Wrist: in the golfer most of wrist pathologies originating from a Tenosynovitis, caused by inflammation of the sheaths that slide the tendons. Or on any tendonitis caused by micro traumatisms due to so many impacts in practice or in the game that may also affect the ligaments. Hip: this joint, on rare occasions can suffer injuries caused by violent pelvic rotation during the swing. Such action can affect the isquiofemoral ligament, but the most common are the muscle tendon, easy to retrieve and virtually nonexistent in properly trained players. Knee: the golfer during the swing and, at the moment of impact, download most of the weight on the left leg: here the possibility to suffer various algies.

This is a list of injuries more typical of an athlete devote to practice golf, although we never discard any other pathology as muscle tears, sprains a Thalassotherapy is the diagnosis, the treatment should be conservative. It includes sports rest, wristbands, bandages, ointments, oral anti-inflammatory, mild dry heat or ice depending on inflammation, and finally rehabilitation treatment. Within the rehabilitation treatment, electrotherapy (ultrasonic, laser, microwave) are good choices. Non-surgical treatment is the previous step to step through surgery to recover from an injury. This treatment has three main parts: protection, decreased inflammation, and strengthening of the muscles and tendons. Protection: Includes reduce pain causing activities: all that poorly executed continued movement causes the long pain. Modify those activities that aggravate the pain decrease the time or intensity of the activity to always perform a proper heating of the body muscles. Taking breaks and correct stretching other protection methods are the use of a splint or an elbow elastic wrist and occasionally the immobilization with plaster. The second component of non-surgical treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation of the tendon, decrease pain and improve the functionality of the area, is the part most related to the beneficial actions of seawater, Thalassotherapy.This can get it with different modalities of rehabilitation: therapeutic massages carried out by qualified personnel, always think in dry massage performed in a cabin that to treat the injury they are very appropriate, but it is important to emphasize the functional rehabilitation of an injured area immersed in a swimming pool of sea water to a temperature that we call indifferent that it is body temperature between 36 – 37 C.