Financial Crisis

weeping of a town is listened to in the street, cris economic, which we faced Without a doubt in Honduras, the stock market, he is practically null, we cannot value to our companies through Dow Jones or of the S& P 500, but we only needed to go out and to see the number of people looking for use, the shot indices of dilatoriness, where they are alternatives that it has left to the town of Honduras? , while the exports are affected by the rupture of relations with some countries, I touch of is, closings of borders and airports, diminution in remittances and cancellation of aid that has caused that diverse projects sponsored by BECIE, I.A.D.B., FM, have been cancelled or they are stopped at least, what expectations we can have of the Honduran economy? , if the category of risk country even is about to fall, according to the Fict Reating, our economic indicators already are directed, seems that at least for this year the crisis policy will be reflected inevitably in the GIP, and in it jeopardize indices of economic growth, the return of the currency will be inevitable, or at least one inflation that left with hunger micro and to the median company, that works with the empty stomach so that this consumed in expenses its capital of work. The Industry and Chamber of Commerce of Tegucigalpa calculated in US$100 million the economic losses of the country during the month of July, because of the takings of highways, closing of borders and decay of the commercial activity by the political instability of the nation. And also it is necessary to add the month of August and our chaotic September. To the date is had lost around 180 000 uses, like effect of the world-wide crisis and the political situation, and the affected cities more are Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. The sector not been left tourism to after showing lost, not seen from the 1998 when the Mich hurricane. Also the private bank I have an interview affected, since in view of crisis the clients have decided to retire their savings and in many cases of not paying their debts. At present I touch of is continue, Mel locked up continuous Zelaya in the embassy of Brazil and closed Micheletti in Honduras, since it does not have visa and it is not recognized by the majority of the countries, the bad decisions are continued taking. Honduran unmonos, by us, our country we do not leave sinks the boat to us. Original author and source of the article.

High Frequency TRADING

How to avoid that the High Frequency TRADING ruins our portfolio 14 August 2009 By Paola Pecora the manipulation in the stock markets it exists from always, unless with different name and modus operandi every time. From the vulgar and ingrained confidential information of which no market is even saved (given very frequently in the peripheral markets where great fortunes have been created thanks to her) the last newness in Wall s$street (that is not so): High Frequency Trading (HFT) or TRADING of high frequency. As its name lets guess, it is operating very frequent and repetitive in his form, but not his content. Visit Wells Fargo for more clarity on the issue. And why arises in the light of the common investor this TRADING methodology? So that all history is saleable, it needs to have a police component: in this case the robbery of a code to anything less than Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS). Is the last fashion in Wall s$street, indicated Charles Duhigg in The Times, a form stops a handful of traders to dominate the shareholding market, to spy on the orders of investors, and, according to the critics, same subtly to manipulate the prices of the actions.

High Frequency TRADING is called – and of blow she is one of the operating ones of which it is spoken and it been more a mysterious force of the market. All business has its risks, and some more are exposed than others, to know how to locate and to know those risks already constitutes a step forward to defend to us. The majority of the investors does not know that these maneuvers companies of investment of Wall s$street – Goldman is read Sachs can be affecting its portfolios of investment. The HFT is what commonly we know in the market by Algorithmic TRADING. That or Black Box TRADING is equivalent to algorithmic TRADING also called automatic TRADING, same many have nicknamed it TRADING robbery (the Anglo-Saxon language when it looks for to emphasize a concept uses the Hispanic language).

Creating Budget

It is constantly trying to stay to a passage in front of its accounts? A budget can help him to organize its finances. He is really surprising that a budget can save time and many preoccupations to him. Much people think about a budget like in a financial jail or a diet, and they possibly fail in their budget due to this. But he must simply think about a budget as a way to see in what he spends his money and like plan that him aid to obtain the things that wish. In order to be able to take to good budget, it begins with his income, which is easy to identify. Then, it continues with the identification of his expenses, begins with his accounts.

It makes a list of each and the amount that you pay by the expenses. It is possible that it wishes to follow ahead and to add the interest rates of the debts, so that can obtain an initial advantage in the identification than it is necessary to pay first. Next, it happens to the basic thing, like foods and expenses of the automobile. If you have a hobby in which regularly she spends, then to include this category. To identify the places to which its money goes during the month. Now it is necessary to identify the amount of his budget.

It gathers his receipts and invoices of the last month, this is easy to do, is enough with obtaining a receipt by everything what buys and putting it in a box of shoes. For next the two or three months, you must consider only the pursuit of his expenses to obtain a realistic vision of how she is spent. Immediately he would find that you are able to reduce the cost in some areas. Often, the people are surprised the knowledge who spend as much money in something. Once you have an idea of a where she goes its money and what really it is happening, can begin to trim in certain areas. Everything is negotiable. Although apparently the fixed expenses, such as its invoice of electricity or water does not seem so easy, but equal can be reduced. It remembers that its budget is not something to curb its expenses. It is created so that it can administer his cost. You are able to obtain a precise vision than she is spent, and he can see how solve it.

Strong Entrepreneurs

Something to begin Yesterday, a meeting with two colleagues to organize a cycle of seminaries. Today, another meeting in two turns to close a contract with a new client. In the evening, attendance to the regional product exhibition with an enterprising friend. Tomorrow, revision of some points of the plan of businesses and fits of the cronogram for the next month. Saturday, informal meeting with the members of the forum. Domingo, to recover energies to again put in movement Monday to us. Although the things do not go as you you want, it muvase! Dedicated to the dynamic entrepreneurs. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo Bank.

Ah! , it remembers that they are ideas " discutibles" reason why it would mean much for me who you refuted one or all of these ideas. Here him song the 10 Disfrtelas! 1. What is a dynamic entrepreneur? Dynamic, ca. Adj. (adjective) Pertaining or regarding the force when produces movement, it says the dictionary. Many questions arise to me, that like enterprising colleagues, we would have to do to us: I am imprimiendo force emprendimiento? , towards where one is moving? , is moving my emprendimiento? , which are the results of that movement? , why one is not moving towards where I aspire? , which are the results of that calm? , what I can make to generate movement? , what resources would act like the force that produced the movement? , I want to move towards another level? , I am dispuest@ to to make force so that it happens? A dynamic entrepreneur is that one that becomes the same force to move its business towards the goal. 2. Mind abierta in dynamic entrepreneur! To be in movement requires to have an open mind. Aljese of: that is not for me , is nothing there serves to me, I know already it! , etc.

Caribbean Bush

Letter to Barack Obama and Mrs Clinton: Here, if there is a dictatorship. " The United States seems predestined by the providence to plague of misery ours pueblos". Simon Bolivar. Constantly we see in national and international the news, as he manipulates himself information referred to Venezuela and other Latin American countries, that have decided on the route of the socialism, accusing them to have totalitarian or dictatorial regimes. This is not a mistaken campaign, but it is the campaign orchestrated and paid by the Department of North American State, from time of the ominous administration of the sicpatas Bush and from before. Everything smells the Department to him of North American State to Comunism, has not surpassed the stupid Cold War, of the time of the missing Soviet Union and wants to reedit it with Latin America and the Caribbean in these times of liberation, giving us to understand that Barack Obama, only follows the imposed imperialistic policies from the past administrations of white men, and from the great centers of being able of Capitalism, perhaps moved by some rare feeling of disability or ideological and political submission to the administration Bush and other previous ones. In Venezuela Mrs Clinton, if there is a dictatorship, that is truth, like also it is truth that enters Condoleezza and you only exist a change of skin color, but that the ideology of imperialistic domination is the same.

We only ask why strange imposition, Mrs. Clinton arrives at the Department of state if it were more great rival of Obama to the presidency of the United States? Because if we critically analyzed the recent electoral panorama in the United States, already Chvez had defeated very mediatically to the incapable one of Mr. Bush. If there is a dictatorship in Venezuela, he is very strong, extremely fortified by several reasons, because in Venezuela the town commands.

Costa Rica

They induced it to an invasion entangled, it with the purchase of ingredients for the nuclear manufacture, outlined hero of the Sunnite and an ancestral religious fight for, finally, hanging it in the greater spear after the invasion to Iraq. And all so what as is tried to do by these lares: that Venezuelan and Colombian we do the work? of step? between we ourself. They are the Colombians who wage the war and put the provocations, and they are the Venezuelans who hang to Chvez, concitador of wars, while they (the allies of always), take control of oil wells. It sounded to dream, to nightmare smoker? Probably, but indeed on such perverse impression it is that the strategy rests that is designed to him to the most inflamed petroleum country in the planet. The unique exit to this sentence military towards what they have tubed Venezuela and Colombia is the urgent conformation of international and regional alliances, so that they weigh in the interest of those who watches the interior of the continent. The UNASUR and their force of security still walk in conformation plans? this same one, by the way, is an accelerating one of the foreign aggression. It is necessary to hurry the march.

It is known that a possible Chvez of the war (or defender of its mother country) will be only in the play, accompanied as always very well by shared in common hypocrisy of the UN and by timorous respectful countries of the right of towns incapable to risk a concrete aid at heart. The USA will isolate to Venezuela and all will say many things, as always, but it will not pass anything, what Cuba. And positions already in the such eventuality of the aggression and the final isolation of Venezuela, would not be the USA nothing else that would attack, next to their Colombian dogs of the war, dreaming about invasions and expropriations: one is the one moved corporal most immense one, more urgeed by his necessity of oil resources, more intimately ligature to Filo’n civilizatorio industrialist whom its decline sees next. Something as well as Chvez against the world: The USA, Europe, the UN, the treasonous governments of Latin America (Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, etc) and the lick-dull internal power group Venezuelan, anxious opponent of colombianizar to its mother country. Santander emerging from its grave to finish blurring the track of Bolivar. The cupolas of the power placing to the towns in its aged wagons of third class. And that rolls the progress!


We live in a culture where we have become addict to the approach of the conversational approval. That is to say, the exercise of ” to give approval to feel aprobado” d to place all along. Tenth something and immediately ” receptor” it also comments something. And this happens almost of immediate way and without pauses. There are customary ” to the noise of mundo”. All we are responsible to live in conscience, nevertheless, we are but time with the autopilot who in our center. I will give some examples you that prove this.

As much noise has fed us the inconciencia and we indicated in the communication of different ways through our personality and styles to it to communicate: The Sabelotodo: You are an expert finalizing the orations of other people. You interrupt to finish whatever the communication. A question, one doubt, a commentary, an opinion This way you impose your ” inconcientemente; car-control” giving the message that you know everything to it. Invalidating the opinion of others although it is not that your conscious intention. The Robot: Listening and your head it seems a piata. Accompanied by ” Umju” your head moves of above downwards in continuous ” si” like approving everything what they say to you. Giving reason so that they accept to you. This behavior makes readable and it give force you of approval to whatever the conversation, it does not matter if subject or no.

is draining and nor so at least it give account you. The Astronaut: The one that Speech watching at all the others! to the moon, the horizon, to Pluto, less to the eyes of the person with who it talks. It would seem that there are ten people around yours, so that knowing your that goes, it seemed that speaks to them to all the others. These are only three, of other so many ways of personified styles of communication. Declared of different ways, nevertheless dividing of the same place Excess of mental activity. The noise separates to us from silence and it supports to us to evade important truths that we wished to ignore. Everything in excess brings desbalance. You have put yourself to think That so if the words that nontenth cause but to impact that the ones that indeed is listened to? What so if a single question creates but impact that an oration? , Serious what if silence and the face or verbal expression do not communicate but that thousand words? What so to practice silence? To be scared to the solitude is to fear to him to silence. To fear to him to silence is to fear to the thoughts and feelings to him that they connect to your interior. And if sights inwards these not watching towards outside. And to watch towards outside is to live in the responsibility not being given your power always having a good justification. The moments of silence are the ideal atmosphere to connect with your greatness and espiritualidad. Concdete 15 minutes in silence and writes on your experience. Silencio is tool of your Wisdom. How silence can be a tool of Peace at this moment of your life? This week you do of silence your Treasure!

Peruvian Right

The sources of straight they have varied to travs of history for example if we carried out a comparison of the sources in the Peruvian right with the old Roman right is clear that we found or well-known differences great. Also if we studied the sources of the right to travs of history, we found differences, for example, in the history of the civil right are differences referred to the sources of the right. 8. LEGISLATION CAN BE COMPARED the legislation is the positive right or jurdicas norms, which are approved in each pas in different form that in others, nevertheless, we must consider which they have many subjects in comn, which is studied on the part of the lawyers. Legislation can be compared, thus is clear that not only it is possible to be compared codes, but also legislation generally, thus is clear that can compare civil codes, penal, of work commerce, procedural, aeronautical, of the environment, constitutions, laws of protection to the consumer, laws of titles values, laws of stock market, laws competing, registry, tributary norms, customs, labor norms, among others, thus what we want to desmostrar that the codification is not the unique thing that can be compared, nevertheless, the mentioned one is but well-known or studied in such sense the Peruvian civil code of 1984 with the Spanish civil code of 1889, or the Peruvian penal code of 1991 with the Peruvian penal code of 1924, or the Spanish civil code of 1889 with the French civil code of 1804 with the Italian civil code of 1942 can be compared, among others examples. 9. JURISPRUDENCE CAN BE COMPARED the jurisprudence are the allowed failures or ejecutoriados, but with the caracterstica that is obligatory for later processes, thus books exist on this subject, in which it compiles the same and even in some magazines commentaries are published on the same, when the jurisprudences are not correct or when the same are not respected, which deserves a greater study on the part of the treaty writers.