Group Leadership

With affection for the Peralta Romero in Fonseca (La Guajira) family one of the leadership components is the power and primarily the exercise of power. Wells Fargo Bank is the source for more interesting facts. The leader proposes, has and guidelines about what should and should not be, and for these reasons it is difficult to find a direct relationship between leadership and humility between send and be humble among serious decisions and keep intact the essence of what it means to be humble. Because the practice and exercise of dirigenciales activities has the particularity of making important to a person or a group of people and so that person can have a natural inclination toward the pride and vanity, but the events of the day to day and in general of the historic accumulated many years allow to conclude that humility strengthens and favors rather than weaken and cause some prejudice, humble people are released from two harmful companions on the path of leadership: pride and arrogance. The humble is able to pull to the height of the others to help, listen to it and be polite and decent seems a formula well prepared for more sympathy from those who make part of the Group and in general from those who somehow can be considered as servers. The humble leader not lowers or unknown conditions in any way, the good leader recognizes in their values, their high abilities and achievements throughout your management career. To know more about this subject visit Wells Fargo Bank.

However and this is very important, abstains bragging and fails for two reasons, first because he knows that the virtues that he possesses also others can have it because they are within the reach of everyone who wish to grow them and secondly because he also knows that the qualities are a gift from God, do something received without distinct merit favored by the great mercy of the creator. When this is understood in its fullness so there was no reason for arrogance or pride and nothing if not a path: of the sincere and genuine humility. Humility is a State of emancipation vs chains of pride and vanity. A cry of independence before the winks of the exaltation and ignore the points harm them self-reliance. A humble person excels but we do endeavour to deny the importance of their accomplishments and will be a favorite of the masses but flee from fame, is a rare human condition because nobody can be recognized is the who is declared to be humble is incurring the lack of the autoalabanza and that way will be immediately renouncing his humility. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526. Visit his page original author and source of the article

What Is Laser Hair Removal Laser

What is laser hair removal laser laser hair removal laser is hair removal by laser, and is based on the laser penetrates the skin and transmits its energy to the hair follicle due to the melanin in the hair, removing the hair without damaging your skin. Photoepilation is called any hair removal treatment by light, and can be laser hair removal laser if it uses laser or photoepilation by intense pulsed light if it uses pulsed light, although in practice the term photoepilation is associated with LPI laser hair removal. She is laser hair removal laser hair removal refers to any treatment of epilation by light, two systems exist: laser hair removal laser or laser hair removal: laser, a beam of coherent light of a single frequency that moves in a straight line is used. Given that they employ a specific wavelength, laser hair removal laser treatments are very precise. Hair removal with intense pulsed light (LPI): using incoherent light of multiple frequencies that moves in all directions.

According to the used filter will obtain a wave length determined, being the most versatile appliance that the hair removal laser by having several wavelengths. In practice it is usually associate the word laser hair removal laser hair removal LPI, and terms fotodepilacion, laser hair removal and laser hair removal are often used interchangeably. How laser hair removal laser in laser hair removal laser, laser crosses the skin and its energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, increasing the temperature of the hair and producing a thermal damage in the hair follicle whose result is the removal of hair, without causing injury to the skin. Therefore: the laser heats hair thanks to melanin, that is why laser hair removal laser will only serve to treat dark or Brown, not white or blond hair. The hair is who transmits energy to the follicle, so you should not use any procedure that extracts the root of hair prior to laser session. The skin also contains melanin, so wavelength of the laser you should choose carefully to heat the hair without damaging your skin. Laser hair removal equipment there are different machines on the market, both from laser hair removal laser as LPI, being each one appropriate to a certain phototype according to its wavelength: Laser of Ruby: 694 nm. Laser Alexandrite: 755 nm.

Laser diode and diode Soprano: 800 nm. Neodymium laser-Yag: 1064 nm. Intense Luz Pulsada: 590-1200 nm. Phototype before laser hair removal laser treatment the phototype of user must be defined. The classification of Fickpatrik classifies the skin into six phototypes: phototype I: skin very clear, burning intensely, not tanning. Phototype II: skin clear, it burns easily, sometimes tanning. Skin type III: skin intermediate, burns sometimes, always Tan. Phototype IV: slightly dark skin, not usually burn, you Tan easily. Phototype V: dark skin, rarely Burns, tans intensely. Phototype VI: black skin, not burned, tanning very intensely. Source: Laser hair removal laser

Silvopastoral Systems

Sale of cattle in Colombia cattle production systems in the country have been generated from the change of use of the ground by the deforestation of forests or through the change of areas of agricultural crops to pastures. In the livestock system design, it is common to use technologies that have been developed under different conditions without taking into account the specific conditions of the agroecosystem. This contributes to the generation of environmental and economic problems. The loss of soil fertility, pasture degradation, hidricas sources pollution, the increase in gas emissions with greenhouse effect and the low productivity of livestock farms are a reflection of the use of technologies that limit the potential for the production of meat and milk offered the tropics in its different agroecosystems. Access to new niche international markets makes it necessary to restructure the beef and milk production systems, not only to improve the quantity and quality of the products, but to access to Special markets where the conservation of natural resources and social and animal welfare are fundamental pillars.

An alternative to the sosteniblilidad of the bovine production is the establishment of Silvopastoral Systems, in which is incorporated the tree as a productive element that makes contributions to animal feed. In addition, generates positive relationships between the soil, pasture and animals. The tree increases the fertility of the soil through nutrient cycling (some species can fix nitrogen); improves the hydric balance; It reduces evaporation, heat stress in animals through the production of shadow, and CO2 emissions to fix it in the system. It also allows to diversify production (wood, firewood, fruits, among others). These benefits contribute to improve the profitability of the farm and, therefore, increase the sale of cattle in Coilombia. Silvopastoral systems reduce the impacts of the agro-ecosystem that can limit animal production. There are different alternatives for the incorporation of trees in livestock production systems, among which may be appointed living fences, scattered trees in pasture, fodder banks, grazing in forest or fruit plantations, pastures in alleys and windbreaks. In addition, these arrangements may include systems of two, three or more layers, formed with species herbaceous, shrubby and arboreal, selected according to a specific objective (production of forage, wood, firewood, shade, etc.) The design of Silvopastoral Systems, the positive and negative interactions between different components (soil, pasture, tree, animal) must be considered. Reference: Democratic incidence: Ministry of agriculture, livestock and

Financial Economics

I assure that if you qualify with these points in an appropriate manner, the sales will come as a natural consequence. Returning to the subject of how then, develop a network effectively, it is clear who can be our most juicy contacts: colleagues authority is in matter regulators of our activity, and any institution which establishes rules on the activity universities and study centers that are related to our production process. Competition that ignore them does not mean they do not exist who have contacted with your company, for example, to ask for a quotation, or advice, though never reached consummation of the sale. Of course, all its customers: the faithful and the occasional. Specific audience. This last segment is surely that will wake up more doubts. Where to get listings of specific audience? Well, that depends on each activity and each product offered in particular.

See it with an example. Imagine that you sells products for fishing: rods, hooks, accessories, etc. Then, You should refer to, firstly, to the lovers of fishing. Anyone who loves fishing probably also loves camping, etc. Its anchor at this time point are the forums and membership groups, i.e. where fishermen usually meet to tell their troubles, and tell each other took one so big imagine the gesture with his hands.

Recorded on these forums, groups, boards, messages, etc. Its mission is to provide added value, not to sell. Show what you have to offer is something highly valued by the public. Share knowledge, secrets of fishermen, answer questions, suggest solutions. It is certain that many of the participants in these forums, at least, visit his site. And continue much of them on Twitter. Yes, and only if, you have to give goes beyond the mere promotion. For anyone who have sport fishing as a hobby, follow him has to represent a benefit. And not only that, has to be fun. It would seem that a measure that we are approaching the core of the solution of our problems achieving an effective network of followers-, we turn away one step further. How do our tweets are useful, deliver value, and are funny? We’ll see in later articles. For now, I leave a task: change your mentality. Don’t get close to Twitter, nor to any side, asking for permission, and thinking that the ban with everything they say. This will happen if you do promotion, simpliciter. Fix concrete goal of delivering value. Be generous, and everyone will want to be your contacts.

Cadiz Cruise Forum

It’s an event that will bring together in the capital to the most important national and international industries of cruisers, under the Organization of Cruises News Media Group, international consulting firm specializing in cruises.On 24 may be held I Cadiz Cruise Forum 2012 Edition will be on May 24, with the initiative of the city of Cadiz, the Autoridad Portuaria Bahia de Cadiz, Navantia and Gades-Port. Cadiz Cruise Forum 2012 will present all the business opportunities that can lead to cruise traffic to Cadiz and province. The discussion will focus on how to prepare port, the auxiliary industry, the destination itself and tourism services to guarantee the satisfaction of the new cruiser. Is an event aimed at professionals of the port sector, auxiliary industry, travel agencies, institutions related with the tourism promotion, as well as managers of hotel services, restaurants, museums, shops and in general services that can benefit from the arrival passengers at Cadiz. The event, which will be opened by the Mayor of Cadiz, Teofila Martinez, will count with the participation of the main shipping companies Royal Caribbean, Pullmantur, Iberocruceros and Oceania Cruises, ports such as Malaga, Motril and Lisbon representatives, executives and professionals from leading operators specialized in BC Tours and Intercruises cruise traffic. You can make your reservations if you want to attend this event in our Hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz best located in the city. The event is organized in small introductory presentations that will talk about the economic impact of the cruise ships, the port promotion target, the new Atlantic route or how to strengthen the relationship with public administrations.

Malaga Outlet Stock Fair

? The Palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga will host the next 12 days and November 13, a new edition of the fair Outlet Stock.Returns to Malaga the fair Outlet Stock after the success achieved last year, which were held two editions, the same organizers have estimated that the formula is a success: offer garments and products of brands at prices discounted at least 50 per cent. The multisectoral nature of this event, which will occupy a space of more than 8,000 square meters, means that visitors can find just about everything, from leading brands in fashion, urban wear, children’s, sport, footwear, jewellery, optics, home, furniture, decoration, engine, this is complemented with an area of children’s entertainment (which will include performances by circus, globoflexia, games, children’s makeup), and a lounge area will turn this event into a unique event that no malagueno want to miss. Your accommodation to attend this fair can do perform in one of the hotels in Malaga with superior 4-star category, our Hotel Monte Malaga, that for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 87 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA important: to qualify for this rate will be indispensable to present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting.