She praised us for our intelligence by saying that 'strange' alien vendors evicted from here. Yes, we ourselves have seen the picture when even at the entrance to the man with carrying the two men ran from the requirement to show the contents, took the pups for small money, but most were not allowed even inside! Pacing between the stalls, we have heard with horror as the two Women 'cute' to discuss current 'business' theme – how to break the ears of pets to foist their customers under the guise of Fold kittens. Came up to his friend happily reported that 'vparila' just 'Lohamei' under view 'manual speaker' Jacko – the ordinary 'savage', and at a good price! After all, only a sophisticated buyer knows: that, if the seller attempts to catch the parrot from the cage, he starts to thrash about wildly and yelling, then means that this is a wild, non-handheld parrot, what if, before thrust his hand into the cage, the seller puts on the gloves – hence, a wild bird and painful bite, no manual (it can cause serious injury), which trained the conversation is not All parrot species (parrots minority), although the 'Bird' you will be assured that taught to speak realistically, even a chicken, the nature case, which was told in the news: at the 'Bird' one trader sells a family with three young children Aru. Later (after a month) parrot posthumously diagnosed: it turned out that he was suffering from tuberculosis and died due to the fact that did not receive treatment.

Christian Dior

Let this lamp is an original photo frame, changeover calendars or even a mini-aquarium! Your wee delighted with the application, not for a second part with pencils and watercolors, and neighbors have long been lined up for lace napkins, embroidered with your little needlewoman? Then, just for you invented sets for children's creativity. Options – ample: if you want – choose the set for carving, you want – for the manufacture of tapestries. JPMorgan Chase contributes greatly to this topic. There is for cross stitch, burning, sculpting. Wells Fargo Bank has similar goals. In a word – whatever you want! If an abundance of choices of gifts you just confused, and give something useful really want – do not despair. Give something without which could not manage even a single student: a set of stationery. In this case, you can be sure that the gift and indeed be appropriate and useful. Benefit now and choose from there is something: if you want – pencil case with a thermometer, alarm clock, calculator and radio, you want – with a personal diary horoscope, star biographies and interesting historical facts, do you want – a pencil with built-in radio. The choice is really huge.

In this case, it all depends on your taste and fantasy. But there are some nuances: For all their desire is not child to acquire a pen, standing as a small "Ferrari", a portfolio – from the exclusive collection of Christian Dior. Child properly it still does not appreciate it, but you fall from a heart attack on the kind of spot, Tanya is "accidentally" put on this same portfolio, it is possible. Remember that in order to avoid later "Ocean of Tears", one of the main criteria in selecting things for a student to become strength and reliability. In other words, the line should be worthy to stand in the open championship in fencing with his neighbor on the desk, and the portfolio – to be shock-resistant, fireproof, and, in general, withstand ten times higher than the permissible norm. One felt-tip pen – well, a set – better. The same goes for pens, rulers, pencils, erasers and: they do not happen "too much". Set aside at least for a day of household chores, unfinished business, unresolved issues and make a family trip to the zoo, McDonald's, the circus … or just pick up the tents, fishing rods, pot and Makhno on the nature of the family! Arrange your baby in honor of "school age" a real holiday, and this gift will be for him the most unforgettable.

The Miracle

For many homes crisis it means distanciamento: of the spouse, of the brothers and the church? For the opposite during the crises the necessary couple if to join, to trace strategies and to face together, also in the crisis we need alianar in them with the body of Christ who will help in them to be successful mainly and, if becoming attached the God more. Some people if move away from the church in times of crises, made a mistake, when we come back toward the word of God are not few the reached miracles and blessing in the temple: In the temple Ana she received the miracle from Samuel; When running until Jesus next to multitude the woman was cured after 12 years; 3-Deliver and to give up itself to fight; 4-Lose the dreams? We can remember the history of a man who was blind and was the side of a road, it wise person that Jesus was passing, it wise person of the multitude, it was in crisis in its health, more cried out: JESUS DAVI SON HAS MERCY OF ME, it had not given up to dream and wise person very well what he wanted. Families in crises exist that already had lost the dream and if Jesus today asked: What you want? She went to answer: NOR I KNOW. What she comes after the crisis: 1-Tranquility the crisis is passenger, does not come to be, is lie of the devil that is thus same, the trend is to get worse nothing goes to move. If in its life it has blown very, is signal that exists a rain of blessings waiting for you. 2-Genesis 8:15 the 22 – the crisis takes in them to a new time? We can remember the history of Ne: It and its family had lived in a crisis time, the corrupted people, God ordered Noah to nail and nobody believed, exactly thus it remained itself integral, Noah passed inside for the crisis of a coffer, is not launched the crisis? GOD ALWAYS HAS A COFFER FOR US? coffer can mean God preserving our family, and, after the dilvio the coffer it stops in a mount and God orders: He leaves the coffer, a new place, a new time and a new intention; Long-range 3-Vision? After the crisis we enxergamos more far. 4-V 20? Noah built an altar, recognized that God exempted and preserved its life and its house; 5-God answered the obedience and gratitude of Noah with a signal, God also leaves its memorials GEN 09:12 and 13. I am certain that many families today are passing here for many crises in its family, more knows you passes for the way of it, as Noah passed among that one accumulated of waters, however, he had its preserved life and family. The crisis that you live deeply goes to pass and God goes to say: HE LEAVES THE COFFER; he knows new that I prepared for you, from above one of the mount where the coffer goes to stop you will sight pretty and green campinas and will know that it has new times and new intentions, then it makes an altar, it adores and it fulfills next to its family its call.


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