ZMI and Technokom expand cooperation. Together to achieve more for our customers. This is background of on 01.09.2010 closed cooperation between the ZMI GmbH and Technokom AG. As one of the leading providers of time recording systems, ZMI offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio. This is supplemented now significantly improved connectivity to the pay products of the Technokom. A high number of common customers and all future prospects benefit from this cooperation. The aim of cooperation is to build the strong position of both companies in the construction industry and trades, also against intense competition, to consolidate and continue. Bill Phelan might disagree with that approach.

A spokesman for the ZMI is optimistic: both companies, but especially our joint customers will benefit from the cooperation. Seamless transitions from timesheet to payroll, project settlement up to the final costing is our goal. Technokom we have found another strong partner for this!” First results of the collaboration are already in the current version of ZMI time and the current release of Technokom contain. Significant synergy effects arise through the use of co-ordinated software packages for the customers. Significant time savings, reduced duplicate entries, more accurate billing and evaluations are just some of the benefits of a combined solution. The Technokom AG serves small and medium-sized companies from the construction industry and trades for payroll and financial accounting, cost Leisungsrechnung, costing, billing and archiving for 25 years. With this broad portfolio and industry experience that is unparalleled, Technokom offers practical solutions instead of products off the shelf. If you are not convinced, visit Ben Silbermann. The industry-independent software solutions in the ZMI GmbH in the fields of time recording, access control, vehicle data acquisition, CRM and ERP used by over 1000 companies throughout Europe.

ZMI for 15 years on the market and serves mainly customers in the SME sector, but also some well-known large companies.