Recruitment Agency

Therefore, you can write a lot, but not necessary! "If you have a computer and internet connection, then this work for you. Takes 2-3 hours a day, your schedule you compose yourself. And the salary from 7000r. to 20000r. "Company / Recruitment Agency: at your discretion Contact Name: Enter your name or nickname Phone: Phone must be specified necessarily. I usually put 0000000.

E-mail: Your email Job Placement: Section: Other areas of activity (it is the most Revisited) Shelf life: select 3 (or 1) of the day and once every 3 (or 1) of the day cida announcement to all of the city again! Then you will have many customers that you send this file! Polnedeli first, and maybe a week you will not have any income, because your clients will read this file, create web-purse and put money there. To all this, they need a little time. But then, like a bolt from the blue, you will feel some of this "protracted" result! This Pleasantly surprised! You agree to publication of your ads in publications Employment: yes If people are looking for a network job, they always come on After placing ads in check – to determine whether their place. That is, go to the site as if you were looking for work, and choose the section where you advertise. If the ad is placed not, then try the operation again carefully. Reeta Kapani Holmes pursues this goal as well. Check enough to make one time that you learn ads. Then no longer necessary. Just the first time you can miss something.

Jet Airlines

"If we talk about business aviation, then the requirements for specialists is much higher – notes Peter Koshelev, commercial director of Jet Airlines-2000 (management of corporate and private aircraft rental Aircraft VIP-class). – The company has always focused on quality. And in our professional sphere, this means on the one hand, the highest level of service for passengers, on the other – an uncompromising adherence to stringent safety standards and requirements for staff development. The company's fleet consists exclusively of modern ships of foreign production, therefore, as flight crews, and engineering Specialists (ITS) should not just be experienced, and have tolerance to work with a specific type of aircraft. A number of requirements for personnel is determined by the fact that we are obligated to follow not only Russian but also European and American rules of safety. " Indeed, much of the fleet of business aircraft is registered and flying the flag of the United States or the eu.

The management of these vessels the company is required pilots to appropriate licenses transport aircraft. Requirements for experience is also higher – from 1500 hours (including the experience of international flights). It should be noted that wages in the commercial aviation on the order of more solid – from 175,000 rubles (at significantly less plaque). Where do we get such candidates, if until recently the fleet consisted of domestic Tu-134 Tu-154 and IL-86, and on regional lines – Ahn and Yak. Also on regional lines modernization has been slow, and while specialists with experience in the domestic courts could find work there. However, the salary offered to these pilots, an order of magnitude lower than – 40 000 – 70 000.

Therefore, many are eager to take retraining and to fly on Airbus and Boeing. "It was such a summary is replete with aviation personnel market, – said Julia – pilots looking for employers who would pay them retraining. A number of companies going at it – has its own training center in the Aeroflot , S7. However, They are interested not in every candidate. In addition to possessing a current certificate of linear civil aviation pilots and serious raid on the national board, it is desirable to fac, the applicant must confirm knowledge of English. " In the area of retraining besides English to companies faced with another problem. In the selection of the most experienced preferred. However, the age of such professionals, typically 40-50 years. And to invest money in training staff who will soon retire – not a very good investment