They “want” to one day enjoy the success of reaching the summit. But most of these young people have no belief required to reach the top. And do not reach the top. With the idea that it is impossible to climb to the top, they see the steps that lead to the heights. His behavior is still the people “average.” But a small number of these young people really believe they can succeed. Begin their work with the attitude of “get to the ma ci. With the firm belief, arrive.

With the belief that they can succeed, it is not impossible, these young people study and observe the conduct of senior executives. Learn how to address the problems and making decisions lucky people. They look at the attitudes of the people prosperous. How to do always comes to the person who thinks he can do something. A young man who met two years ago decided to establish an agency for the sale of mobile homes. Many people warned him that he should not and could not do that. It had no great amount he had saved, and gave the impression that the minimum capital investment required was much higher. “Realize how many competitors there,” he said. And besides, what have you had experience in selling mobile homes, let alone in the management of a business? “But this young man believed in his ability to succeed. In the ac to recognized that he lacked capital, which had much competition in this business and had no experience.