Soet Business Center

IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH using the example of the business metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, the largest financial centre in Germany is clearly shows an increasing demand for serviced offices, so Rieta de Soet Managing Director of the IBS business center. In and around Frankfurt am Main more than 300,000 businesses generate an annual gross domestic product of about 180 billion and employ more than 2.5 million people. The international industry mix is a perfect business Foundation with an upward trend for the business center industry, Rieta de Soet. The benefits are clearly defined so Fabian de Soet and are put into a few points together. No investment in one’s own infrastructure, staff on demand”by the Secretary marketing specialists to the management on time. Up to a number of employees of 10 persons, Business Center also during long-term use of more than three years are generally cheaper than to rent its own offices, so Rieta de Soet.

Business Center are investment incentives for foreign investors increases, so Rieta de Soet. Business Center facilitate market access for small and medium-sized enterprises and foreign investors the instant business start. In addition, they fill a market gap (a man/woman Office) and support the step to independence, said Fabian de Soet. For the IBS business center is the most important continuity of change. Imagine the high requirements of the active economic region, so Rieta de Soet.

About IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH, IBS is composed of a team of business managers, marketing and business consultants. The 18-year old professional and personal competence of the teams make the success for our customers.

The Services

The original idea was often to support the new business through excellent services. These services are really excellent, then the clients have recognized their usefulness, and have been willing performance directly or indirectly through higher product prices to reward this. Own marketing mix for the business field service services must be marketed professionally as any other product: what services to which target groups as are offered? The consequence is the development of a range of services, structured performance such as to – again-dial services (repair, spare parts, etc.) – services be sure power (maintenance, inspection, etc.) – services (user training, modernization, etc.) – tune performance services accompanying performance (application advice, financing, logistics, etc.) To have a market – and customer-oriented sales organization as well as a targeted customer communication due to the services offered to be rebuilt. Professionally, is also a differentiated pricing of service, based on usefulness and value, get the customer through these services. Professional marketing management in the business service management is the control cycle planning implementation session of business goals, market objectives, process objectives and employee-related targets (balanced scorecard). What managers are entrusted with what qualifications and experience in the service sector with this marketing management be turnout? The sales process for services define and organize before it can come to the Leistungserbringungs process, services must be sold. How to these services acquired, offered, taken up and brought to the sale? With what arguments, with which promotional instruments? By whom, with what your reservations process and professional training? Professional tools for the marketing of the service both for planning and controlling as well Tools such as sales information system with customer database for the acquisition and customer support as well as cockpits for the controlling of the marketing process are required for the sales process itself. Also tools to the argumentative presentation of the benefits of intangible services are also important.

New Info Portal

Happy Hotstock provides expertise and an informed! Transparency and arranging exchanges know how is the claim of the information and link portal There, almost everything on the subject of stock in General and Penny Stocks is to find in particular. Focus is the North American penny stock market and the German open market. There is a platform, which serves as a central link and search portal for all stock exchange and specially interested in Penny Stocks with happy Hotstock now. This will make both newbies and professionals, given the opportunity, to use the page as a comprehensive research tool on the one hand and on the other hand every day to take advantage of the latest and hottest hot stocks – and Penny Stocks. Ben Silbermann contains valuable tech resources. Markus Miller, Board of Directors, has announced that happy Hotstock mainly sees its mission in the transmission of knowledge and information. The interest in shares and stock exchange in Germany will continue to grow in the future.

Nevertheless, always still mostly a relatively large deficit on what knowledge is to Backgrounds and market mechanisms concerns.” This is particularly based on the so-called hot and Penny Stocks, which on the one hand increasing popularity enjoyed, but led to massive losses for many investors due to lack of knowledge. This knowledge gap will close happy Hotstock strongly and both provide opportunities and risks of the market transparent. To this end, the so far unique in this form in the German-speaking E-book Hotstock INSIDE was specifically for the portal”applied. The Subscriber free E-book explains and discusses rare and otherwise difficult accessible information based on numerous case examples from practice. The offer is rounded off by a premium subscription and a free newsletter. The latter appears daily and in addition to explanatory Know-How and background information contains also a watchlist with the latest hot stock tips for the new trading day!

Secretarial Services –

SPP promotion presents itself in 2011 with a new Internet presence and clear range. Willich. Around 20% of work time in companies for search and storage processes, but in many places, large resources are taken by inefficient Office management claim. Medium-sized companies are often faced with the problem that you many Office work incurred, but are not enough resources available to quickly and efficiently complete the “paperwork”. That there is another way, SPP promotion proves. The discrete service provider carries out administrative office activities and ensuring relief. The designation of an Office service means a significant time savings for many companies.

Repetitive routine tasks such as General Office activities, the daily correspondence or preparatory accounting be provided reliably and cost-effectively by the service provider. “We relieve our customers in their day-to-day business operations, so they up on the essentials,” Their core business, can focus”, explains Sara Ploecks, owner of SPP promotion. SPP promotion, an entrepreneur can outsource the tasks for his secretarial services. Especially in economically bad times is the use of the secretarial services great advantage: Unlike counts with a Permanent Secretary, containing always even when illness, vacation or visit a training course in the full amount is payable, SPP promotion from only the service actually provided. The fixed costs are minimized and the company remains flexible. As a pregnancy or disease agent, the Office service can jump in at short notice.

The services of SPP promotion is aimed at medium-sized companies with up to 100 employees. Especially for small companies or one-person operations, as often in the craft, the use of a Burodienstleisters can be advisable to work more effectively with views of the core business. In addition to commercial activities, translation and secretarial services acquires SPP promotion to all marketing services for its customers. These include creating a professional corporate presence, the design or revision of the logo, as well as the design of all communication tools for internal and external business processes (logo, stationery, advertising, packaging, website). “We advise our customers structured and goal-oriented approach to your needs and objectives. So you get the best possible advice and plan your projects and goals”, so Ploecks. About SPP promotion SPP promotion is the Agency for professional Office service and high-quality marketing support in Willich. The Agency was founded in 2006 by Sara Ploecks.

Foreign Language Service For Economic Relations Of Poland / Germany

Professional translation agency language service between Germany offers us his neighbouring country Poland there is a brisk trade. Both the import and the export sector texts are therefore in Germany as well as in Poland regularly, must be professionally translated. The foreign service provider professional quick service translations is available with its branch network in Germany for the translation of technical texts from the various disciplines for all companies available that are active in the Polish German economic exchange. This translation agency has extensive experience in carrying out the various tasks: German Polish translations for Polish Airlines conference interpreters for business days consecutive interpreting German Polish for international congresses technology translations German Polish for DIY markets technical translations Polish German for Diys economic relations between Poland and Germany are proving to be extremely diverse and cover the most diverse industries. Professional quick service translations for each subject field only those language professionals uses, which have profound physical and technical expertise also in the corresponding technical matter: technology translations German Polish in car parts specialist translations Polish English for the chemical industry technology translations in the field of iron and steel by the Germans in the Polish text translations textiles Polish French Polish translators in food translation Polish Norwegian in the field of plastics engineering specialist translations Polish German customers of the foreign service provider professional fast service translations can always trust, that all texts are translated exclusively by native speakers. As a high-quality textual product arises from native text quality and profound expertise. For the correctness, there is no Guarantee / liability assumed.

Creditreform Collection

The good feeling, to be not alone. A collection agency should actually not even come to the course, because there might not be defaulting payer “, says Patrick Andres, Dipl. Business Economist and head of forwarding Gunther Andres E.k. from Hanau.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work in practice. In the worst case, invoices are overdue. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Christos Staikouras has to say. And if it is helpful to turn to an independent collection agency.

This is then most likely able to clarify the unpleasant for the injured debt collection case in his favor. Companies should consider this opportunity definitely consider before they decide on the complicated, long and costly Court way “, so the experienced Economist.” In the field of defaulting counterparties Patrick Andres has experienced quite a bit. He is head of a medium-sized forwarding and very well known with the shipment of goods and the associated organization. When you consider how many goods must be transported every day, then is fast one I’m sure that in handling everything can run smoothly. So bills go down even at reputable companies sometimes and then not timely paid. Reasons for this are, for example, that was not strictly adhered to the invoicing process, bills in addition to a host of other have lost some documents or misleading collusion between the departments have taken place.

In addition, there are still the so-called “black sheep”, which is deliberately unfair behavior and pay only under pressure. Even if such cases in relation to the overall business rarely occur, helps in the worst case”an independent debt collection companies out of court to recover the missing money. Andres has consulted several institutions, such as the Creditreform or other collection agencies and attorneys. Ultimately he decided three years ago for the collection service of TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH. For ten years, he is at the Dusseldorf company customer. Short distances and quick answers to TimoCom appreciates particularly the short response times for settlement of debt collection cases Patrick Andres and justified it as follows: this is one reason that TimoCom sits at the hub of the action through their trunk – and freight stock exchanges and has a national and international market knowledge in the field of freight forwarding.

Carmen Cortez

The imagination of a perfectly harmonious encounter in an ideal environment without entitlement to partnership commitments is indeed seductive for many people. Escort is still sparkling on the escort this unspoken thought: “everything is possible but nothing a must have”a sensual relaxing component of lacking in real life. Rendezvous (desire) consequences – escort to measure “In the sense of the word” escort “(Companion, escort) of service to such travellers gives a certain security in the public appearance, not only on business occasions. The feeling of the lost being that sometimes overwhelm a person in a foreign environment, loses itself in the corresponding planning of the trip. Educated people of sensual beauty available for a conversation about God and the world, make at a high level a mere food to an anonymous fun dinner in the dark “- or another favorite event joy – listen seriously the accompanied and perceive it with all your senses as well as your time centre. Seen, subtle escort companion close a mental gap that endure unaccompanied.

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