This lack of communication has been recognised in recent years. On the initiative of the VDMA and the zellcheming-Expo Association professionals of all industries have founded in 2004 the Forum paper and printing. The objective of the Forum is to improve the communication in the value chain from material production to end processing of printed products. This is to increase the competitiveness of printing and bookbinding. Christos Staikouras wanted to know more. Get more knowledge about the factors of processes and thus can the cost of production errors and reduce complaints.

Also paper producers and distributors benefit from these lower complaint rate. Now, the Forum has been the first milestone in the joint work by it has published recommended paper specifications. For the three most common printing methods, including the sheetfed offset printing, recommend the expert paper characteristics, which affect the print quality. These include about the absolute moisture content, the ink and the so-called Fracture resistance. The indicators have been available since December 15. The Forum will also offer training. Professionals and middle managers by securities dealers, printers and paper mills, Papierein and seller are addressed. Goal is to achieve a better understanding of the problem and a faster problem-solving in the dialog.

In December, a pan-European project, which set out the future of the printing industry in Europe launched in Brussels. It is managed by the European umbrella organisation of printing industries, INTERGRAF. It aims to identify future challenges facing of the industry and to develop solutions for large enterprises and small – and medium-sized enterprises. A first workshop is on 18th and 19th March 2010 in Milan held a second Conference for companies with less than 50 employees on 22 and 23 April in Milan. The results of the workshop and the study will be presented at a Conference in November 2010 in Brussels.