Hair Cosmetics

In the modern metropolis every citizen are constantly in motion. Not enough time even for simple pleasures, not to mention the fact in order to devote himself full day of beauty … The rhythm of city life can be compared with the Brownian movement, where every particle is torn, his face buried in a diary or a list of scheduled cases, meetings, shopping for today. That's why it's important sometimes to stop for a moment and give yourself at least a couple hours of love and care. Everyone has a unique opportunity to do this in one of the shops network "Caladium Studio, which are just a step away from you, while you make a purchase for your home, buying gifts to friends or children, products for the dinner party, or select a new lawn mower for your yard. You heard right – we are talking about shopping centers "Mega" and "Auchan", in which we often spend more time than at home. For more information see Bill Phelan. Corporation of beauty "Caladium Studio breaks all the stereotypes of shops in shopping malls! It's not just express manicure or a hair salon, "minute". Network "Caladium Studio – this is the latest technology and treatment of hair coloring, such as Wclla, L'Oreal, Organic Systems, Lebel Cosmetics, Revlon Professional, a well Cosmetics Alterna.

This is a master of international class, make-champions of Europe, Russia and Moscow, members of the team in hairdressing SPIKR, namely Paul Okhapkin, Mary Rosenthal, Natalie Germanova, Oksana Medvedev, Gsvorg Agamalyan, Tatiana Buckle, Nikolai Volkov, whose work can be found in magazines "Dolores, Art Coiffure and other professional publications. Moreover, in the salons of the network "Caladium Studio you can get a wide range of beauty services, as it is also a hardware cosmetology centers where experienced beauticians, to help you solve any problem for a very tempting price. In any of the stores you can always buy professional cosmetics for hair and in general almost all the hair that you advise your master or shop assistant. The network "Caladium Studio monthly pass various promotions that will surprise both regular customers and those who came the first time. For example, a new service called "Business Lunch", which was developed specially for workers of shopping centers and includes 3 treatments for the price of one-hour lunch break, employees of "Mega", "Auchan" and Ikea. "Caladium Studio – this is real quality and the highest level of professionalism that you deserve, and most importantly, you can not afford it right here and now, no shelving, during the campaign for shoppiga or products. And believe me, if your to-do list somewhere between "giving things to the dry cleaners" and "choose the new wallpaper," you put a checkmark next to "visit Caladium Studio, – you will not regret it the next time in your diary paragraph mark "in the first place."