Articles and services are intermeshed always still too little. Should break with the entire Convention so striking, that competitors be hard pressed or other sectors take over it. The verticalization of the service and goods via contract manufacturers is stronger than previously to take into account (E.g. Aldi, DEICHMANN, Tesco, G. Weber,). 2. There is no way to pass an even more active price control in favor of a more profitable private label business realize more active price management although by clever presentation of products and pricing low margin can be avoided turnover leads.

Chain stores such as ALDI and IKEA repeatedly show how this works. Despite double-digit price cut rounds, whose profitability is growing. “3. on – & offline sales types revitalize multiplex offering the former strength selection” and counselling “compensate to make customers more interested. You should also “and like to a stationary branch visit, because it repeats” = as benefits are advantages that online not available (see). 4. employees qualify & motivate staff qualification as a remedy for declining or stagnant sales is already necessary, because already noticeable is the lack of personnel for sellers and products supporting legacy providers. But also, because only suitable are profit growth in increasingly complex assortment range changes nor layout improvements secure.

5. costs & processes change (reorganize, digitize, optimize supply chains) centrally and decentrally improve cost structures and improve yield security as a precondition for the expansion. In the Internet age, clear visions, a comprehensive approach and a consistent exploiting of the core promise greater cost-effectiveness (see). 6 close to customers through other communication intensify the demand for outbound party Increases customer loyalty programmes. The Internet is now recognized as a source of information and entertainer. Should make it more and more the communicative backbone in a chain store consumer communication. The communicative shopping experience must be committed comfortably and buy anreizend also outside of shop opening hours, to invite as a magnet for the visit of a stationary store.