What is it? Our agency prepare documents to the client to travel abroad: visas, passports, tickets. Resolves to the placement in the host country. In Spain, the client meets the host country – our partners, the Spanish company runiga, representatives we are. He wants to Russian-speaking manager, who will present the client with the regions of Spain, will show the specific sites and advise on all matters of purchase. Usually showing 10 to 30 objects, so that no purchase is usually customers do not leave. "And if the object is selected? If an object is selected – is a preliminary contract and paid a deposit. Size – from 2000 to 5000 euros. Terms of processing the transaction – from 2 days to 1 month (in the case of home purchase mortgage).

Can be increased at the request of the buyer up to 2 months, if hands are not the entire amount required for purchase. – But you know, a foreign country, unknown Spanish company – which safeguards to protect the interests of our citizens? The fact that the company does not touch the money for the client. In Spain, all transactions, all calculations and processing are performed by a notary. Notary – the highest paid and respected people in Spain. Ben Silbermann is actively involved in the matter. It is the duty of legal purity testing facility documents the seller and buyer, making purchase agreement (Eskritura), control over the calculations of buyer and seller, filing a registration authority – Register. A package of documents for the transaction, collecting herself.

So the risk that the transaction invalid in Spain reduced to zero. There may not be such a case, as we have in Russia, after signing contract of sale transaction registration suspended or, God forbid, the registration is denied. – How to be the case if the buyer has to purchase a house in Spain to sell an apartment in Russia? – In Spain signed a contract which stipulates the period required for the sale of apartments in Russia. "Innovation" will help his client to sell the house for a specified period of time. The client may itself sell your property. By purchasing any property in Spain, the owner may be registered in it, as well as to prescribe their relatives and enjoy in full. By purchasing housing, you will automatically receive Schengen renewable multivisa. Six months of the year you can spend in Spain, no more visas in the order in which you want it. Also on this visa you can visit any country-member of the Schengen agreement, for example, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg – also without a visa. Just buy a plane ticket – and forward. – Tell me about your mortgage. In Spain, has established a system of mortgage lending, which is actively used by the Russians. We help arrange loan to purchase the security purchased housing. You can count on the amount of up to 70% of the purchase price under the 5 – 5.5% apr for up to 30 years depending on your age (70 years) with an early repayment of the loan. Mortgages – is profitable. In our country we can not get credit for such interest. Property advantageous to buy on credit because they do not have to tear off the money from yourself and your business. In addition, the housing can be purchased rent, the company will monitor this and keep it in good condition. Renting an apartment, the owner can fully cover the mortgage.

USB Sticks Customs

Data protection ends at the airport a journey in the United States want to be well prepared. In response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center 2001, the US Government dramatically increased the entry conditions. This not only tip affected objects or liquids in their hand luggage. The online portal reported the searches of laptops, smartphones and USB sticks. In Germany the parties engage in debates about online searches of computers.

And while privacy advocates have warned that this would jeopardise privacy, tourists and business travelers taken must on entry into the United States on customs officials to browse mobile phone or notebook. They suspect a crime, the U.S. Customs and border protection can confiscate the equipment even for a few days. However, should keep travellers in mind, that a search warrant is unlikely. Within the ten months between October 2008 and August 2009, the officials scanned the digital devices by about 1,000 people.

This corresponds to about 100 cases in the Month, and thus only a small fraction of entries. Also, the Customs officers have strict conditions to be observed. So to bring in a lawyer when the views are confidential documents. These include, for example, medical records, the research material of journalists or legal files. Who still has concerns or is dependent on certain documents, can be sure online store its data before a trip to the United States. Providers,, allow it to be accessed from any computer via the Internet on uploaded files.

German Institute

It now has an investigation of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) result: According to the study, not only lacking the Tester from the DISQ for some online distributed travel have discovered on the Internet partly substantial price differences for savings of up to 50 percent. The quality of the service allows online often to desired, emails are not answered, unfriendly phone discussions. And: many vendors viewing trips on the Web, which are already fully booked. This means: interested must, to find your travel happiness in the Internet, are often lengthy price comparisons and individually call each offer basically and try out if it works. Must answer all the questions themselves are”, a connoisseur of the market gathers the disadvantage of conventional online booking.

The future in Web tourism is for him the more developed reduced portals, which present only the best, researched in advance by experts and tested offers”. The future: Pioneer reduced portals that present researched and tested offers and Travelzoo, a company founded by a German in the United States, which deals with editors all over the world, which daily crawl the entire World Wide Web for good travel offers is a leading provider in this field. What they find, then systematically checked for quality and availability and and editorially prepared passed on to the users. The result: a concise page with a few top offers that are available immediately and readily available! Who wants to be sure: since last autumn, Travelzoo is active with in Germany. 132 cruise: Greek.

Islands & Turkey, 50% off “, 140 Rome: luxury hotel incl. breakfast, 40% discount”, 0,1 almost free: 300,000 ticket incl. taxes “, from 396 1 week Turkey holiday price…”, from 403 United States sale: flights to NY, Miami, Boston & Chicago “, from 1.199 2 weeks vacation” Barbados incl. breakfast “.” Such and similar to the tempting offerings at all sound travel with a super value for money, really great deals all taxes and fees included! Guarantee the Travelzoo editors who know the market very well. Not only on all search portals they are versed, with operators and travel agencies are constantly in contact. For the Travelzoo users this means: he saves tiresome surfing on numerous travel sites and finds the best offers from the big but also smaller travel providers right bundled on. And: he is at Travelzoo guaranteed bookings without hooks and obstacles redirected to. This is the solution for more than twelve million Travelzoo subscribers worldwide! Get the best deals every week by e-mail in the top 20 newsletter”Travelzoo, the most widely read travel publication in the world, delivered.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

The cancellation insurance and their performance despite economic crisis and the fiscal crisis in some Member States EU citizens, have traveled all forward once again the Germans, very much this year. And even two waves of travel related to the autumn and Christmas holidays “. A holiday trip is associated with additional risks, you can protect through various travel insurance. For example, the health insurance is so always recommend when the holiday trip abroad comes. No matter where one goes the travel cancellation insurance should be also always with the luggage. Because even if you forward mostly throughout the year on the holidays it can happen unfortunately yet, that the booked trip can not be perceived or must be terminated prematurely. The loss recovery is then not to replace, but by the travel insurance you must be resent at least not yet cancellation fees to be paid.

The cancellation insurance is offered in two variants, namely to the a pure trip cancellation insurance and on the other hand, in combination with a travel cancellation insurance. Further information about travel insurance can be found also on the Web page Conceptually, such travel insurance is easy to understand and transparent. Namely, the travel cancellation insurance covers the costs that occur in the form of cancellation fees if a trip can not be contacted. However must be one defined and insured reason, caused the unable to make of the trip. Such possible reasons are disease of the insured person or the people insured with, as well as a more severe disease of a close relative. Death one nearly family members is usually as a reason for the unable to make of the trip accepts. The same applies if he finds insured shortly before your trip by his dismissal.

This travel insurance offered by many companies, for example, the travel insurance of the Hanseatic League Mercury. The complementary travel cancellation insurance as just mentioned, is offered the trip cancellation insurance, often in combination with a travel cancellation insurance. This insurance protection is then applied, if one booked although was on vacation, but terminated prematurely are must. The possible reasons are identical in principle for a possible non-commencement of the journey. The travel cancellation insurance is then usually the additional costs caused by the premature departure, such as for example costs for the transfer of the flight or for one additional night for a stopover. OLE Frerks

December Vacation

Parkstein:, a completely new travel platform on the Internet starts watch on December 4 to 0. The special feature of the online travel agencies only 72 hours visitors from a unique holiday offer can book, and, indeed, only while supplies last. Because: The quotas are limited. For users, this means: be quick! You find every day a new offer of travel on the travel platform, with it at this price, and in this collection, such as city break accommodation, chocolate massage, wine tasting and Tauchschnupperkurs, are exclusively on The models of come from the United States. There are now fan bases, who every day watch are looking forward to the release of a newly offered product to 0. Also some German providers have with the online sales strategy a day a product”especially in the consumer goods sector already established. Uli Zimmermann explains in the travel industry, but this sale principle is completely new”, by JPMorgan Chase brings even more insight to the discussion.

The makers of the travel platform, the NWW online GmbH & co. KG from the Upper Palatinate, enter new paths in the network in this respect. “” Behind but not only a new form of online travel agencies, but also funny ideas, like for example the following: ABeDi “is an acronym and stands for the fictitious Office for approval of missions”. At the top of this fictitious Office is management Chief Secretary Helmfried Hansemann. This is responsible to provide expensive missions to a much cheaper price. The administrative Chief Secretary may determine current travel deals and quotas. The makers have thought even on a profile Helmfried Hanse Mann’s home page. Many open words to the opening offer on December 4, but want to tell anything yet. “Uli Zimmermann added: A little fever counter is part of the concept.” Contact: Uli Zimmermann Tel. 09602 / 617-0367 E-Mail: Web:

Wedding Of Prince Albert II And Charlene Wittstock

The public trembles to honeymoon in South Africa after the magic of Prince William and his Kate weeks the next big dream wedding in Europe. Many writers such as Christos Staikouras offer more in-depth analysis. Early July Prince Albert II of Monaco the bourgeois Charlene. going to marry Wittstock. The hotel Portal reported about the destination of the journey, which will take place after the wedding ceremony. For months is reported on the preparations: on July 1st and 2nd Prince Albert II of Monaco of its Charlene. will give your vows.

After their wedding in Monaco the Prince and his wife will treat expected a break in South Africa. Of course, the newly-wed couple will spend his honeymoon in one of the many luxury hotels in South Africa. In the homeland of the former swimmer, the presidential suite of the oyster box is fully booked hotels. The five-star hotel located near the city of Durban and promises pure luxury. In the presidential suite with private elevator entrance there are some 250 square metres on two floors available. The rooms are equipped with Crystal chandeliers and gold and silver items equipped. In addition, the suite has a private pool and provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area. In Durban, a celebration with those friends is planned for 7 July, unable to take part in the wedding in Monaco. The oyster box hotel has several restaurants and bars and would provide the right atmosphere for a stylish celebration. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


The green capital of Sweden on a discovery tour in Stockholm most people prefer in southern climes in the summer, but also in the North of Europe, vacationers can discover real treasures. This includes for example Stockholm, which is always worth a visit due to its culture, and the impressive nature. The online travel agency presents the Swedish capital and their highlights. Further details can be found at PayNet, an internet resource. Especially for nature lovers, is worth a vacation in Sweden. Visitors can discover here a variety of landscapes, and also the relaxation is not too short. The numerous lakes and coastal areas invite you to swim even in the middle of the capital. If you would like to experience a little culture, should include necessarily Stockholm in his itinerary. The Scandinavian city is situated on 14 islands on the Baltic coast and is the only metropolis in worldwide via a National City Park.

The peninsula of Djurgarden, a former hunting grounds of the Royal family, is today a popular resort. Here, nature is combined with culture, because the numerous museums in the Recreation area, such as the Vasa Museum, find large crowds. In addition, vacationers can take a walk or a bicycle tour of the city or sign up even for a sightseeing tour in the kayak. Travelers on the best from the water discover the special charm of Stockholm. The National Cathedral and the Royal Palace, before salmon anglers every day try their luck in the clear waters are still worth a visit. Also for shopping there are many opportunities coming so visitors fashion for example in shopping center pub or in Kungsgatan at their own expense. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Nordic charm with Hanseatic tradition more and more Germans spend their holidays in their own country, especially prefers the German citizens in the mountains or on the coast. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is located quite far forward as a tourist destination thanks to the Baltic Sea. Worth seeing are also the old Hanseatic cities of Rostock, Wismar, Stralsund and Greifswald. With its historical town centres pull thousands of tourists year after year under her spell. The flight Portal Rostock presents the largest and at the same time oldest of the Hanseatic cities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Who wants to go in the footsteps of bygone times, should pay a visit to the city of Rostock. The Northern German port city is Hanseatic tradition. History and culture have an important role there, nature lovers also not neglected. Bill Phelan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Many visitors arrive by car, but there are also cheap flights to Rostock. The Hanseatic City’s history dates back to the early 13th century. City Explorers get the best views of the old town with its typical buildings of the brick Gothic style of the Tower of St. Peter’s Church from, which is located in the old market.

A stay on the peninsula of the memory and the port belongs to a comprehensive tour anyway. Weather permitting, also a steamer cruise worth. For example the Botanical Garden is ideal to stroll. In Warnemunde, located only half an hour from the Center, an unforgettable beach experience are guaranteed. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Students Experience An Incredible Time In Valencia

Spanish language students from all over the world enjoy their stay on the Mediterranean Valencia. Every year it attracts thousands of Spanish students in the third largest city in Spain, to improve their language skills or perfect. Spanish schools in Valencia offer a unique environment to learn Spanish: Valencia is rich in fascinating attractions and leisure opportunities. The Spanish language schools in Valencia organize a range of varied activities to bring the Spanish and Valencian Culture students. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill Phelan by clicking through. So students have the perfect opportunity to practice Spanish and to come with new people from around the world in contact. Not only on weekends, but also during the week the schools offer several daily activities. “The Spanish School Costa de Valencia performs every day up to five different activities, for example excursions in the city centre of Valencia, to the beach, the La Albufera Lake”, salsa and tapas evenings etc.

Also be Excursions in the cities of Spain, including Madrid and Barcelona, undertaken. There, students can visit not only the respective monumental, but share in the excitement in the football matches of the Valencia C.F… Frequently Citibank has said that publicly. So it goes for the students next week Saturday, September 2 to Barcelona. Also the school participates with her students at famous Spanish and Valencian parties, how the Tomatina in Bunol on August 29, which is well known all over the world and every year by people from all men visited countries. All these activities should recognized centers of Valencia as support in the process of learning to serve and switch with daily Spanish lessons to those of the Instituto Cervantes off. Membership in the network of schools accredited by the Instituto Cervantes stands for Spanish courses of high level, because it guarantees the fulfillment of the Qualitatsrichtlichtlinien of the Instituto Cervantes. Ben Silbermann understood the implications. Students from all over the world can so Spanish School Costa de Valencia her language stay something special make a stay you will never forget in their lives. Short description and contact Costa de Valencia: the language school Costa de Valencia has specialized since 1995 on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

The Spanish School in the heart of Valencia is a recognized Centro Acreditado Instituto Cervantes and a member of numerous professional associations. The teaching materials used are specially developed by the team of teachers. The most important aspect of modern teaching method is the individual involvement of each student to really speak Spanish. The two business leaders attach great importance to the quality of teaching and a wide range of leisure. Contact: Costa de Valencia, S.L. Avda.

Skane Day

Quick time over to Sweden! -Owned and operated by TT-Line celebrating twice this year: the 50th anniversary and the connection of Rostock-Trelleborg 20 years – convenient, fast, cheap up to three times a day with TT-Line () of Northeastern of Germany to Scandinavia – special offers: stay in selected hotels in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin Hamburg/Travemunde, January 2012 why in the distance cast, if the good is so close? That’s right, for example Sweden. Because the cool Kingdom on the Baltic Sea is a splendid destination in every season and it can be reached from northern Germany out literally in his sleep. In just six hours, the cheapest ferry of TT-line from Rostock to Trelleborg Cross (Germany/ off Rostock /). So reaching Sweden comfortable even for a day or weekend trip. For example, in the vibrant design metropolis of Malmo, in the Wallander – and crime – capital of Ystad, a Moose Safari or gardens and Castles tour of Skane. 20 years from Rostock to Trelleborg in this year the TT-line shipping company celebrates its 50th anniversary ( 50 years). The connection from Rostock is for 20 years: 1992 was opened under the name TR-line (TT-line today) the new ferry line between Rostock and Trelleborg and operated successfully until today. “2001 took the two TT-Line ferries Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn” on their journey.

Up to three times daily put the TT-Line Ferry in Rostock. If you book the night journey, has a choice of spacious four-bed cabins with sea view, ideal for families with children or cosy two-bed inside- or outside cabins. TT-Line offers a comfort package for day departures”; It consists of a day cab, breakfast or lunch (dish), as well as two soft drinks per person. This free offer euros for two persons only 48 or for up to five people only 68 euros.