ways, nevertheless dividing of the same place Excess of mental activity. The noise separates to us from silence and it supports to us to evade important truths that we wished to ignore. Everything in excess brings desbalance. You have put yourself to think That so if the words that nontenth cause but to impact that the ones that indeed is listened to? What so if a single question creates but impact that an oration? , Serious what if silence and the face or verbal expression do not communicate but that thousand words? What so to practice silence? To be scared to the solitude is to fear to him to silence. To fear to him to silence is to fear to the thoughts and feelings to him that they connect to your interior. And if sights inwards these not watching towards outside. And to watch towards outside is to live in the responsibility not being given your power always having a good justification. The moments of silence are the ideal atmosphere to connect with your greatness and espiritualidad. Concdete 15 minutes in silence and writes on your experience. Silencio is tool of your Wisdom. How silence can be a tool of Peace at this moment of your life? This week you do of silence your Treasure!