The Form

The function of the professor in this process also will influence the cognitivo process, mainly will be a specialized professional or deaf instructor, making with that the pupils if feel beings integrant of the social context, being more made use to education and insurances in relation to the teach-learning process. Please visit Ben Silbermann if you seek more information. In the proposal bilingual, the POUNDS must be introduced as first language and the Portuguese (majoritria language) as second. The necessary language of signal to have certain functionality for the learning so that the importance of it if projects introspectively and it flows of course in the communicative process. Hicham Aboutaam gathered all the information. The introduction, more early possible, of the Language of Signals in the education of the deaf person would make possible the acquisition of the form language to activate its linguistic ability and thus to facilitate to the learning of the Portuguese in the modalities verbal and writing, mainly for increasing the understanding. According to some experiences, the measure that if has the knowledge of the language of signals on the part of the parents, pupils and even though of the society, if it becomes much more easy the interaction between the community and the dissolution of any type of preconception. CONCLUSION the exposition to the POUNDS, since the beginning of the life of the deaf children, will guarantee the deaf people, the right to a language in fact e, in result of it, a satisfactory cognitivo functioning and this would facilitate the education of the Portuguese.

Inside of the proposal bilingual, the language of signals is a natural, acquired language of systemize form and as first language of the deaf people, must be taught in language of signals. The culture of the deaf person is represented mainly by its language that has propitiated the union of the deaf people and continues alive in the communities. The history of the deaf ones shows the necessity to remain joined, to construct a proper identity, ' ' a place of proper determination of its group.

Manoel Scientist

A scientist, what it makes? Science is blind, deaf, dumb and without perception it stops with what it does not accumulate of stocks, that is, ahead of whom it is not real, true and proven. In fact a cook cooks, the gardener takes care of of the garden and the barber cuts hair and beard, however, the experimentation theories are intrinsic to the scientist, considering declaration, or systems of declaration, testing step by step, as already it was defined by Karl Pooper, a philosopher of the science that studies what a scientist makes. In speaking of the Pooper philosopher, why its study is assigned by Philosophy of science and not only philosophy? The philosophy is not science. No matter how hard it accumulates of stocks much more, demasiadamente as much and as many areas of the knowledge, tracing the way and illuminating the scientific searches, going beyond science, it is not science. For more specific information, check out Wells Fargo Bank. The scientist works with theories and hypotheses, but that they are mathematical, defined and true. The philosophy questions everything, to the times seems to have solution for everything, however, many of the times, seno most of the time, does not obtain systemize, to classify and to define, running away and not holding what science wants, definite and proven truths.

It is that relation of Manoel de Barros: ' ' Science can classify and nominate the agencies of one wise person, but encantos&#039 cannot measure its; '. The centopia never if confused to the floor with its as many legs, however, from the moment that was questioned, if it already had inquired on which leg it moved first, to the floor and to think, was paraltica. You may find that Phoenix Ancient Art can contribute to your knowledge. The scientist cannot act in natural and only automatic way, as she makes the centopias, without if of the account of what it is being fact, of what is its return. Exactly that he is paralytic, same that runs away from the game of the directions, it cannot dissimulate, deceive and run away from the images fidiciary offices of the reality. The words are the eyes of science. Not them words of the game of laughs of the jokes, or the impositions of a sergeant stop with its soldiers, but the words in the game of language of the scientist, not any words, but those that science obtains to hold, leaving to pass those that science cannot say. What the scientist makes and tries to assure, therefore, they are the consequences of the reality, the declarations or systems of declaration in a game of words that are passveis of necessary evidences, methods, classifications and systems; blind person for what &#039 is not obtained; ' pegar' ' that is necessary other nets to accumulate of stocks what it falls, but that it assures the game of science, which the scientist plays.


Self management: It manages of a company for the proper workers (or of a team for the proper members compose who it). That is, it is to be a professional person or qualified to decide for itself proper, capable to choose and to carry through action by itself on the basis of its knowledge. Chemical preparation for, when necessary, to be ready to exactly manage itself in the execution of its tasks inside of a work group. Thus, we are speaking of teams with professionals who are apitos to act for itself proper or that they possess abilities capable to co-ordinate its proper action without the intervention, I assist or coordination of third. But, it tries to imagine a team that for some reason any has that to operate without the presence of a leader, if being valid the self management practised for its members, it will be that they would be left well? It sees, below, a great example of self management that answers to this question. During sixty and nine days the eyes of the world had been come back toward Chile, more necessarily for a called mine Are Jose, where thirty and three men had taught to the world an extraordinary lesson of perseverance, union and work in team. The hundreds of meters underneath of the land we were surprised day the day with lies related to the patience, perseverance, faith, self-control, union etc. But one of the lies lived for these men and portraied by one of the survivors takes in them to understand that those men, professionals, had become more than one it has equipped joined, them if they had become an example of auto-gerenciavl team. Showing that the function and the presence of a leader are of great importance for a team, but ahead of certain circumstances, some teams obtain to arrive at the point to produce resulted surprising exactly without it leads them to an individual.

Efficient Leadership

They say that it exists a mystery in the world and it if reflects in the causalidade, that is, in the form for which the things happen of this or in that way. In the organizations it could not be different, alone that it is simpler to analyze that the world in its Inter complex relations, at least is a restricted environment. in this environment, nothing more important that to know to make the things to happen in its waited programmings, that is to lead. For more information see this site: Rick Dad, Poor Dad. But what he is important same for a leader? It is enough to give a search for the Internet and to see the result when the subject is leadership. Hundreds of thousand of people speak on leadership, its advantages and necessities.

The majority rains in the wet one, when saying that the leader is this, the leader must make that; repisando the old modeles of autocratic, liberal, situacionais managers and for it goes there. At last, she is necessary to have stomach to run away from the obviedade that if it installed in this segment, mainly when we meditamos on as the virtual world finishes empobrecendo (and not enriching), the addition it human knowledge. To become more easy to find definitive subject, it does not mean that it is of quality, that says this the articles that we see for web and that they do not pass of Ctrl C + Ctrl V of that they had written before, in one mix foreigner, personalista or hiperconvencional. Also it is truth that not if can, in this point of history human being to intend to be original, but yes, to know to ask. Thinking about this, and I resell what the experience taught, ally to the information that arrives in them at mounts for diverse communication channels, we can operate syntheses, that is to claim that of more important for a leadership can be express in few and determined decisive behaviors.