Rosa Rugosa

* Rosa Centifolia: also known as Roman Rosal, Rosal of hundred leaves, aromatic rose, may rose, Provence rose. This species of roses are reproduced in the nursery, generally through rootstocks (stakes). The flower has various uses in perfumery and medicinal. * Rosa Damascena: also known as Rose of Alexandria or Turkish rose. The rosa damascena is extracted the essence of roses. They are equipped with thirty-six petals and very fragrant pink flowers.

* Rosa Eglanteria: also known as Rosa mosqueta, rosa Eglantina, red Eglatenria, Rosa rubiginosa, escamujera Bush. Its flowers are pink in small clusters.When dried flower appears a small fruit of bright orange or Scarlet color, called rose hips.The fruit is used for the elaboration of a very pleasant taste sweet. * Rosa Gallica: Also known as the rose of Castile, Castilian Rosal, French, red rose roses. They flower in late spring or early summer. Flowers usually solitary and very large, up to 9 cm diameter, pink or purple-red. * Rosa Pimpinellifolia: also known as espinosisimo rose, Rosa espinosa, pink Pimpernel. Its always solitary, but very abundant flowers on short side stems, 3-5 cm of diameter, milky white, slightly yellowish at the base, occasionally pink. It blooms in the spring and occasionally in midsummer.

* Rosa Rugosa: Is the unique name by which is known. Its flowers are solitary, white or rosa-purpuras, 8-9 cm diameter, very fragrant. Some selected varieties are fragrant, some have double flowers from white to red and purple, passing through pink. All have large red fruit. * Rosa Virginiana: Also known by the name of Rosa de Virginia or Rosa Lucida. The flowers are fragrant. At the end of season form rose hips round and bright.