In these lines intend to share with all Hispanic entrepreneurs business opportunities that are presented on the Web. Do not try to find shortcuts to becoming millionaires overnight, but if you stay aligned in this fast-paced, changing world of the Internet. Like all good entrepreneurs, we must learn to recognize the business opportunities that arise every day and adapt to the needs of our consumers, which in our case is THE WORLD. We have therefore to deprive us of our limits, imposed by our present culture, region, country and even belief, and indeed become global citizens. We must learn that the concept of community is one that covers this fascinating world of the internet, therefore we must start thinking as a global community, and this is challenging and wonderful cyberspace, allowing us to put off the borders, both cultural and physical. We as American are in a very particular situation that can wisely directed become a privileged position, because we come face to face with a fertile and little explored, as is the true and honest conduct business online.

We must, however meet the preconceptions of the “nerd” on duty, which we will repeat over and over that these businesses “are not real” (obviously, since they are virtual in concept, but very tangible in its results). Always acting with intelligence, maturity and perseverance will face these “buts” and our objectives clearly defined either go forward to reach our goal, to realize that new challenges and opportunities will be discovered Always attentive to our Senses. AND THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE ALWAYS PRESENT, AND OUR SENSES IS ALWAYS A MUST BE OUR ORDER, GOING BEYOND THE TECHNOLOGY, since they are what make us different from the rest of the “ordinary citizens” who day by day are routed to their routine jobs, to complete its default working hours and the long awaited dream “Increase” and perhaps a dignified retirement. These senses are that keep us constantly alert to changes and developments as they arise, as we do not forget that we must have a nose for opportunities, to focus our goals VISION, TASTE for excellence, TOUCH to communicate with our customers and Ear to learn from the most knowledgeable in this business. And most important of all is that we are becoming masters of our destiny, embarking on a company such as telework, which makes us independent and self, fighting of course, a thousand and one difficulties but with a grand prize FREEDOM. .