Leadership Skills

Possess leadership skills, being a trait innate or able to learn. Since there are people who do not have all the values, but they do have capabilities to refine or channel to the desired end. Charisma must be latent. The gift of command (firmness) is essential.Firmness is the ability to get that others continue to people voluntarily following the culture and politics of the company. Firmness is flexible and dialogue, without losing the cause. To exercise the leadership necessary to have high self-esteem and self-control. The leader should know as it is, where it is stopped, should have clear ideas and assess their thoughts and actions since they are the fruit of the best effort and dedication.

You must hold your thoughts and carry them out, as change course against the changes with the same enthusiasm and confidence. You don’t have to be impulsive. The global vision and force of will, ingenuity, decision-making is very important. The leader knows there is always a beyond to all actions. He knows that the team works and that then comes another plan.

It is in his Office but is connected worldwide with your company. It has relationships with other companies to learn and share. He has a strong will, notion of entrepreneurship, which always has to be intellectually strong for new decision-making. You must possess reasoning, ability to orient and initiative, to acquire credibility. Determination, persistence, responsibility are its central axis. You must have good interpersonal relations. The good relationship between the team favors dialogue, conflict resolution, does not impart orders but suggestions or paths. A leader allows that the other is expressed, to make proposals, promotes creativity.You should develop empathy. It has to be communicative. You must possess reserve and tolerance with respect to the errors of their group. You have to know how to delegate responsibilities. The leader knows that he is not omnipotent or omnipresent. You must dissociate itself from some responsibilities to be effective. Also recognizes that there are some people who know more than some aspects or materials, so carry the proper performance better than him. You have to handle properly the labour time.

Principality of Monaco

The future of the Principality of Monaco is already assured. Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittsstock have sealed their relationship with two weddings, one civilian held Friday and familiar character, and other ecclesiastical this afternoon, which have assisted 3,500 guests, including representatives of Royal houses of half the world, heads of State, and a handful of celebrities. All contributed to extol this small State of two square kilometers in which combines tradition, luxury, somewhat tacky spectacle and a bit of exhibitionism. By the same author: Christos Staikouras . Among the actors was Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic, someone with enough power to engulf Monaco if the Grimaldi do not ensure his dynasty. Alberto has been slow to do so. He married at age 53, after ten’s relationship with Charlene, five of cohabitation, one of commitment and after sitting on the throne six years, who acceded after the death of Rainier. Source of the news:: A whole, less real wedding

Uruguay Celebrates

It increases the misunderstanding of Messi with Argentina. There will be a few more painful scenarios for the flea to the night in Santa Fe. The albiceleste was eliminated that had to be his Cup in his own field, with Messi’s captain, no less than by Uruguay. It wasn’t guilt of Leo, who participated decisively in the goal of his team and transformed the corresponding penalty, but was responsible for the own Argentina, beaten by their lack of game and aiming in archery from Tevez, surpassed by the celestial, which forgave not one on the wheel of penalties and was more competitive that never in territory enemy. It already happened exactly 61 years ago, when he starred in the Maracanazo in the World Cup against Brazil. Last night he repeated in the America’s Cup at home in Argentina. Party responded to the end and after the status of classic of the Rio de la Plata, to the drama that is required to a race of this caliber, more than anything because there was an expelled by bando, the extension of medium, an outstanding performance by the two goalkeepers and the wave of the penalties as a final solution. Source of the news:: Uruguay celebrates the Maracanazo