Not wanting to lose the time you lose time and soul. You’re losing the pulley so much wanting to win it.Jose Bergamin. It is so short our traffic through this dimension that we must know to properly handle the work and not that this caught us and bring us until death ends. The Japanese call this karoshi. As reminds us, the most approximate to the Spanish translation would be death by overwork, an evil that produces more than 100 annual victims in Japan, despite the efforts of the Government to educate a society with an inflexible work culture. It is said, the first report of a case of karoshi dating back to 1969, when a 29-year-old man died exhausted in the dispatch of the largest newspaper in Tokyo area. However, the Japanese Ministry of labour recently began to compile statistics in 1987.

According to specialists, the medical causes of death by overwork (heart attack and stroke, the two most common) due to the long working hours that Japanese workers are subjected. In several cases, found that the victims were working around 3000 hours per year. In an informal calculation, if the Franks and holidays, are discounted workers completed hours of work between 11 and 12 hours. More than one hundred of Japanese, is calculated, die annually by karoshi. Concerned by these figures, the Government launched a prevention campaign. Among other measures, the Ministry of Labour promotes the respect of maternity leave and the use of teleconferencing as an alternative to the daily transfer to big cities.

So far, however, the results have not been too successful. In 2006, according to official data, 355 workers fell ill by work inordinately. Of them, 147 died. The figure represents an increase of nearly eight percent over the previous year. For Dr. Katsuo Nishiyama, Shiga University, in Kyoto, evil is due to the thoroughness of Japanese culture.

Effective Measures

Compound crusher is widely used in the fine crushing of limestone, clinker, coal and other minerals in building mining, metallurgical and chemical industries, and also used in the fine crushing of dolomite and the chamotte, gold, serpentine, high slag, gangue and phosphate rock, these med-hardness materials. combination crusher is suitable for sand making of hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt, and highway stone crushing. The compression strength is less than 140 Mpa. The humidity is not more than 15%.The combination crusher is one of the most common fashion in crushing and sand making production line, while its engine is usually damaged; Hongxing machine experts holds view that there are many reasons lead to the damage of combination crusher motor; Besides conventional failure cause of motor common power equipment, the running fault of combination crusher also can damage the engine, shown as follows:1. The reliability and sensitivity of the automatic pressure switch; the starts and stops of compound crusher are normally controlled by the automatic pressure switch (pressure relay) directamente driving alternating current contactor. The automatic pressure switch mostly adopts mechanical structure, which act on contact by the compress and release of spring. The congenital deficiencies or improper adjustment of automatic pressure switch can cause engine damage.2. The electrical control (especially for low-power type) is relatively simple, they are generally work independently by stand – alone group and lying in a professional operation occasions with torpid repair and maintance, which relatively increase in repeat expansion rate of failure.Due to the combination crusher works in harsh conditions in long term, the wear of rotor bearing is exacerbated.

The rotor is irreplaceable for crusher so that crusher cannot work without it. However, it is also fragile; the bearing rotor is not only expensive, but also replaced difficultly, often resulting in the cut-off loss.How to take effective measures to improve the rotor bearing life is an important matter that our customers concern about, asking us pay more attention:First, make correct choice of rotor-bearing model. Double row radial spherical roller bearing with strong bearing capacity and aligning performance, it is worthy being chosen. In addition, the rotor which is with design life of 5000 10000h is appropriate.Second, improve the status of crusher bearing force. The impact load working on the bearing depends on the impulse acting on the rotor and the flexibility of bearing support. Increasing bearing support flexibility will reduce the impact load on the bearings working. To this end, we could add rubber sheet with appropriate thickness between the bearing and the support frame to improve the bearing support flexibility and to achieve the purpose of extending the service life.They are widely used for crushing various materials like stone, granite, trap rock, coke, coal, manganese ore, iron ore, emery, fused aluminum, oxide, fused calcium carbide, lime stone, quartzite, alloys, etc.

Remote Console

Headroom is a column for the efficient transfer of force from the overlying structures on the web. With free support beam usually put on the column. In this case, the headroom is composed of the base plate and the ribs supporting the slab and the load on the transmission shaft. The ends of the supporting ribs necessarily planed to provide a more dense adjacency to the stove flat top. Flat-edge always placed parallel to the edges of the reference beam. We expect a seam that secures the base plate to the edge. compute the estimated length of the seam, determine kf.

We expect a seam 2, is given and define kf lw. Hence hp = lw +1 cm and assortment. The thickness of the ribs TR prescribe conditions of shear and assortment. The base is used for efficient transfer of effort from the core columns on the foundation. The base of the column consists of a base plate, traverse, ribs and anchor bolts. When interfacing hinge bolts are put constructively to capture and attach directly to the base plate. When pairing a hard anchors are attached via special Remote Console and delayed effort, close to the calculated resistance. Pair with hinges – 20 …

30 mm with a hard 30 … 36. The size of the base plate – from the construction. considerations of the conditions of placement of the rod string at the plate with min 40 mm overhang. The base plate acts as a plate on an elastic foundation, bending resistance of the foundation. In this strain upward. Foundation pressure is taken evenly across the surface. Height traverse – the condition of the joint. The column operates at eccentric contraction. Estimated effort M, N, Q. In calculating the strength check, as well as general and local resistance elements. The cross section of the column is selected speed separately for the upper and lower sections. In the continuous columns since the upper part of the column is not directly exposed to dynamic loads, the calculation is made with the development of plastic deformations. In the cross-bar columns consist of two branches: the external and crane. Girders to take the''W''or''''. It is believed that the branches of the columns working on the central compression, while the whole column – on vnetsentr compression. From the condition of local stability of the wall is determined by the thickness of the wall (for welded channel bar). Lattice columns calculated on the maximum shear force. In the columns of constant cross section with small cranes are usually used single-console. With heavy-duty crane column perform seamless, and the console is arranged in the form of U-sections or I-beams strengthened. Given the possibility of non-uniform force transfer to the branch of the column, the efforts in each branch to increase by 20. For the eccentrically compressed base of the column will apply only to the crossarms. Constructive solution framework depends on the method of conjugation of the column to the foundation and can be rigid or swivel. In promzdaniyah columns have a hard pair of plane frames, and from the plane of the frame – swivel. There are two types of bases: general and separate. General framework used for continuous columns, as well as for cutting the columns and if hn

Window Decoration

Present continuous ribbon glass windows – an occasion to pause and reflect. In our time, glazing of windows – this is one of the priorities of development. Modern architecture undergoes large cities changes. Along with the construction of new buildings are ergonomic reconstruction of old buildings. Such work would be infeasible without aluminum constructions, which provide almost unlimited possibilities designers. The system of aluminum structures is a collection of profiles of aluminum, connected with each other in certain ways.

For a particular type of design uses a special system of profiles, However, with its own personality, almost all systems are mutually compatible, which allows implement any projects. Step by step through quality control from production to installation gives to guarantee the stability of performance, reliability and durability of structures. Aluminum construction not only to emphasize the modernity of the building, making the windows in the binder-final elements of the structure, but also provide comfort and convenience inside the building. Aluminum construction reduces heat loss, saving energy costs. Balcony – a continuation of our apartments. Frameless cheap credit – is, above all, attempt to increase the living space of the apartment balcony and protect from harsh weather conditions.

Some want to turn your balcony into a great place to relax on their own. However, this task can not handle everyone. The right decision – is to seek assistance from qualified professionals. The most common today is glazing of balconies made of aluminum profile. Especially if your main objective – protection from the weather – in this case fits the cold glass.