Quotation still Lacan, when it says that the agent of the educative act if becomes a repressor. Whenever Apple listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Valley to remember, the objective of the awardee has filmed Society of the Died Poets, was to show American methods of the decade of 50 and as they had influenced pupils, demonstrating as such education could contribute in the character formation. After the initial revolt of familiar pupils and, revealed for the lack of spirit and will to learn, appears a light in the end of the tunnel, represented for a professor John Keating, who collaborates so that the pupils abandon persecution to disciplines, inspiring them in the same persecution, only that of its individual passions. When finding the expression transferencial phenomenon, then I thought about Freud and Reich. Searching, I discovered not to be exclusive term of the psychoanalysis.

It serves for many other fields. As Freud said, he is one ' ' psychic phenomenon that if finds gift in all the scopes of the relations with ours semelhantes.' ' In the relation professor pupil, pautada for the confidence, valuation of the knowledge, revelation of potentialities and abilities, psychoanalytic, according to possible through the affectivity. As the teacher Denise Quaresma said, of she disciplines Teaching Formation, Subjectivity and Human Development of the Unilasalle, shelter. I also remember, of the article of Daniel Counts, whose reading was recommended by the same teacher, when describes gratefulness in its work. Coming back to the neoliberal ideal, in the pedagogical aspect, the system stimulates the individualism and the competition, different of Pablo Freire for example, that he chose solidarity as form of fight capable to promote what called ' ' universal ethics of the being humano' ' , that by the way, according to its point of view it goes to permear the educative process, and of it, the ethics of the teaching work, we will not be able to escape.