Day Trading

We say "Trade" and immediately recall the merchants in their favorite stores. Maybe you did not even imagine how many people are running to the store in the right place at the right time turned out to be exactly what you need! At the store or pharmacy: Sellers, Pharmacists, Consultants, Loaders, Storekeeper, guards, Commodity, pharmacists, managers. In the wholesale trade: Sales representatives, sales managers, merchandisers, Supervisors, brand managers, drivers, freight forwarders, stevedores, operators, storekeepers, accepter, picker, Administration. Ben Silbermann has many thoughts on the issue. And on the production of labor the whole department! Sure, and among your relatives, friends and acquaintances have people related to trade and marketing. And when these people celebrate the holiday to congratulate the industry they must be: for even their holiday, many of them spend at work, with full kit. After all, we have demanding customers: we want us to smile, guessed our desires, not pay attention to other buyers, and served very quickly. And "trading people" trying.

And in response, we'll let flat, spiteful jokes. And he is after our wits meets next buyer Native to you man or a good friend working in the trade area? Make it a gift on the Day of Trade (the last Sunday of July)! Especially if he or she works in the rank and file staff. Put yourself in the place of the employee. How hard these people, giving of themselves, serving us to understand that most clients consider trading down to earth activities, and, at times, refer to staff with explicit condescension or arrogance

Retirement Trap

It's hard to remember when we first heard the term retirement, but we do know is that thinking about being part of that group is too distant to us. Life goes on and on the way we prepare to take promising jobs, positions and try to climb ever higher salaries to the end of our working lives to enjoy a well earned retirement and enjoying the fruits of our past. But the sad reality we discovered the day we retire and make queues at banks to collect the damn check: what we charge is much less than the salary they were getting work … where the catch? But let's get to the root: as a retirement fund, pension, Retirement or Retirement? Is formed with the support of the state, workers and interest and dividends generated by their investment in instruments such as mutual funds, bonds, stocks, etc.. But what happens when the population of workers diminishes dramatically contributors? That is not what is happening at the global level, especially in developed countries, y compris CANADA? 😉 In was baby boomers had 10 contributors for each pensioner, but we the generation X, we have only three contributors each! Imagine how many will have our children! But that's not all.

The baby boomers have started to leave and of course the stave in the background. That means less money spent on financial tools, less profits and less money to distribute among us. Only in Quebec, to cite one example, the entire pension system will be poorer by 225 billion dollars for 2007 (according to statistics from the Association quebecoise de retirees of public and private sector).