Face or trigger to emotional violence will do that the strength that there is in it to be free from suffering bud. Do not be carried away by the decisions and abuse of your partner, you must leave the emotional stagnation. Mary and John are at the supermarket doing purchases, they come to the box to pay Juan orders: you pay with your card, I left mine in the car… Maria searched his bag and can’t find it: think not the costume it have here, everything tells Juan with very bad: sos idiot vos? for what you bring the bag? do you just keep stupid things? everything you do wrong? Maria is embarrassed and with their esteem by floor…It was publicly abused by her husband… This short example of abuse, emotional violence exercised in a public manner, disqualifies you, makes you feel anxious, causes you injuries such as sweat, tachycardia, tremor… symptoms, or as you already happened other times, your answer is anxiety and panic, that leaves you almost paralyzed to act. You must stop this violence, it is best from the start, but already installed, you can gradually also free yourself. You’ll probably spend by situations that you will have to confront and fraternise in some way, to begin the path of output.

Keep in mind these steps: you think that failure and error are your allies. You must learn the error, if the failures that you live let you a teaching and use this teaching as bridge to success, then the failure is your friend. You decide to leave the State of abuse and violence, enters the danger zone, or deal with the problem and logically will have some failures or errors that you take as learning. Prepare yourself mentally thinking that even if you have errors or failures, you’ll exit successful toward your goal, free yourself of psychological violence. Taking conscience that you take risks but intelligently.

You will have to go through situations, some perhaps stormy, deal with people (in this case with your partner) to reach your goal. You need to have you confidence, gives encouragement to yourself, because you have to run the risk of acting before the problem. To know more about this subject visit Kevin Ulrich. However this does not mean doing without thinking, he displayed a plan, imagine even strong situations, displays how to act and how one applied the techniques. (previous articles) Que tal si you start to act the same from today?, put these tips into practice, leading your life, you must exit the emotional and psychological violence and be free, regain your self-esteem, be yourself. It starts now! For the eradication of violence against women and family. Original author and source of the article