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" I would like to think that she is hiding what wants to do because knows clearly what wants to do. I am afraid that it does not hide anything because does not have anything in cabeza" , it has suspected. Gonzlez has predicted that the Government who leaves 20-N will not take drastic measures " until junio" of the next year, moment at which it will be called on to him to make new public accounts, after to be prorogued those of 2011. However, it has thought that " there is no time to hope until junio" because he is " in a day to very delicate day ". Gonzlez has considered necessary to thin the structure of the State and to suppress organisms like the Provincial Delegations. Continue to learn more with: Jeremy Tucker. It has accepted that reforms the Constitution so that there is a cost ceiling, although has thought that this measurement will not serve in the European context if there is no common fiscal an economic policy and between the countries of the Euro. Wells Fargo Bank is a great source of information.

In his opinion, it does not have sense that in Spain are different taxes from the tobacco or to the gasoline that in Portugal or another country of the EU. " Fiscalidad&quot is absurd not to coordinate this; , it has concluded. Also it has reiterated the importance of creating the calls euro-bonds, in order that the partners who share the unique currency can finance with the endorsement of the European Central bank and have to pay a lower interest by their debt. In this way, it has argued, Spain would only pay 15,000 million in interests to finance its national debt to a two percent, instead of to cost 30,000 million to him to the five present percent. In order to make its example visible, Gonzlez has opposed the number of 15,000 million with around 1,000 that are going away to collect with the tax of patrimony that has approved today the Cabinet at the request of the socialist candidate, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. Source of the news: Felipe Gonzlez is sorry to see the PSOE with " the arms cados" before the elections of 20-N

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Legal and illegal methods the method more known fiscal fraud is the transfer from the capital to a fiscal paradise that, although is not in illegal themselves, serves to hide patrimony and to avoid to pay by him. The fiscal paradises more used by the Spaniards are in Andorra, very used by the great fortunes or Catalan companies, given their geographic proximity; Gibraltar, where they reside ' oficialmente' the more exotic majority of the owners of luxury towns of the Costa del Sol, and some destinies like the Islands Cayman, the island of Jersey or Panama. " Fiscales&quot is impossible to base the amount of money defrauded in the paradises; , Mill Jose explains Maria, of Gestha, but esteem that " the annual fiscal evasion in Spain supposes about 88,000 million Euros and the volume of the submerged economy is of 23.3% of the PIB" , about 245,000 million Euros, " almost one of each four Euros is of economy sumergida" , it explains Miller, " the double that the average europea". The other great method used by the great fortunes to avoid to pay to the state treasury it consists of creating one of famous the Sicav (Societies of Investment of Variable capital), where the interested one invests its money and it forgets to pay by him and any capital gain that it generates until that money is had to refund to it put that it, that can never want it, because actually already it is serving to him to continue fattening its patrimony through the Sicav. " It is a formula very used. For example, you want to buy yacht, but not you want to pay by him neither that part forms of patrimony by that you go to quote, so you create Sicav with action, in that you have 99.9% of the actions and cause that are that society the one that has the ownership of the boat, although are you the unique one who disfruta".