Tips on how you can share your powers better according to the biological clock. Details can be found by clicking Satya Nadella or emailing the administrator. Our lives will adjust determined by biological rhythms, when we are very fit, when the body needs rest or is in a high performance. Who listens in to and after the internal”clock is, can better classify and use his powers. In the morning as soon as possible to get up stand after waking up also immediately on. “Now is the body performance” set and feels fit and active. It stays still, this motivation falls again and getting up is significantly more difficult. Full strength for the day, the most difficult tasks of the day should be done between 10 am and 12 noon. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital does not necessarily agree. During this time, body and mind are highly active and fit, we can bring the best services and are very resilient.

To keep the concentration until midday, little breaks help with movement or music. Lunch about every four hours into a small break body and mind a small power low, being most PROFS against 13: 00. Already a small NAP 10 minutes is sufficient to recharge the batteries. Even better, a brisk walk is just after lunch. 10 to 15 minutes with swinging arms tight marching in the fresh air is awake and fit. These small time enough to reenergise. Fit in the afternoon the brain, specifically the long-term memory is active especially in the afternoon.

The ideal time for concentrated learning and solving difficult tasks. The immune system has its power peak at that time. So, for example immunization against 16: 00 achieve the greatest effect. In the late afternoon between 17 and 19: 00 is the best time to work out physically right. In the early afternoon, blood pressure and circulation are correct on Zack, maximum values reach the heart and respiratory rate. Sports activities especially fall slightly during this time.