Uruguay Celebrates

It increases the misunderstanding of Messi with Argentina. There will be a few more painful scenarios for the flea to the night in Santa Fe. The albiceleste was eliminated that had to be his Cup in his own field, with Messi’s captain, no less than by Uruguay. It wasn’t guilt of Leo, who participated decisively in the goal of his team and transformed the corresponding penalty, but was responsible for the own Argentina, beaten by their lack of game and aiming in archery from Tevez, surpassed by the celestial, which forgave not one on the wheel of penalties and was more competitive that never in territory enemy. It already happened exactly 61 years ago, when he starred in the Maracanazo in the World Cup against Brazil. Last night he repeated in the America’s Cup at home in Argentina. Party responded to the end and after the status of classic of the Rio de la Plata, to the drama that is required to a race of this caliber, more than anything because there was an expelled by bando, the extension of medium, an outstanding performance by the two goalkeepers and the wave of the penalties as a final solution. Source of the news:: Uruguay celebrates the Maracanazo